Sample Review Questions

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  1. According to the Periodic Table, which elements are considered to be metalloids? What properties of metalloids distinguish them from metals and non-metals?

  2. What trends do you notice in electronegativity as you go across a period? What about down a group?

  3. Identify the bond type for each of the following as either non-polar covalent, polar covalent, or ionic.
    a. HF
    b. F

    c. CaCl2
    d. CaS

  4. How does the valence structure of oxygen predict that the formula of water is H2O?

  5. Sketch the distribution of sodium and potassium ions in a muscle cell before and during depolarization.

  6. Sketch a taste receptor cell. Indicate and explain what events occur when an umami factor is tasted.

  7. Sketch the alpha decay of 238U.

  8. How is barium used in medical diagnostics?

  9. How did Suzanne Simard prove that the trees in a forest are somehow linked?

  10. Fill in the following chart.

    Symbol Ca   P  
    Ion Charge +2   -3  
    Number of protons   19    
    Number of electrons   18   36
    Number of neutrons 21   16 45
    Atomic number       34
    Mass number   40    

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