You must fill in the obligatory information to meet minimum dbEST requirments for submission. Non-obligatory fields must be checked to have them added in the output file.

Obligatory Information:

Status of these EST sequences New Update
Contact person, identical to contact entry
Journal citation, identical to publication title.
Library name, identical to library name entry
Date of release (If release is immediate, make month Immediate)
Enter the whole path of the sequence file:

Non-Obligatory Information:

If a tag should be included into the output file, check the box to the left of the tag definition.  All information put into checked texted fields will be included in every header for each sequence from the input file. If information is not the same in every sequence, but the tag is wanted then leave the information box empty and check the box (It can be filled in later by hand.).

GenBank Accession Number

Secondary GenBank Accessions
Genome Database Accession Number
Genome Database Dsegment Number
Clone ID
Source Providing Clone e.g. ATCC
Source ID Number for the Clone as Pure DNA
Source ID Number for the Clone Stored in the Host
Other ESTs on this Clone
Database Name for Cross-reference to Another Database
Database Cross-Reference Accession
Forward PCR Primer Sequence
Backward PCR Primer Sequence
Insert Length (in bases)
Estimated Error in Insert Length (bases)
Plate Number or Code
Row Number or Code
Column Number or Letter
Sequencing Primer Description or Sequence
Which End Sequenced e.g. 5'
Base Position of Start of Highest Quality Sequence (default=1)
Base Position of Last Base of Highest Quality Sequence
Choose a DNA type. cDNA is the default.
Putative Identification of Sequence by Submitter
Name of Library Whose Tag is Found in this Sequence
Tissue what was Source for Tagged Library, if a Library Tag was Found
The Actual Sequence of the Library Tag Found in the EST Read
Indicate If a polyA Tail was Found in the EST Sequence Yes No
Comments About EST