Computational Management of Molecular Biological Information

Course objectives

Through the late 80’s to early 90’s, management of information from the exponentially growing number of experimental studies in
molecular biology had been limited to simple events such as publications management. Since the advent of large scale sequencing
of human and other genomes, a variety of tools for the computational management of molecular biological information have been developed.
Such tools can store, retrieve, and manipulate nucleic acid and protein sequences, aid in gene expression studies in the context of
biomedical applications, or help in deducing evolutionary relationships at the molecular level. In this course, the student will learn,
through lectures and hands-on laboratory exercises, a compendium of algorithms that can search for sequence similarities, create
alignments for finding consensus sequences, model 3-dimensional structures, and more. As an introduction to this World Wide
Web-based course, the student will also learn fundamentals of Internet browsers, search engines, the Unix operating system, and database


Narayanan B. Perumal, Ph. D.
Visiting Assistant Professor
Indiana University
School of Informatics
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Course contents

The course is laid out in the following modules and the educational material covered in these Web-based
instructions is more often to be in an outline format than as in a full course text.
Module 1: General Biocomputing Applications
Module 2: Storage, Retrieval and Manipulation of DNA Information (General Themes)
Module 3: DNA Databases and Sequence Queries
Module 4: Similarity Searches
Module 5: Sequence Alignments
Module 6: Structure-Function Relationships
Module 7: Molecular Computing with RNA Sequences
Module 8: Phylogenetic Analysis
Module 9: Gene Expression & Miscellaneous Topics

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