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2nd Window 5 Prime-3 Prime, Inc.
5 Prime-3 Prime develops and manufactures molecular biology reagents and kits.
[more info][12679]

2nd Window Abaxis
Abaxis produces point-of-care blood analyzers which provide clinicians with rapid blood-constituent measurements for both humans and animals.
[more info][12041]

2nd Window Abgenix
Abgenix develops human antibody products from its Xenomouse transgenic mouse technology for treating GVHD, psoriasis, arthritis, and cancer.
[more info][12091]

2nd Window Acorn NMR, Inc.
Acorn NMR, Inc. offers high resolution NMR spectroscopy services.
[more info][12124]

2nd Window ADAC Laboratory
ADAC Laboratories supplies nuclear medicine, diagnostic imaging equipment, and radiology and laboratory information systems.
[more info][12146]

2nd Window Adeza Biomedical Corp.
Adeza Biomedical develops, manufactures, and markets diagnostic products and services focusing on women's reproductive health care.
[more info][12071]

2nd Window Advanced Biotech Inc.
Advanced Biotech develops and markets enzymes, biochemicals, and microoganisms for wastewater treatment, algae elimination, odor control, environmental clean-up and agricultural crop production. A line of antioxidants for cancer prevention are being developed.
[more info][11017]

2nd Window Advanced ImmunoChemical, Inc.
Advanced ImmunoChemical, Inc. provides antibodies, antigens, enzymes, and purified proteins for research and diagnostics.
[more info][12914]

2nd Window Affymetrix
Affymetrix develops Gene Chip system technologies for genetic sequencing.
[more info][12012]

2nd Window A.G. Scientific
A.G. Scientific supplies innovative biochemicals and pharmaceutical raw materials.
[more info][11959]

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2nd Window AgraQuest, Inc.
AgraQuest, Inc. discovers and develops environmentally friendly and effective natural products for farm, home, and public health pest management.
[more info][12034]

2nd Window AgriBioTech, Inc.
AgriBioTech focuses on the growth potential in turf and forage.
[more info][12029]

2nd Window Alexis Corporation
Alexis Corporation sells life science reagents and chemical raw materials.
[more info][12205]

2nd Window All Lines Laboratories
All Lines Laboratories manufactures chemical intermediates geared to the clinical diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries.
[more info][12219]

2nd Window Allergan
Allergan focuses on specialty pharmaceutical products for certain diseases, such as eye, skin and movement disorders; and cancer.
[more info][10495]

2nd Window Alliance Pharmaceutical
Alliance Pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical research and development company.
[more info][11021]

2nd Window Alpha Diagnostic International, Inc.
Alpha Diagnostic International provides peptide synthesis and antibody services. It also distributes and manufactures ELISA kits.
[more info][11026]

2nd Window Althea Technologies, Inc.
Althea provides highly specialized services that will accelerate the pharmaceutical discovery and development process.
[more info][12669]

2nd Window ALZA Corporation
ALZA Corporation develops therapeutic systems that deliver drugs at a steady rate, reducing harmful side effects.
[more info][12233]

2nd Window Amarillo Biosciences, Inc.
Amarillo Biosciences is a marketplace focused biopharmaceutical company developing low dose oral and topical interferon alpha.
[more info][12156]

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2nd Window Ambion
Ambion, Inc. creates and markets molecular biology reagents and kits with a distinct focus on RNA analysis products.
[more info][12163]

2nd Window American Peptide Co., Inc.
American Peptide is a high purity source of peptides for research and clinical practices.
[more info][10418]

2nd Window American Qualex
American Qualex supplies immunological and molecular biology supplies.
[more info][12426]

2nd Window Amgen
Amgen develops specialized human therapeutics for such areas of research as hematopoietic growth factors, neuroendocrinology, inflammation, and tissue growth factors.
[more info][12900]

2nd Window Amira Medical
Amira Medical is a technology-based company committed to improving the lives of people with diabetes through the development and commercialization of painless glucose monitoring products.
[more info][12905]

2nd Window Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops therapeutics to treat diabetes and other metabolic disorders.
[more info][12920]

2nd Window Ana-Gen Technologies, Inc.
Ana-Gen Technologies, Inc. provides contract services in molecular biology, such as custom DNA synthesis, DNA sequencing, and other molecular biology research needs.
[more info][10241]

2nd Window AnaSpec, Inc.
AnaSpec, Inc. manufactures synthetic peptides, resins, and reagents.
[more info][13592]

2nd Window Antibody Concepts
Antibody Concepts contracts services for immunoassay development and commercialization. It also distributes biotechnology, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical products.
[more info][10917]

2nd Window Applied Maths
Producer of sofware for the analysis of fingerprints (GelComparII), of genomic sequences (Kodon)and micro-arrays (GeneMaths). With the package BioNumerics, all these different types of data can be integrated, stored and compared. Oracle, SQL, Access, ... compatible. Full package for the acquisition, storage and analysis of epidemiological and biological information.
[more info][11973]

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2nd Window Argene, Inc.
Argene, Inc. supplies monoclonal antibodies, antigens, and molecular biology tools for research use.
[more info][10020]

2nd Window Aronex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Aronex Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes proprietary innovative medicines to treat cancer and infectious diseases.
[more info][11296]

2nd Window Atairgin Technologies, Inc.
Atairgin provides reliable, effective options in diagnosis, monitoring, and therapeutic treatment of reproductive cancers.
[more info][12731]

2nd Window Atrix Laboratories, Inc.
Atrix Laboratories is a drug delivery and medical device company with a technology that can be used for drug delivery, medical devices, and treatment of periodontal disease.
[more info][10380]

2nd Window Aurora Biosciences
Aurora Biosciences designs and develops proprietary drug discovery systems, services, and technologies to help in the discovery of new medicines.
[more info][12003]

2nd Window Automation Products, Inc.
Automation Products, Inc. offers measurement and control instruments for oil clean up and recovery.
[more info][11430]

2nd Window Avigen, Inc.
Avigen develops gene therapy products derived from the adeno associated virus for treating inherited and acquired diseases such as HIV and sickle cell anemia.
[more info][12702]

2nd Window Aviron
Aviron develops vaccine products for the prevention of diseases with economic and human impact, including influenza, and illness caused by PIV-3, Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus type 2, and respiratory synctial virus.
[more info][12894]

2nd Window BACPAC Resources
BACPAC Resources offers BAC and PAC genomic DNA libraries, high density colony hybridization filters, and cloning vectors.
[more info][13081]

2nd Window Bayer Biotechnology
Bayer Biotechnology produces recombinant proteins and antibodies that represent therapeutic potential.
[more info][12378]

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2nd Window Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Beckman Instruments provides laboratory, analytical, and diagnostic systems that are primarily for medical research.
[more info][12230]

2nd Window Bench International
Bench International is a performance-driven, retained executive search and consulting firm serving the healthcare industries. Since 1974, Bench International has built a reputation of outstanding effectiveness in initiating and completing its retained assignments and has developed sustained partnerships with a broad range of major pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other firms seeking healthcare-related, executive staffing.
[more info][14106]

2nd Window Berkeley Antibody Company
Berkeley Antibody Company provides custom antibody production, applied immunology, custom animal research, and preclinical evaluations.
[more info][12272]

2nd Window Berlex
Berlex researches to develop pharmaceuticals in the areas of diagnostic imaging, female healthcare, and diseases.
[more info][12270]

2nd Window BioDiscovery
Developer of bioinformatics software solutions for high-density gene expression microarray technologies.
[more info][13222]

2nd Window BioInfoGen
Consulting services for the biotechnology, genomics and pharmaceutical spaces. Full service consulting in LIMS, bioinformatics, infrastructure, database and project management.
[more info][14052]

2nd Window Biomerica
Biomerica manufactures medical diagnostic products for laboratory, physician, and home use.
[more info][11309]

2nd Window Biomoda, Inc.
Biomoda, Inc. focuses on early detection and treatment of lung cancer.
[more info][12287]

2nd Window Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
Bio-Rad specializes in electrophoresis and chromatography techniques, and develops and manufactures instruments and chemicals for analysis, separation, and production of biological molecules such as proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids.
[more info][13256]

2nd Window BioScreen Testing Services Incorporated
BioScreen is a testing facility for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, environmental, and toxicology.
[more info][13259]

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2nd Window Biosearch Technologies Incorporated
Biosearch supplies products on immunochemicals and natural products.
[more info][13260]

2nd Window BioSnail
BioSnail is an employment web site for the biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Information Technology fields. Candidates can post resumes and search Scientific job openings from companies worldwide. Recruiters and Companies can post job openings to attract qualified candidates. Job seekers can get career advise and determine industry salaries for their particular fields.
[more info][14047]

2nd Window BioSource International
Biosource International, Inc. provides biomedical researchers with tools and basic materials used for cytokines, signal transduction, and immunology research.
[more info][11447]

2nd Window Biostar, Inc.
Biostar, Inc. uses optical detection technology for molecular applications.
[more info][13263]

2nd Window BioSynthesis
BioSynthesis provides DNA products and services for the research community.
[more info][13264]

2nd Window BioTime, Inc.
BioTime is engaged in the research and development of aqueous-based synthetic solutions that may be used as plasma expanders, organ preservation solutions, or solutions to replace blood volume during low temperature surgery.
[more info][13272]

2nd Window BioView
BioView is a biotechnology/pharmaceutical employment site with thousands of job listings in all disciplines including research, development, regulatory affairs, clinical research, quality assurance/quality control, validation, and manufacturing.
[more info][13273]

2nd Window Broadley Technologies
A catalog of over 80 pages of products used in fermentation and cell culutre applications.
[more info][14036]

2nd Window Calbiochem-Novabiochem Corporation
Calbiochem-Novabiochem Corporation supplies biochemicals, biologicals, reagents, antibodies, and assay kits.
[more info][11270]

2nd Window Caliper Technologies Corp.
Caliper Technologies designs and manufactures labchip devices and systems that enable high-throughput screening for faster drug discovery, improved medical treatment, and more accurate and cost-effective biological and genetic research.
[more info][10987]

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2nd Window Caltag Laboratories
Caltag Laboratories offers reagents for immunological assays focusing on multicolor assays for flow cytometry.
[more info][12294]

2nd Window Calzyme Laboratories, Inc.
Calzyme Laboratories, Inc. primarily manufactures enzymes, proteins, substrates, and related biochemicals.
[more info][10479]

2nd Window Cardinal Associates, Inc.
Cardinal Associates develops, manufacturers, and markets products to the biomedical research industry. The company focuses on the measure of cell functionality via chemiluminescent techniques and cell separation techniques.
[more info][13278]

2nd Window Catalytica, Inc.
Catalytica focuses on catalytic process technology through the use of molecularly designed proprietary catalysts for transformation of efficient and cleaner industrial processes.
[more info][13282]

2nd Window CBS Scientific
CBS Scientific offers a range of products for molecular separations.
[more info][13283]

2nd Window Cedra Corporation
Cedra Corporation provides bioanalytical services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
[more info][13284]

2nd Window Cell Genesys
Cell Genesys develops and commercializes gene therapies to treat diseases such as cancer and AIDS.
[more info][13287]

2nd Window Chiron
Chiron has research programs in recombinant proteins, combinatorial chemistry, and gene therapy. Chiron also participates in diagnostics, therapeutics, and pediatric and adult vaccines.
[more info][13333]

2nd Window Cimarron Software, Inc.
Cimarron helps transform existing molecular biology laboratories into highly available and productive facilities necessary to compete in today's dynamic genetic research, discovery, and diagnostic domains.
[more info][13336]

2nd Window Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc.
Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc. creates analytical tools for protein discovery and structural and functional analyes of proteins.
[more info][13337]

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2nd Window Clontech
Clontech supplies a variety of products such as reagents and kits for life science research.
[more info][13341]

2nd Window Collateral Therapeutics
Core technologies are focused on the development of gene therapy products that promote angiogenesis, enhance myocardial adrenergic signaling and stimulate heart muscle regeneration.
[more info][13880]

2nd Window Connetics Corporation
Connetics is a biopharmaceutical company with product revenues and a development pipeline of late-stage products, focusing on unmet therapeutic needs in rheumatology and dermatology.
[more info][13343]

2nd Window Cor Therapeutics, Inc.
COR Therapeutics, Inc. is dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel pharmaceutical products to establish a new standard of care for the treatment and prevention of severe cardiovascular diseases.
[more info][13348]

2nd Window Cortex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Cortex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a neuroscience company working on pharmaceuticals to treat Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, and other diseases.
[more info][13353]

2nd Window Coulter Pharmaceutical
Coulter Pharmaceutical develops drugs and therapies for the treatment of cancer. A family of cancer therapeutics based on two drug discovery platforms, therapeutic antibodies and targeted oncologics, is currently under development.
[more info][13355]

2nd Window Cross Road Recruit
A global recruitment firm that provides professional retained and contingent recruitment and consulting services for the bio-tech and pharmaceutical industries.
[more info][11765]

2nd Window CV Therapeutics, Inc.
CV Therapeutics is focused on the application of molecular cardiology to the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel small molecule drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
[more info][13365]

2nd Window Cypress Bioscience, Inc.
Cypress Bioscience develops, manufactures, and markets medical devices and therapeutics for the treatment of certain types of immune disorders, and is engaged in the development of therapeutic agents for the treatment of blood platelet disorders.
[more info][13367]

2nd Window Cytel Corporation
Cytel Corporation develops technologies for immune suppression and stimulation.
[more info][13371]

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2nd Window Cytovia, Inc.
Cytovia is the developer of a high proprietary high-throughput fluorescent leads that modulate the activity of intracellular proteases - especially those involved in apoptosis, or programmed cell death.
[more info][13378]

2nd Window DAKO Corporation
DAKO Corporation develops products for immunohistochemistry, molecular biology, flow cytometry, and bioresearch.
[more info][13381]

2nd Window diaDexus, LLC
diaDexus, LLC is a company dedicated to the discovery and commercialization of novel molecular diagnostics.
[more info][13394]

2nd Window Digital Gene Technolgies, Inc.
Digital Gene Technologies, Inc. combines patented genomics technology with advanced bioinformatics to identify and determine anatomical distribution and expression patterns of the genes contained in any cell or tissue sample.
[more info][13399]

2nd Window Discovery Partners International
Discovery Partners International is focused on providing platforms, services, and information available to augment the internal drug discovery efforts of pharmacuetical and biopharmaceutical companies.
[more info][13400]

2nd Window Display Systems Biotechnology, Inc.
Display Systems Biotechnology, Inc. supplies products and custom services for molecular biology research.
[more info][13401]

2nd Window Diversa
Diversa is dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of new protein-based catalysts for chemical syntheses and industrial processes.
[more info][13403]

2nd Window DNA Sciences, Inc.
DNA Sciences' mission is to accelerate the discovery of links between genetics and disease, diagnosis and treatment of disease, and wellness.
[more info][13408]

2nd Window eBioscience
eBioscience provides premium quality tools for mouse and human immunology and cytokine research.
[more info][11692]

2nd Window Endocrine Technologies
Endocrine Technologies supplies diagnostics, biochemicals, immunochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and products for veterinary use.
[more info][13452]

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2nd Window Environmental BioTechnologies, Inc.
Environmental BioTechnologies, Inc. works with government and industry on remediation problems.
[more info][13459]

2nd Window Enzyme Systems Products, Inc.
Enzyme Systems Products, Inc. offers various research products such as protease inhibitors and purified enzymes.
[more info][13463]

2nd Window Epimmune, Inc.
Epimmune is focused on developing novel vaccines to treat and prevent infectious diseases and cancer.
[more info][13465]

2nd Window Exelixis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Exelixis Pharmaceuticals uses model organism genetics and related technologies for the identification and validation of high-quality screening targets, therapeutic proteins, and biopesticides for the pharmaceutical and animal health industries.
[more info][13468]

2nd Window FibroGen, Inc.
FibroGen is a biotechnology company focusing on the development of innovative recombinant human/animal collagen biomaterials and novel anti-fibrotic pharmaceuticals.
[more info][13471]

2nd Window Fine Bios Nutrients
Supplier of natural products for multiple health conditions.
[more info][13886]

2nd Window Fischer Imaging Corporation
Fischer Imaging designs, manufactures, and markets specialty and general purpose medical imaging systems for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
[more info][13472]

2nd Window Fischer Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Fischer Pharmaceutical Laboratories specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of ophthalmic and dermatological preparations.
[more info][13473]

2nd Window Front Line Consulting
[Front Line Strategic Management Consulting, Inc.] Strategy and market consultancy specializing in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
[more info][12263]

2nd Window Gene Therapy Systems, Inc.
(GTS) "Gene Therapy Systems, Inc. is focused on developing revolutionary technology platforms in gene cloning and expression, and in pioneering cell-specific delivery tools."
[more info][13881]

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2nd Window GeneMachines
GeneMachines produces creative cutting-edge automation and instrumentation solutions for biotechnology research.
[more info][13505]

2nd Window Genentech
Genentech uses human genetics to develop, manufacture, and market pharmaceuticals for treatments.
[more info][13509]

2nd Window Genetronics, Inc.
Genetronics, Inc. develops electroporation equipment for research laboratories.
[more info][11337]

2nd Window Genosys Biotechnologies
Genosys Biotechnologies supplies custom oligonucleotides, custom gene, peptide and peptide antisera synthesis, and a range of other services and products.
[more info][12369]

2nd Window Gen-Probe, Inc.
Gen-Probe, Inc. is a world leader in the development, manufacture, and commercialization of diagnostic products based on its patented genetic probe technology.
[more info][12327]

2nd Window Genset Corp.
Genset Corp. analyzes the human genome to identify and patent genes and regulatory regions related to selected common diseases, and also to discover drugs.
[more info][12486]

2nd Window GenSura Laboratories, Inc.
GenSura Laboratories develops products for gel electrophoresis technology.
[more info][11866]

2nd Window Geron Corp.
Geron focuses on discovering, developing, and commercializing therapeutic and diagnostic products to treat cancer and other age-related diseases.
[more info][12158]

2nd Window Gilead Sciences
Gilead Sciences discovers, develops, and commercializes treatments for viral diseases, vascular diseases, and cancer.
[more info][12815]

2nd Window Glyko, Inc.
Glyko develops carbohydrate analysis systems.
[more info][12634]

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2nd Window The Great American Gene Company
The Great American Gene Company offers custom DNA synthesis.
[more info][13650]

2nd Window Gryphon Sciences
Gryphon Sciences uses chemical synthesis technology to make proteins for use in drug discovery and as potential protein therapeutics.
[more info][13038]

2nd Window Hemostat Laboratories
HemoStat Laboratories produces animal blood products for cell culture, diagnostic, and veterinary applications.
[more info][13236]

2nd Window Heska
Heska is doing research on developing vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics for companion animals.
[more info][13237]

2nd Window Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Hollis-Eden, a development stage pharmaceutical company, develops and commercializes products for the treatment of infectious diseases and immune system disorders.
[more info][13241]

2nd Window H.T.I. Bio-Products, Inc.
H.T.I. Bio-Products, Inc. is a primary manufacturer of antisera and antibodies for use in diagnostics and research.
[more info][13079]

2nd Window HyClone
HyClone is a supplier of sera, serum alternatives, media, sterile liquids, and bioprocess containment products for cell culture research and biopharmaceutical process applications.
[more info][13295]

2nd Window Hyseq, Inc.
Hyseq developes biopharmaceuticals using its proprietary rare genes as a foundation. The company believes it has greater potential commercial value, as rare genes may regulate normal and disease physiology.
[more info][13296]

2nd Window ICN Pharmaceuticals
ICN Pharmaceuticals discovers and develops medicines for virology, cancer, and metabolic disease.
[more info][13298]

2nd Window Immune Response Corporation
Immune Response Corporation has proprietary technologies in HIV, autoimmune disease, gene therapy, and cancer.
[more info][13304]

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2nd Window Immuno Mycologics, Inc.
Immuno Mycologics, Inc. manufactures serodiagnostic and culture reagents for mycotic diseases.
[more info][13307]

2nd Window Immuno Science, Inc.
Immuno Science, Inc. develops saliva and serum based diagnostics for a variety of applications.
[more info][13303]

2nd Window Inalco Pharmaceuticals
Inalco is a primary manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Pharmaceutical Intermediates, high purity enzyme substrates and other fine biochemicals.
[more info][14032]

2nd Window Incyte Genomics, Inc.
Incyte Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops genomic databases, biological reagents, and microarrays.
[more info][13318]

2nd Window Ingen Laboratories, Inc.
Ingen Labs specializes in research and development of in-situ based molecular technology.
[more info][13322]

2nd Window Inhale Therapeutic Systems
Inhale Therapeutic Systems develops pulmonary delivery systems for proteins, peptides, and other molecules.
[more info][13324]

2nd Window Inova Diagnostics Inc.
Inova Diagnostics, Inc. provides autoimmune disease diagnostics.
[more info][13329]

2nd Window Introgen Therapeutics, Inc.
Introgen Therapeutics, Inc. develops gene therapy products to treat cancer "in vivo".
[more info][13363]

2nd Window InVitro International
InVitro International make test kits that detect and characterize irritating or corrosive substances.
[more info][13364]

2nd Window Invitrogen
Invitrogen supplies products for gene expression and analysis.
[more info][13366]

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2nd Window Iobioninformatics
GeneTraffic microarray data analysis software includes the lobion system software, which installs in minutes on a Linus server to create a dedicated lobion informatics appliance.
[more info][14035]

2nd Window ISIS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ISIS Pharmaceuticals is developing therapeutic antisense drugs.
[more info][13369]

2nd Window Keystone Laboratories, Inc.
Keystone provides custom oligo synthesis and offers a wide variety of custom DNA synthesis services.
[more info][13407]

2nd Window KOSAN Biosciences, Inc.
KOSAN Bioscience developes new pharmaceuticals through the application of "Combinatorial Biosythesis" - the generation of novel analogs of natural products by genetic engineering of biosynthetic pathways.
[more info][13412]

2nd Window Lab Support
Lab Support provides science professionals on short and long term assignments to companies throughout the nation.
[more info][13413]

2nd Window Laboratory Equipment Company
Laboratory Equipment Company specializes in capital equipment and instrumentation for laboratories of all types.
[more info][13415]

2nd Window LabVelocity, Inc.
LabVelocity, Inc. is an online service to find, compare, select, and procure information and resources for the biotechnology and life science industries.
[more info][13416]

2nd Window Ligand Pharmaceuticals
Ligand Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company committed to the discovery, development, marketing, and distribution of novel small molecule pharmaceutical produsts, with novel patterns of receptor-specific selectivity.
[more info][13425]

2nd Window List Biological Laboratories, Inc.
List Biological Laboratories, Inc. provides antibody purification, biologic receptors, diagnostic reagents, ELISA antigens, ligands, membrane antigens, recombinant protein purification, protein characterization, and vaccine antigens.
[more info][13427]

2nd Window LJL BioSystems
LJL Biosystems is dedicated to developing instrumentation and reagents to solve high-throughput screening issues.
[more info][13429]

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2nd Window The Lovelace Institutes
The Lovelace Institutes researches the cause, treatment, and cure of respiratory diseases.
[more info][13652]

2nd Window LumaCare
LumaCare is a scientific company developing instrumentation products in the field of biotechnology, specializing in non-coherent light sources for photodynamic therapy.
[more info][13438]

2nd Window LXR Biotechnology Inc.
LXR Biotechnology is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the research and development of innovative therapeutics designed to treat disease through the control of apoptosis, or programmed cell death.
[more info][13480]

2nd Window Matrix Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Matrix Pharmaceutical is dedicated to developing products that improve, extend, and save the lives of cancer patients.
[more info][13502]

2nd Window Maxim Biotech, Inc.
Maxim provides reagents from sample preparation, PCR primers, probes and product detection.
[more info][13504]

2nd Window Maxim Pharmaceuticals
Maxim Pharmaceuticals develops novel therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and infectious disease.
[more info][13506]

2nd Window Molecular BioProducts, Inc.
Molecular BioProducts a manufacturer of laboratory products for PCR and molecular biology.
[more info][13243]

2nd Window Nanoscale Combinatorial Synthesis, Inc.
Nanosyn produces compound and combinatorial libraries for high-throughput screening in nanoscale format.
[more info][13346]

2nd Window Neugenesis Corporation
Neugenesis Corporation produces biotherapeutics for combinatorial biology and recombinant protein production.
[more info][13512]

2nd Window Peninsula Laboratories, Inc.
Peninsula Laboratories provides synthetic peptides to life scientists worldwide.
[more info][13575]

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2nd Window Pharmingen
Pharmingen develops products for biomedical research and in vitro diagnostics.
[more info][13730]

2nd Window Pharmocyclics, Inc.
Pharmacyclics, Inc. develops pharmaceutical products to facilitate and improve existing treatments for cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and other disorders, as well as improving on current diagnostic imaging procedures.
[more info][13731]

2nd Window PHASE-1
PHASE-1 is a molecular and high- throughput toxicology contract laboratory that develops and applies advanced assays for prioritization of lead compounds and understanding mechanisms of toxicity. They also have software for gene expresssion analysis.
[more info][13732]

2nd Window PolyPeptide Laboratories, Inc.
The PolyPeptide group is one of the world's leading groups specializing in industrial scale manufacture of custom and generic peptides for therapeutic applications.
[more info][13739]

2nd Window Premier Biosoft International
Premier develops software to be used for innovations in molecular biology.
[more info][13742]

2nd Window Protein Design Labs, Inc.
Protein Design Labs, Inc. is designing humanized and human monoclonal antibodies to prevent or treat transplant rejection and inflammatory diseases.
[more info][13751]

2nd Window Qbiogen
Qbiogen supplies kits and reagents for molecular biology research.
[more info][11233]

2nd Window Raven Biotechnologies, Inc.
Raven directly uses biology to simultaneously discover cell surface drug targets and the antibodies that can regulate them, initially for cancer therapeutics.
[more info][13789]

2nd Window Scios
Scios is discovering and developing human therapeutics.
[more info][13595]

2nd Window Selective Genetics
Selective Genetics is developing site-specific gene-based therapeutics primarily for tissue repair and regeneration.
[more info][13599]

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2nd Window Sequus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Sequus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceuticals to treat cancer and infectious disease using liposome and lipid-based technologies.
[more info][10188]

2nd Window Shaman Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Shaman is a fully integrated pharmaceutical corporation that identifies and develops novel pharmaceutical products to treat human diseases by isolating pure active compounds found in tropical plant.
[more info][13602]

2nd Window SIBIA Neurosciences, Inc.
SIBIA Neurosciences, Inc. discovers and develops innovative small-molecule drugs for disorders of the Central Nervous System.
[more info][13605]

2nd Window Sicor, Inc.
Sicore, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company focusing on the development, manufacture, and marketing of pharmaceutical products.
[more info][13606]

2nd Window SIDDCO
SIDDCO is a privately held pharmaceutical company that integrates new enabling technologies into drug discovery, which reduces drug development time and improves success.
[more info][13607]

2nd Window Signature Immunologics
Signature Immunologics produces anti-hapten IgG's for high performance immunocytochemistry of tissue cultures, EM sections, and frozen sections.
[more info][13611]

2nd Window Southern California Biomedical Council
[SCBC] The Southern California Biomedical Council (SCBC) is a non-profit trade association focusing on promoting and supporting biomedical and biotechnology research, development and manufacturing in the Greater Los Angeles region for job creation and economic growth.
[more info][13338]

2nd Window Sperling Sampson West
SSW is a full market and communications company specializing in biotechnology and emerging-technology products and companies.
[more info][13624]

2nd Window Starna Cells, Inc.
Starna Cells, Inc. manufactures spectrophotometer cells, UV reference materials, and hollow cathode lamps.
[more info][13625]

2nd Window Stragene
Stratagene invents, develops, manufactures, sells and supports innovative technologies for life science researchers.
[more info][14038]

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2nd Window Sugen, Inc.
Sugen is a biopharmaceutical company developing new drugs to target signal transduction pathways inside the body's cells.
[more info][13630]

2nd Window SuperGen, Inc.
SuperGen is a pharmaceutical company whose mission is to prolong, improve the quality of, and ultimately save the lives of people afflicted with life-threatening diseases, especially cancer.
[more info][13631]

2nd Window Synthegen
Specializing in custom modified oligonucleotides.
[more info][14107]

2nd Window Synthetic Genetics
Synthetic Genetics specializes in high quality custom DNA synthesis.
[more info][13634]

2nd Window Tanox Biosystems, Inc.
Tanox Biosystems, Inc. is engaged in the development of biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of diseases and disorders involving or affecting the human immune system.
[more info][13635]

2nd Window Techniclone Corporation
Techniclone Corporation focuses on research, development, and manufacturing products for cancer therapy and diagnosis using monoclonal antibodies.
[more info][13088]

2nd Window Teknova, Inc.
Teknova, Inc. offers solutions, reagents, and plate media for molecular biology procedures.
[more info][13644]

2nd Window TeleChem International, Inc.
TeleChem manufactures tools, kits, and reagents for DNA Microarrays.
[more info][13645]

2nd Window Telik, Inc.
Telik is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of small-molecular pharmaceuticals.
[more info][13646]

2nd Window Texas Biotechnology Corporation
Texas Biotechnology Corporation is focusing on designing and developing pharmaceutical agents to treat cardiovascular diseases.
[more info][13647]

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2nd Window Trega Biosciences, Inc.
Trega's goal is to benefit human health through the development of novel drug therapies.
[more info][13663]

2nd Window Tularik, Inc.
Tularik is engaged in the discovery and development of a broad range of novel drugs that act through the regulation of gene expression.
[more info][13670]

2nd Window UVP, Inc.
UVP designs and produces UV products for scientific, industrial, and educational applications.
[more info][13677]

2nd Window Validation Systems, Inc.
Validation Systems provides services to biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, GLP laboratories, engineering and construction companies in areas such as validation, technical support, and laboratory testing.
[more info][13678]

2nd Window Varian, Inc.
Varian is a world leader in scientific instruments and vacuum technologies; serving life science, health care, chemical, environmental, and industrial customers.
[more info][13681]

2nd Window Vector Laboratories
Vector Labs produces reagents and detection systems.
[more info][13682]

2nd Window Vectorpharma
Vectorpharma is involved with advanced drug delivery systems to increase and control drug absorption through the application of physical chemistry.
[more info][13683]

2nd Window Versaggi Biocommunications
Versaggi Biocommunications servea health care technology-based companies in every stage of development: formation and venture capital funding, research and development, public offerings, clinical trials, and worldwide product marketing.
[more info][13684]

2nd Window Viagene, Inc.
Viagene, Inc. manufactures gene transfer drugs for treatment of viral infections, cancers, and other diseases.
[more info][13686]

2nd Window Vista Biologicals Corp.
Vista Biologicals specializes in providing contract production of animal cells, cell-derived products, and related contract research to the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.
[more info][13689]

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2nd Window VYDAC
VYDAC provides the highest quality HPLC columns and separation products to the scientific community.
[more info][13693]

2nd Window Xencor, Inc.
Xencor is a biotechnology company that is commercializing protein design automation, a proprietary research platform for protein design.
[more info][13704]

2nd Window Xenometrix
Xenometrix develops cell based assays that give specific information on a pharmaceutical compound and databases of gene response profiles.
[more info][13705]

2nd Window Xoma
Xoma develops treatments for primary infections, infectious complications, and immunologic disorders.
[more info][13706]

2nd Window Zila, Inc.
Zila, Inc. is made up of 3 groups: Zila Pharmaceuticals, Cygnus Imaging, and Bio-Dental Technology.
[more info][13711]

2nd Window Zonagen, Inc.
Zonagen is engaged in the development of pharmaceutical products for the reproductive system including sexual dysfunction, urology, contraception, and infertility.
[more info][13712]

2nd Window Zymed Incorporated
Zymed manufactures and supplies cardiac analysis products.
[more info][13715]

2nd Window Zymed Laboratories Incorporated
Zymed Laboratories develops and supplies immunochemical products for use in immunohistochemistry, cell biology, and immunodiagnostics.
[more info][13716]

2nd Window ZymeTx, Inc.
ZymeTx manufactures viral diagnostics products for point-of-care and physician office-laboratory markets based on viral disease management technology.
[more info][13717]


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