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2nd Window 3 Dimensional Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
3 Dimensional Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops technology for the combination of structure based drug design, combinatorial chemistry, and chemi-informatic systems.
[more info][12237]

2nd Window Accugenix
Accugenix is a contract services lab that specializes in providing microbial identification. Using both comparartive DNA sequencing and fatty acid analysis Accugenix can provide the most accurate and cost effective data available, while keeping turn around time to a minimum.
[more info][13725]

2nd Window Adis International
Adis Laboratories is a medical publisher and database provider of critical evaluation and support for diseases in global drug development and disease control.
[more info][12588]

2nd Window Adolor Corp.
Adolor is committed to the development of novel analgesic and related therapeutics based upon recent advances in proprietary medicinal chemistry and recombinant receptor technology.
[more info][12620]

2nd Window Advanced ChemTech, Inc.
Advanced ChemTech, Inc. supplies instruments, biochemicals, and production services for pharmaceutical research.
[more info][12013]

2nd Window Aerotek, Inc.
Aerotek is a provider of highly trained professionals in the technical and administrative fields.
[more info][12919]

2nd Window Alltech
A global market leader in the application of fermentation technology to the animal feed industry.
[more info][13872]

2nd Window Alpharma, Inc.
Alpharma is a pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures, and markets specialty, generic, and proprietary human pharmaceutical and animal health products.
[more info][12224]

2nd Window American Cyanamid Company
American Cyanamid is involved in the discovery of new crop protection and pharmaceutical products through the design and development of mechanism-based screens in yeast.
[more info][11954]

2nd Window Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, Inc.
Amersham Pharmacia Biotech provides scientific services and tools which help researchers to discover and produce new drugs and therapies faster and more cost-effectively.
[more info][12899]

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2nd Window Analytical Biological Services, Inc.
Analytical Biological Services, Inc. provides custom bioreagents and high capacity cell culture services to drug discovery and biomedical research laboratories throughout the world.
[more info][10290]

2nd Window Antex Biologics
Antex Biologics is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of products to prevent and treat infections, diseases, and related disorders.
[more info][10308]

2nd Window Applied Analytical Industries, Inc.
Applied Analytical Industries offers pharmaceutical companies a breadth of drug development services with significant depth in capabilities.
[more info][10692]

2nd Window Aptagen, Inc.
Aptagen provides engineering and expression services for gene contruction and synthesis, protein expression, and enzyme manipulation.
[more info][10814]

2nd Window Ariadne Genomics, Inc.
Ariadne Genomics, Inc. develops tools for systems biology: proprietary natural language processing (NLP) and statistical algorithms, knowledge bases and software to analyze molecular networks.
[more info][11888]

2nd Window AstraZeneca
AstraZeneca is involved in research and production of products designed to fight seven areas of medical need: cancer, cardiovascular, central nervous system, gastrointestinal, infection, pain control and anesthesia, and respiratory.
[more info][11879]

2nd Window Atlantic Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Atlantic Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops pharmaceutical products for use in cancer, infection, opthalmic disorders, pain and inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, and dermatological conditions.
[more info][12706]

2nd Window Avecia, Inc.
Avecia, Inc. provides research, development, and manufacturing solutions for pharmaceuticals.
[more info][13077]

2nd Window Aventis Pasteu - USA
A premier researcher, developer, manufacturer and supplier of vaccines for use in humans.
[more info][13875]

2nd Window Bellco Glass, Inc.
Bellco Glass manufactures biological equipment and glassware.
[more info][12296]

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2nd Window Biacore, Inc.
Biacore develops, manufactures, and markets innovative and unique products to detect and monitor biomolecular binding.
[more info][12305]

2nd Window Bio Systems Solutions
Bio Systems Solutions markets systems of bacteria capable of metabolizing oil and fuels and able to control odor problems.
[more info][10555]

2nd Window BioChemInsight, Inc.
We offer databases on the chemistries and markets for pharmaceutical intermediates and actives.
[more info][10278]

2nd Window BIOMOL Research Laboratories, Inc.
BIOMOL Research Laboratories, Inc. has a mission to develop reagents for signal transduction, bioactive lipids, and neuropharmacologies.
[more info][11286]

2nd Window BioStratum
A leader in basal lamina research.
[more info][13876]

2nd Window Biotech Research Laboratories
Biotech Research Laboratories supplies research services to the biotech industry with a focus on retrovirology.
[more info][13267]

2nd Window Biotest
Biotest develops and manufactures therapeutic and diagnostic products.
[more info][13270]

2nd Window BioWhittaker
BioWhittaker supplies biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries while manufacturing products sold worldwide.
[more info][13275]

2nd Window BMG Lab Technologies
BMG Lab Technologies specializes in microplate reading instruments.
[more info][13276]

2nd Window C&L Instruments, Inc.
C&L Instruments, Inc. develops advanced light sources and spectrofluorometers.
[more info][12790]

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2nd Window Carolina Biological Supply Company
Carolina Biological Supply Company supplies innovative materials for science and math educators.
[more info][13279]

2nd Window Celera Genomics
Celera Genomics' mission is to become the definitive source of genomic and biological information by developing the tools researchers need to make sense of the generated sequence data.
[more info][13285]

2nd Window Celgene Corp.
Celgene is a pharmaceutical company with a major focus on the discovery, development, and commercialization of small molecules for cancer and immunological diseases.
[more info][13286]

2nd Window Cell Pathways, Inc.
Cell Pathways, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of products to prevent and treat cancer.
[more info][13288]

2nd Window Cellomics
Cellomics' mission is to improve the efficiency of the drug discovery process by delivering a cell-based screening platform that automates target validation and lead optimization using fluorescence-based assays.
[more info][13290]

2nd Window Cell-Sci Corporation
Cel-Sci Corporation is developing therapeutics for life threatening diseases like AIDS and cancer.
[more info][13292]

2nd Window Celsion Corp.
Celson develops medical treatment systems primarily to treat cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) using minimally invasive focused heat technology.
[more info][13309]

2nd Window Celsis Laboratory Group
Celsis Laboratory Group provides contract testing in analytical chemistry, microbiology, and biology/toxicology for a broad range of industries.
[more info][13311]

2nd Window Centocor
Centocor is a health care company specializing in the development and commercialization of therapeutic products to meet critical health care needs. They are a leader in monoclonal antibody technology.
[more info][13317]

2nd Window Cephalon, Inc.
Cephalon develops and markets products to treat neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, narcolepsy, and Alzheimer's disease.
[more info][13321]

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2nd Window Chesapeake Biological Laboratories, Inc.
CBL is an established provider of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical product development and production services.
[more info][13331]

2nd Window Covance
Covance is involved in early compound development.
[more info][13357]

2nd Window CPG, Inc.
CPG, Inc. manufactures products for chromatography, synthesis, and separation kits for molecular biology.
[more info][13359]

2nd Window Cytogen Corporation
Cytogen Corporation develops pharmaceutical products for cancer and other diseases.
[more info][13373]

2nd Window DataEdge, LLC
DataEdge provides data to support pharmaceutical drug development decision-making.
[more info][13383]

2nd Window Davos Chemical Corporation
Davos is focused on developing outsourcing solutions to deliver custom intermediates and APIs for ethical and Biotech pharmaceutical companies as well as similar products for the agricultural industry.
[more info][13384]

2nd Window Demegen, Inc.
Demegen, Inc. is a research & development company which designs peptides and peptide-encoded genes to improve the health of humans, animals, and plants.
[more info][13387]

2nd Window DGI BioTechnologies
DGI BioTechnologies is a biotechnology based research company whose focus is to develop a small molecule drug discovery platform.
[more info][13393]

2nd Window DNAgency
DNAgency produces synthetic oligonucleotides for research and diagnostic laboratories.
[more info][13410]

2nd Window DNX Transgenics
DNX Transgenics produces transgenic and gene target mice and rats.
[more info][13411]

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2nd Window DSM Fine Chemicals
DSM Fine Chemicals offers a broad range of fine chemical intermediates and active ingredients for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, nutraceutical, coating, plastic, textile, food, flavor, and fragrance industries.
[more info][13437]

2nd Window Edenspace
"Edenspace is the commercial leader in the use of plants as solar-powered pumps and filters to remove minerals from water and the ground."
[more info][13877]

2nd Window Envirogen, Inc.
Envirogen is a broad based environmental systems and services company providing its customers with the maximum benefit per dollar spent for environmental protection.
[more info][13458]

2nd Window Fisher Scientific
Fisher Scientific is a laboratory equipment supplier serving customers engaged in pharmaceutical, life science, biomedical, chemical, and other fields of research and development, along with those working in the food and environmental testing markets.
[more info][13475]

2nd Window Flow Sciences, Inc.
Flow Sciences, Inc. develops and manufactures bench-top containment systems for laboratory use.
[more info][13477]

2nd Window Gene Logic
Gene Logic is involved in the development and application of genomics technologies and bioinformatics in the drug discovery process.
[more info][13498]

2nd Window GenVec, Inc.
GenVec, Inc. focuses on the development and commercialization of novel gene-based therapies for the treatment of major medical needs in cardiovascular disease, cancer and other therapeutic areas.
[more info][12461]

2nd Window Gist-Brocades, Inc.
Gist-Brocades, Inc. specializes in production of raw materials, ingredients, and intermediates based on yeasts, bacteria, and fungi.
[more info][12595]

2nd Window Glaxo Wellcome, Inc.
Glaxo Wellcome, Inc. develops pharmaceuticals to combat diseases.
[more info][12117]

2nd Window Glen Research
Glen Research provides products for routine oligonucleotide synthesis.
[more info][12551]

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2nd Window Goldmark Biologicals
Goldmark Biologicals supplies immunological reagents as well as products for microscopy.
[more info][12490]

2nd Window Guilford Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Guilford Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the development of novel products in targeted and controlled drug delivery systems, and treatment and prevention of neurological disorders.
[more info][13090]

2nd Window Halocarbon Products Corp.
Halocarbon Products Corp. produces 3 main products: fluourochemicals, inert lubricants, and inhalation anesthetics.
[more info][12812]

2nd Window Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc.
Hemispherx Biopharma is a biomedical research and drug developer, and maker of specially configured RNA to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, HIV associated disorders, chronic hepatitis B infection, and some cancers.
[more info][13234]

2nd Window Human Genome Sciences, Inc.
Human Genome Sciences, Inc. is researching human and microbial genes for prevention, detection, and treatment of diseases.
[more info][13293]

2nd Window ICAgen, Inc.
ICAgen is engaged in the discovery and development of small molecule drugs that target ion channels in the cardiovascular, central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, and other systems.
[more info][13297]

2nd Window IGEN, Inc.
IGEN, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets diagnostic systems utilizing the principle of electrochemiluminescence.
[more info][13302]

2nd Window Immunomedics, Inc.
Immunomedics develops and markets products that provide better detection and treatment of certain cancers and other diseases by expanding pioneering, proprietary, antibody-based care technology.
[more info][13313]

2nd Window Incellico
Incellico's mission is to use innovative software design approaches to help researchers in genomics reach insights of reater clarity. Our products are based on our proprietary Coded Electronic Life Library (CELL)T technology, which allows us and our users to link various databases and datatypes in novel and dynamic ways. To facilitate discovery and collaboration throughout the sciences, we support open standards like XML, CORBA, and JavaT.
[more info][13787]

2nd Window The Institute for Genomic Research
The Institute for Genomic Research develops structure, function, and comparative analyses of genomes and genome products between prokaryotes and eukaryotes in databases.
[more info][13651]

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2nd Window Integra LifeSciences Corporation
Integra LifeSciences Corporation develops and supplies medical products for tissue regeneration.
[more info][13349]

2nd Window Intelligen, Inc.
Intelligen, Inc. is a high technology company that develops and markets software tools for simulation, computer-aided process design, environmental impact assessment, and project economic evaluation.
[more info][13354]

2nd Window Interchem
Interchem is a pharmaceutical and chemical supplier.
[more info][13358]

2nd Window Interferon Sciences
Interferon Sciences is engaged in the study, manufacture, and sale of pharmaceuticals based on alpha interferon.
[more info][13360]

2nd Window Iomai Corporation
Iomai develops vaccine delivery systems specializing in transcutaneous immunization.
[more info][13368]

2nd Window I-STAT Corporation
I-STAT Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets medical diagnostic products for blood analysis.
[more info][13372]

2nd Window Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories, Inc.
Jackson ImmunoResearch specializes in a variety of immunological based research tools and supplies.
[more info][13376]

2nd Window Janssen Pharmaceutica, Inc.
Janssen is involved in drug discovery, with it's U.S. branch providing medications for the treatment of psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia; chronic pain; seasonal allergic rhinitis, or hay fever; fungal infections; and nighttime heartburn.
[more info][13379]

2nd Window Jerini Bio Tools GmbH
Jerini has developed and produced combinatorial compound libraries, and has a number of therapeutic and diagnostic leads under development.
[more info][13382]

2nd Window Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson is a major manufacturer of health care products serving the consumer, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and professional markets.
[more info][13386]

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2nd Window Kirkegaard & Perry Laboratories, Inc.
KPL is a supplier of biochemicals including kits and reagents for molecular biology, immunochemistry, cell biology, and diagnostic kits for animal health. Featured products include secondary antibody conjugates.
[more info][13409]

2nd Window Labnet International, Inc.
Labnet International is a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory equipment and supplies to the bioscience and bioresearch market.
[more info][14039]

2nd Window Lampire Biological Laboratories
Lampire Biological supplies polyclonal antibody production services, antibodies, reagents, and animal blood products.
[more info][13417]

2nd Window Lee Industries
Lee Industries designs and manufactures the highest quality stainless steel processing vessels & systems for cosmetic, pharmaceutical/bio-tech, food/beverage, and chemical industries.
[more info][13419]

2nd Window Life Technologies
Life Technologies develops, manufactures, and markets products for use in life science research and biomedical manufacturing.
[more info][13423]

2nd Window Livingston Healthcare Services, Inc.
Livingston Healthcare Services develops logistics solutions and provides essential logistics related services to companies in the healthcare industry.
[more info][13428]

2nd Window Lofstrand Labs, Limited
Lofstrand Labs has been dedicated to providing the highest quality research support to scientists around the world, providing the broadest range of molecular biological services available.
[more info][13431]

2nd Window LRX Pharmaceuticals
LRX Pharmaceuticals is developing therapies for pulmonary and respiratory diseases.
[more info][13434]

2nd Window Magainin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Magainin is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development of medicines for serious diseases; focusing on ani-infectives, oncology, and pulmonary and allergic disorders.
[more info][13485]

2nd Window Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc.
Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc. produces and distributes chemicals for laboratory reagents, pharmaceutical and biotechnology chemicals, specialty industrial chemicals, and microelectronic chemicals.
[more info][13489]

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2nd Window Martek Biosciences Coporation
Martek Biosciences Corporation researches, develops, and manufactures nutritional supplements, drug technologies, and diagnostics based on microalgae.
[more info][13497]

2nd Window Medarx, Inc.
Medarex is a biopharmaceutical company developing monoclonal antibody based therapeutics to fight life threatening and debilitating diseases.
[more info][13514]

2nd Window Medco Research, Inc.
Medco Research, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company developing cardiovascular medicines and adenosine-based products.
[more info][13515]

2nd Window Mediatech, Inc.
Mediatech formulates liquid media with high quality raw materials and WFI quality water in lot sizes up to 6,000 liters with a "true pool" maximum lot size in excess of 4,000 liters.
[more info][13516]

2nd Window MedImmune, Inc.
MedImmune is a biotechnology company developing and marketing products for infectious disease and transplantation medicine.
[more info][13521]

2nd Window O.E.M. Concepts, Inc.
O.E.M. Concepts, Inc. has been a high quality supplier of immuno-reagents for the development and manufacture of diagnostic products for more than 19 years. Key product areas inlcude monoclonal antibodies, and affinity purified polyclonal antibodies to infectious agents including food borned bacteria, fertility, cardiac and CD markers.
[more info][14020]

2nd Window PPD Pharmaco, Inc.
Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc. is a contract clinical research organization providing drug and device testing through clinical research, analytical, and consulting services.
[more info][13741]

2nd Window SIPSY Chemical Corporation
SIPSY Chemical Corporation synthesizes pharmaceutical substances and intermediates.
[more info][13612]

2nd Window Small Molecule Therapeutics, Inc.
Small Molecule Therapeutics, Inc. is a drug discovery company that uses proprietary whole-cell high-throughput screening systems to discover novel compounds of therapeutic value for a broad range of disorders, including cancer and metabolic diseases.
[more info][13615]

2nd Window SmithKline Beecham
SmithKline Beecham develops and markets pharmaceuticals, vaccines, consumer products, and provides services for disease management, clinical lab testing, and pharmacy benefit management.
[more info][12325]

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2nd Window Sofamor Danek Group, Inc.
Sofamor Danek supplies surgical products, surgical navigation systems, biological solutions, and physician services.
[more info][13616]

2nd Window Spectrocell
Spectrocell manufactures absorption cells for spectrophotometry, colorimetry, and fluorimetry.
[more info][13622]

2nd Window Spectrum Quality Products, Inc.
Spectrum Quality Products is a customer-focused manufacturer and distributor of high quality chemicals, safety products, and lab equipment for laboratory and manufacturing facilities.
[more info][13623]

2nd Window Strategic Diagnostics, Inc.
Strategic Diagnostics supplies antibodies, reagents, and test kits for use in industrial, agricultural, water quality, and environmental applications.
[more info][13629]

2nd Window Sybron Chemicals, Inc.
Sybron Chemicals, Inc. has two areas of business: Environmental Products and Services, and Textile Chemical Specialties.
[more info][13633]

2nd Window Tecan U.S., Inc.
Tecan U.S., Inc specializes in the development, production, and marketing of instruments and systems designed to provide solutions for diagnostic and life science laboratories.
[more info][13638]

2nd Window Transduction Laboratories
Transduction Laboratories develops antibodies for research.
[more info][13660]

2nd Window Trevigen, Inc.
Trevigen, Inc. is dedicated to development of kits, reagents, and products for the study of apoptosis, gene repair, and DNA damage.
[more info][13664]

2nd Window Triangle Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Triangle Pharmaceutical develops new drug candidates primarily in the antiviral area, with a particular focus on therapies for HIV, AIDS, and HBV.
[more info][13665]

2nd Window Trimeris
Trimeris is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of novel therapeutic agents that block viral infection by inhibiting viral fusion with host cells.
[more info][13666]

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2nd Window TSD BioServices
TSD BioServices offers extensive services for the production and processing of monoclonal antibodies with an expertise in immunochemisty and animal science.
[more info][13669]

2nd Window US Bioscience, Inc.
US Bioscience is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of therapies for patients with cancer and allied diseases, such as AIDS.
[more info][13676]

2nd Window VWR Scientific Products
VWR services the industrial, government, life science, education, and pharmaceutical markets as a distributor of scientific equipment, supplies, chemicals, and furniture.
[more info][13692]

2nd Window Warner-Lambert
Warner-Larbert is a pharmaceutical company devoted to discovering, developing, manufacturing, and marketing quality pharmaceuticals products.
[more info][13695]

2nd Window Washington Biotechnology, Inc.
Washington Biotechnology, Inc. is an FDA-registered CRO providing custom antibody production, in vivo research and preclinicals, quality control, and regulatory support for FDA submissions.
[more info][13696]

2nd Window Webster Consulting Group, Inc.
The Webster Consulting Group provides pricing consulting services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical industries. The focus is pricing strategy, pricing management, e-commerce pricing, and technology/intellectually property valuation.
[more info][13697]

2nd Window Worthington Biochemical Corporation
Worthington Biochemical Corporation is a major producer/manufacturer of biochemicals with a historical focus on enzymes.
[more info][13700]

2nd Window Xechem
Xechem is a pharmaceutical and nutriceutical company providing general and proprietary drugs in addition to nutritional supplements.
[more info][13703]

2nd Window Zarix, Ltd.
Zarix, Ltd. was formed to identify opportunities for in-licensing and developing a novel portfolio of oncology compounds.
[more info][13708]


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