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2nd Window Abbott
Abbott Laboratories develops healthcare products for five areas: nutritional products, pharmaceutical products, diagnostic products, hospital products, and chemical and agricultural products.
[more info][11029]

2nd Window Agdia
Agdia develops test kits, reagents, and has lab testing services for detecting plant pathogens such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria.
[more info][12028]

2nd Window Aldrich Chemical Company
Aldrich Chemical Company supplies chemicals, lab equipment, and books.
[more info][12677]

2nd Window American Radiolabeled Chemicals
American Radiolabeled Chemicals supplies radiolabeled chemicals for biomedical research.
[more info][12007]

2nd Window American Type Culture Collection
American Type Culture Collection is a biological culture repository containing organisms such as algae, bacteria, cell lines, fungi, yeast, recombinant DNA materials, viruses, and plant tissue cultures. ATCC also develops new pure cultures.
[more info][11952]

2nd Window Amresco, Inc.
Amresco, Inc. does such things as packaging, sterilization, liquid handling, and manufacturing chemicals and clinical diagnostic kits.
[more info][10993]

2nd Window ATG Laboratories
ATG Laboratories provides custom molecular biology services and high level production of recombinant proteins in bacterial and insect cells.
[more info][12767]

2nd Window Athersys, Inc.
Athersys is a functional genomics and biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and application of novel research tools and therapeutic products.
[more info][11070]

2nd Window Avax Technologies, Inc.
Avax Technologies specializes in the development and commercialization of novel technologies for the treatment of cancer and other life threatening diseases.
[more info][12640]

2nd Window Battelle
Battelle develops solutions to the problems of site remediation and pollution control.
[more info][12061]

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2nd Window Baxter Healthcare Corp.
Baxter delivers critical therapies for life-threatening conditions related to the blood and circulatory systems, and has market-leading positions in four businesses: Blood Therapies, Cardiovascular, I.V. Systems/Medical Producst, and Renal.
[more info][12001]

2nd Window BCI International
BCI International manufactures and designs non-intrusive patient monitoring equipment used to track respiration, blood pressure, and temperature.
[more info][10451]

2nd Window Becton Dickinson and Company
Becton Dickinson is a global health company providing products and services throughout the world.
[more info][12293]

2nd Window Bioanalytical Systems, Inc.
Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. manufactures specialized instrumentation and accessories for liquid chromatography, in vivo sampling; and electrochemistry.
[more info][10598]

2nd Window BioChrom Labs, Inc.
BioChrom Labs, Inc. develops and manufactures polymeric materials for HPLC columns and packing materials.
[more info][12609]

2nd Window Bio-logic Systems Corp.
Bio-logic designs, manufactures, and distributes computerized electrodiagnostic systems.
[more info][12574]

2nd Window Biomet, Inc.
Biomet designs, manufactures, and markets products used primarely by orthopedic medical specialists.
[more info][12250]

2nd Window Bio-Systems Corp
Bio-Systems is a manufacturer of bacterial products and micronutrients, specializing in water soluble packaging.
[more info][13265]

2nd Window Biotherapies, Inc.
Biotherapies, Inc. develops new proteins that may be able to stop breast cancer growth.
[more info][13271]

2nd Window Boehringer Mannheim
Boehringer Mannheim supplies lab diagnostics, biochemicals, and therapeutics.
[more info][10950]

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2nd Window Celox Laboratories, Inc.
Celox Laboratories, Inc. specializes in serum-free components for use in tissue culture and cryopreservation.
[more info][13306]

2nd Window Celsus Laboratories, Inc
Celsus Laboratories, Inc. manufactures and tests GAGs used in injectable drugs, blood collection, blood gas analysis devices, and thromboresistant coatings for blood-interacting biomaterials.
[more info][13314]

2nd Window ChemSyn Laboratories
ChemSyn provides custom syntheses and bulk active manufacturing services, specializing in the production of anti-cancer bulk actives and other highly potent compounds.
[more info][13330]

2nd Window CHIMERx
CHIMERx offers a full line of DNA ladders, modifying enzymes, restriction endonucleases, nucleic acid labeling products, and other ancillary molecular reagents. With over 200 products spanning our product line, CHIMERx is dedicated to meeting the needs of the research community.
[more info][12921]

2nd Window Cleveland Scientific, Ltd.
Cleveland Scientific supplies animal blood and serum products, and laboratory equipment and supplies for biotechnology and biomedical research.
[more info][13340]

2nd Window Deprenyl Animal Health, Inc.
Deprenyl Animal Health is a veterinary pharmaceutical company.
[more info][13390]

2nd Window Dow AgroSciences
Dow AgroSciences researches, develops, manufactures, and markets agricultural and specialty products including weed and insect management products, plant disease management products, nitrogen stabilizers, plant growth regulators, and more.
[more info][13432]

2nd Window Dow Chemical Company
The Dow Chemical Company is a global science and technology based company that develops and manufactures a portfolio of chemical, plastic, and agricultural products and services.
[more info][13435]

2nd Window Elanco Animal Health
Elanco Animal Health develops pharmaceuticals to improve animal health and productivity.
[more info][13443]

2nd Window Eli Lilly and Company
Eli Lilly and Company is a global research-based pharmaceutical corporation dedicated to creating and delivering innovative pharmaceutical-based health care solutions.
[more info][13447]

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2nd Window Encore Technologies, LLC
Encore technologies is a leading biotechnology company specializing in the development, marketing and contract production of natural microbial solutions for controlling plant diseases in the agricultural market.
[more info][13724]

2nd Window Endorex Corp.
Endorex Corp. develops drug delivery focusing on oral/mucosal delivery of drugs and vaccines, disposable microinfusion pumps for delivery of selected drugs for life-threatening diseases, and improved delivery of cancer therapy.
[more info][13454]

2nd Window Enzon, Inc.
Enzon develops, manufactures, and markets enhanced therapeutics for life-threatening diseases through the application of its proprietary technologies.
[more info][13462]

2nd Window Epicentre
Epicentre supplies molecular biology reagents and kits.
[more info][13464]

2nd Window ExpressGen, Incorporated
ExpressGen provides full length gene cloning and gene expression in bacterial, insect, and mammalian expression systems; and recombinant protein purification services to academia, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies.
[more info][13470]

2nd Window FluorRx
FluorRx applies fluorescence technology to diagnostic needs.
[more info][13478]

2nd Window Fristam Pumps, Inc.
Fristam Pumps provides over 70 sanitary centrifugal and positive displacement pump models, and numerous special modifications.
[more info][13481]

2nd Window Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc.
Fujisawa is a pharmaceutical company producing a variety of life science drugs.
[more info][13483]

2nd Window Ganes Chemicals
Ganes Chemicals manufactures chemicals for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
[more info][13490]

2nd Window GDS Technology, Inc.
GDS Technology, Inc. provides and creates new diagnostic tools.
[more info][13492]

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2nd Window Genome Systems, Inc.
Genome Systems, Inc. offers supplies and services for genetic research.
[more info][11340]

2nd Window Gold Biotechnology
Gold Biotechnology supplies molecular biology chemicals and some lab ware.
[more info][13193]

2nd Window Gordinier Electronics, Inc.
Gordinier Electronics, Inc. is a supplier of liquid nitrogen controllers.
[more info][12763]

2nd Window Harlan Bioproducts for Science, Inc.
Harlan contributes reliability and cost efficiency to domestic and international research programs by being a single source of research related products.
[more info][13232]

2nd Window Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc.
Hoechst Marion Roussel is a leading pharmaceutical company committed to discovering and developing a wide range of innovative pharmaceuticals.
[more info][13238]

2nd Window Immunochemistry Technologies
Immunochemistry Technologies provides immunochemistry services for research and industrial sectors.
[more info][13310]

2nd Window Incstar Corp.
Incstar Corp. manufactures reagents and instrumentation systems for immunodiagnostics.
[more info][13315]

2nd Window Infigen, Inc.
Infigen commercializes applications of nuclear transfer and related technologies in the human healthcare and agriculture industries.
[more info][13320]

2nd Window Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.
Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. offers molecular biology research products and custom services.
[more info][13351]

2nd Window Integrated Genomics, Inc.
IGI focuses on bacterial genome sequencing and computerized annotation, while also providing services and products for the pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental, and chemical industries.
[more info][13352]

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2nd Window Isotec, Inc.
Isotec, Inc. custom synthesizes stable isotopes.
[more info][13370]

2nd Window JRH Biosciences
JRH Biosciences provides cell culture products to the health care industry.
[more info][13402]

2nd Window Kendrick Labs, Inc.
Kendrick Labs, Inc. offers custom 2D protein electrophoresis services.
[more info][13404]

2nd Window Labconco
Labconco manufactures 16 different product lines of laboratory equipment.
[more info][13414]

2nd Window Leinco Technologies
Leinco Technologies develops, manufactures, and markets biotechnical products and services for immunology, cell biology, neuroscience, and moleculary biology research.
[more info][13421]

2nd Window MediChem Research, Inc.
MediChem Research, Inc. is a global contract research and development company assisting customers in accelerating the drug discovery process through innovation and technology in organic synthesis.
[more info][13519]

2nd Window Medi-Ject, Corp.
Medi-Ject Corp. produces needle-free injection systems for drug delivery.
[more info][13520]

2nd Window Medtronic, Inc.
Medtronis provides medical technology, and pioneering therapies that restore health, extend life, and alleviate pain.
[more info][13523]

2nd Window Nature Technology Corporation
NTC is a DNA development company, engaged in helping industry partners design, develop and manufacture viral and non-viral vectors for gene therapy and biotechnology.
[more info][13721]

2nd Window NetGentics, Inc.
NetGenics provides software and services to manage pharmaceutical research data to accelerate the drug discovery process.
[more info][13486]

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2nd Window Pierce Chemical Company
Pierce Chemical Company provides products and solutions for sample preparation, protein chemistry, affinity chromotography, immunology, signal transduction, gas chromatography, and other areas.
[more info][13735]

2nd Window Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
Pioneer produces, markets, and sells hybrids of corn, sorghum, sunflower, and varieties of soybean, alfalfa, wheat, and canola for worldwide markets.
[more info][13736]

2nd Window Pope Scientific, Inc.
Pope designs and manufactures distillation and evaporation equipment, combined with the ability to work with a wide variety of custom applications.
[more info][13740]

2nd Window Proctor and Gamble
Proctor and Gamble develops and markets consumer products and supports basic life science research.
[more info][13745]

2nd Window Promega Corporation
Promega Corp. supplies biological reagents and systems for life science research.
[more info][13749]

2nd Window Scientific Research Consortium, Inc.
Scientific Research Consortium provides amino acid analysis; as well as nitrogen, fatty acids, and lipid analysis; and some vitamin assays.
[more info][13594]

2nd Window Seradyn
Seradyn is a manufacturer and marketer of 3 business areas: clinical diagnostics, particle technology, and photovolt instruments.
[more info][10143]

2nd Window Stranco, Inc.
Stranco, Inc. develops products and solutions for water treatment control.
[more info][13628]

2nd Window Superior Products, Inc.
Superior Products manufactures numerous medical fittings, Diameter 0 Index Safety System medical connections, and parts for specialized applications.
[more info][13632]

2nd Window ThermoGen, Inc.
ThermoGen, Inc. develops stable enzymes and other proteins from thermophiles to be used in industrial processes.
[more info][13655]

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2nd Window Third Wave Technologies, Incorporated
Third Wave Technologies develops technologies with applications in genetic and infectious disease discovery and diagnosis.
[more info][13657]

2nd Window ThreeFold Sensors
ThreeFold Sensors conducts biosensor research and also manufactures biosensors and biosensor instruments for studying the molecular binding and the kinetics of detecting and studying environmental endocrine disruptors.
[more info][13658]

2nd Window Tissue Therapeutics, Inc.
The focus of the company is to apply the techniques of biochemical engineering to develop medically useful cellular products from human umbilical cord blood and other sources of stem cells.
[more info][13859]

2nd Window TopoGen, Inc.
TopoGen, Inc. provides reagents and kits for topoisomerase research and mechanism-based drug development.
[more info][13659]

2nd Window Transgenomic, Inc.
Transgenomic, Inc. is a global company with a care biotechnology business that includes principal technologies for DNA/RNA and protein analysis and separations.
[more info][13661]

2nd Window Tripos, Inc.
Tripos, Inc. produces products and services in the form of software, software support, contract research, collaborations, and combinatorial libraries targeted to assist the drug discovery efforts of pharmaceutical companies.
[more info][13667]

2nd Window Valley Research, Inc.
Valley Research, Inc. has a primary focus on food and beverage enzymes.
[more info][13679]

2nd Window Vanson
Vanson is a chemical supply company producing chitin and chitosan technologies.
[more info][13680]

2nd Window Vysis, Inc.
Vysis, Inc. develops and markets products for early detection, prognosis, and treatment of genetic and infectious diseases.
[more info][13694]

2nd Window YSI, Inc.
YSI designs and manufactures precision measurement sensors and control instruments for water testing, healthcare, and bioprocessing.
[more info][13707]

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2nd Window Zaxis International, Inc.
Zaxis, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets high performance products used to detect and separate various proteins and nucleic acids through a process called electrophoresis.
[more info][13709]


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