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Class Activities & Materials

ABO Blood Group – A classroom activity intended to familiarize students with human red blood cells, antibodies, and blood types.

Transcription and Translation Visual Exercises – Quiz-type exercises that provide hands-on experience for students to visualize and fully understand the importance of replication, transcription and translation.

Laboratory Activities

DNA Fingerprinting: Analysis of Crime Scene DNA – This exercise examines DNA fingerprinting techniques used for identification, to compare the DNA of a crime suspect to those samples found at the crime scene.

Enzymes and Laundry Detergent – A laboratory activity which allows students to investigate the effectiveness of enzymes in laundry detergents.

Watch an Enzyme Work – A hands-on activity examining protease enzymes as they catalyze proteins into amino acids.

Wheat Germ DNA Isolation Experiment – This activity will answer the following questions: where is DNA located, how can DNA be isolated, can DNA been seen with the naked eye, and what does DNA look like?


Atoms, Ions, and Isotopes – A webquest and short review of atoms, ions, and isotopes.

Biome WebQuest – The purpose of this webquest is to explore the characteristics of biomes.

Blood-Brain Barrier Outline – This webquest is designed to introduce the phenomenon of the blood-brain barrier.

Enzyme Unit Plan – A webquest designed to provide an understanding of the role of enzymes.

Exploring Cellular Respiration – A Socratic webquest exploring the process of cellular respiration in photosynthetic organisms.

Exploring Photosynthesis – A Socratic webquest which explores photosynthesis in organisms and the environment.