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The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology contains two processes that control the flow of genetic information. The first is the replication of DNA, which occurs during mitosis and meiosis, and the second is the transcription and translation of DNA to form proteins. The processes of transcription and translation can sometimes be difficult concepts to understand. The following quiz-type exercises have been developed by SWBIC to provide a hands-on experience for students to visualize and fully understand the importance of replication, transcription and translation. Base pairing interactions between DNA and RNA, and the ways mRNA and tRNA interact with each other are some of the concepts that these exercises will quiz.

These exercises are in a puzzle or fill-in-the-blank format. They are intended to be used following class instruction on replication, transcription and translation. If you would like a hands-on visual type exercise for teaching these concepts and others in molecular genetics contact Scott D. MacClintic, [email protected], or Genevieve M. Nelson, [email protected], for a copy of “Teaching Molecular Genetics Using Paper DNA Sequences.” A downloadable version is also provided at

Due to the nature of the exercises, the file should be downloaded and opened with Microsoft Word.

Transcription & Translation Visual Exercises (Microsoft Word)
Tramscription & Translation Visual Exercises (Web Format)

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