Complete Human Genome Sequence

Topics on Human Genomics

Human DNA Databases

Major DNA Sites

Human Genome Project

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Human Genome Consortium

Genome Maps

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Sequence Maps

Map Correlations

Genome Sequencing Strategies

Human Genome      Sequencing Technologies

Human Genome Assembly

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Celera Significantly Benefited from Public HGP Data

Celera Human Genome

Annotation, Gene Identification

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Genes with Introns

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Finding Genes

cDNA Arrays

EST Libraries

Genes, cDNA, and Genomic DNA

Fluorescent Microarray Data

Incyte EST Database


UniGene and Homologene

Human Genome Data

Other Human Genome Sites

The Whitehead Institute

The Sanger Centre

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DNA Repeats

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Human Genome Unfinished

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Comparing Several Human Sequences

Human SNPs

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Why Are SNPs Important?

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Human Genome Facts

More Human Genome Facts

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Human Genome References

Human Gene Servers

NCBI Gene Map

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Genome Viewers

Human Genome Viewers

NCBI Locuslink

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Ensembl Map Viewer

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Explore the Human Genome

One Gene - Multiple Proteins Insulin as Example

How Many Genes Again?

Summary: Human Genome