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Molecular Biology

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Abgenix develops human antibody products from its Xenomouse transgenic mouse technology for treating GVHD, psoriasis, arthritis, and cancer.

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Advanced Biotech Inc.
Advanced Biotech develops and markets enzymes, biochemicals, and microoganisms for wastewater treatment, algae elimination, odor control, environmental clean-up and agricultural crop production. A line of antioxidants for cancer prevention are being developed.

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Agdia develops test kits, reagents, and has lab testing services for detecting plant pathogens such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

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Alpha Diagnostic International, Inc.
Alpha Diagnostic International provides peptide synthesis and antibody services. It also distributes and manufactures ELISA kits.

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Ambion, Inc. creates and markets molecular biology reagents and kits with a distinct focus on RNA analysis products.

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Analytical Biological Services, Inc.
Analytical Biological Services, Inc. provides custom bioreagents and high capacity cell culture services to drug discovery and biomedical research laboratories throughout the world.

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Antibody Concepts
Antibody Concepts contracts services for immunoassay development and commercialization. It also distributes biotechnology, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical products.

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Athersys, Inc.
Athersys is a functional genomics and biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and application of novel research tools and therapeutic products.

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Bayer Biotechnology
Bayer Biotechnology produces recombinant proteins and antibodies that represent therapeutic potential.

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Centocor is a health care company specializing in the development and commercialization of therapeutic products to meet critical health care needs. They are a leader in monoclonal antibody technology.

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CHIMERx offers a full line of DNA ladders, modifying enzymes,
restriction endonucleases, nucleic acid labeling products, and
other ancillary molecular reagents. With over 200 products
spanning our product line, CHIMERx is dedicated to meeting the
needs of the research community.

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Chondrex, Inc.
Chondrex specializes in the biochemistry and immunology of collagen, related to arthritis research.

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Cytel Corporation
Cytel Corporation develops technologies for immune suppression and stimulation.

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Exonix, Inc.
Exonix develops, manufactures, and licenses reagents for diagnostic use.

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Genzyme Transgenics Corporation
Genzyme Transgenics is a leader in the production of therapeutic proteins in the milk of transgenic animals. The company has also developed substantial expertise and increasing focus on monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic use in chronic diseases

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Immunomedics, Inc.
Immunomedics develops and markets products that provide better detection and treatment of certain cancers and other diseases by expanding pioneering, proprietary, antibody-based care technology.

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Packard Instrument Co.
Packard Instrument Co. develops instruments, reagents, and techniques.

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PanVera develops, manufactures, markets, and sells biological reagents, kits, and systems to scientists engaged in healthcare research, life sceince, and detection analysis.

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PhenoPath Laboratories
PhenoPath Laboratories is committed in conducting research in immunochemistry.

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Santa Cruz Biotechnologies, Inc.
Santa Cruz Biotechnologies, Inc. focuses on developing antibody reagents for signal transduction research applications.

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Seattle Genetics, Inc.
Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company focused on enhancing the survival of cancer patients through monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics.

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Techniclone Corporation
Techniclone Corporation focuses on research, development, and manufacturing products for cancer therapy and diagnosis using monoclonal antibodies.

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TopoGen, Inc.
TopoGen, Inc. provides reagents and kits for topoisomerase research and mechanism-based drug development.

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Transduction Laboratories
Transduction Laboratories develops antibodies for research.

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Trevigen, Inc.
Trevigen, Inc. is dedicated to development of kits, reagents, and products for the study of apoptosis, gene repair, and DNA damage.

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Upstate Biotechnology, Inc.
Upstate Biotechnology, Inc. develops bioreagents with a primary focus on cell signaling research products.

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Xcyte Therapies, Inc.
‘Xcyte is a privately held biotechnology company, developing novel antibody-based therapeutic products targeting the immune system for clinical applications in immunology, oncology, and infectious diseases.

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Zymed Laboratories Incorporated
Zymed Laboratories develops and supplies immunochemical products for use in immunohistochemistry, cell biology, and immunodiagnostics.

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