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Our environment is made up of smaller divisions known as biomes. This web quest will explore the many characteristics of biomes. Although the included links provide a better understanding of what a biome is, they do not exhaust the topic. Review questions or an assessment have beenpurposefully left off, to allow flexibility in this assignment.


  1. Definition

  2. Characteristics
    1. Abiotic Factors
      1. Terrestrial Biomes
      2. Aquatic Biomes
    2. Biotic Factors
      1. Animal Life
      2. Animal Interactions
        1. Symbiosis
          – parasitism
          – mutualism
          – commensalism
        2. Predator-prey Interactions
          – food chain
          – food web
          – energy transfer

          * pyramid of energy
          * pyramid of numbers
          * pyramid of biomass

Developed for SWBIC by John Palmer, Gadsden High School.