Enteric Virus Sequence Analysis Tools (EnViruSAT)

Enteric (oral/fecal) viruses are a significant source of disease in developed and developing countries. Although this is a diverse group of viruses, they have some commonality among them and there are many reasons for interest in comparing them as a group.

EnViruSAT is dedicated to the acquisition and analysis of viral genomes of enteric viruses.  It will provide the means for researchers and students alike to rapidly collect citations or nucleic acid and amino acid sequence information for these viruses and analyze the information on selected web-based software to suit the researcher's needs.  The analysis tools provided by EnViruSAT are not an exhaustive list of all tools available for any given analysis, but are a selected set of well known and easily used tools.

Included within this site is a educational component for hands-on training of genome analysis/bioinformatics using the links contained within these pages.

EnViruSAT does not provide a novel approach or analysis, but is intended to provide an easy access to standard tools with examples of enteric viruses provided.  It, therefore, can be used for easy analysis of  sequences obtained from any source.

EnViruSAT was produced by SWBIC staff with extensive input by Dr. Kevin Oshima from New Mexico State University and Dr. R. L. Bernstein from San Francisco State University.

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