Sample Websearch Questions – Blood-Brain Barrier Unit

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  1. Based on what you have learned, explain how the blood-brain barrier works.

  2. Diagram a section of a capillary in a) your finger and b) the blood-brain barrier. Be sure you illustrate the difference between the two.

  3. How does the blood-brain barrier help the body?

  4. Do only humans have a blood-brain barrier? Explain.

  5. Who were the first two scientists to work on the blood-brain barrier?

  6. What major medical problem is associated with the blood-brain barrier?

  7. Why is multiple sclerosis affected by the blood-brain barrier?

  8. Describe the relationship between white blood cells and multiple sclerosis?

  9. What is the role of flavonoids in current multiple sclerosis therapy?

  10. List two chemical ways methods used by scientists to defeat the blood-brain barrier.

  11. What physical method are scientists using to defeat the blood-brain barrier?

  12. How do concentrated sugar solutions affect the blood-brain barrier?

  13. Why is AZT being used in blood-brain barrier research?

  14. List two compounds, other than AZT, that are able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Develped for SWBIC by John Palmer, Gadsden High School.