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2nd Window Abbott
Abbott Laboratories develops healthcare products for five areas: nutritional products, pharmaceutical products, diagnostic products, hospital products, and chemical and agricultural products.
[more info][11029]

2nd Window A-Fem Medical Corporation
A-Fem is a medical technology company with multiple platforms targeting unmet needs in women's health.
[more info][12932]

2nd Window All Lines Laboratories
All Lines Laboratories manufactures chemical intermediates geared to the clinical diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries.
[more info][12219]

2nd Window ALZA Corporation
ALZA Corporation develops therapeutic systems that deliver drugs at a steady rate, reducing harmful side effects.
[more info][12233]

2nd Window Amgen
Amgen develops specialized human therapeutics for such areas of research as hematopoietic growth factors, neuroendocrinology, inflammation, and tissue growth factors.
[more info][12900]

2nd Window Amira Medical
Amira Medical is a technology-based company committed to improving the lives of people with diabetes through the development and commercialization of painless glucose monitoring products.
[more info][12905]

2nd Window Analytical Biological Services, Inc.
Analytical Biological Services, Inc. provides custom bioreagents and high capacity cell culture services to drug discovery and biomedical research laboratories throughout the world.
[more info][10290]

2nd Window Applied Maths
Producer of sofware for the analysis of fingerprints (GelComparII), of genomic sequences (Kodon)and micro-arrays (GeneMaths). With the package BioNumerics, all these different types of data can be integrated, stored and compared. Oracle, SQL, Access, ... compatible. Full package for the acquisition, storage and analysis of epidemiological and biological information.
[more info][11973]

2nd Window Aurora Biosciences
Aurora Biosciences designs and develops proprietary drug discovery systems, services, and technologies to help in the discovery of new medicines.
[more info][12003]

2nd Window Becton Dickinson and Company
Becton Dickinson is a global health company providing products and services throughout the world.
[more info][12293]

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2nd Window Biomet, Inc.
Biomet designs, manufactures, and markets products used primarely by orthopedic medical specialists.
[more info][12250]

2nd Window BioReliance Corp.
BioReliance develops and delivers healthcare products through testing, developing, and manufacturing services in partnership with clients worldwide.
[more info][13257]

2nd Window Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc.
Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc. designs, develops, and markets biomedical and laboratory instruments.
[more info][13268]

2nd Window Boston Scientific Corp.
Boston Scientific is dedicated to minimally-invasive therapy.
[more info][12603]

2nd Window Cardinal Associates, Inc.
Cardinal Associates develops, manufacturers, and markets products to the biomedical research industry. The company focuses on the measure of cell functionality via chemiluminescent techniques and cell separation techniques.
[more info][13278]

2nd Window Cedra Corporation
Cedra Corporation provides bioanalytical services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
[more info][13284]

2nd Window Center for Disease Control
The CDC helps to prevent and control disease, injury, and disability.
[more info][13316]

2nd Window Centocor
Centocor is a health care company specializing in the development and commercialization of therapeutic products to meet critical health care needs. They are a leader in monoclonal antibody technology.
[more info][13317]

2nd Window Conmed Corp.
Conmed is an orthopaedic products company specializing in arthroscopy and powered surgical instruments, as well as developing, manufacturing and supplying advanced surgical instruments and systems used in a wide range of surgical procedures.
[more info][13342]

2nd Window DGI BioTechnologies
DGI BioTechnologies is a biotechnology based research company whose focus is to develop a small molecule drug discovery platform.
[more info][13393]

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2nd Window DNA Sciences, Inc.
DNA Sciences' mission is to accelerate the discovery of links between genetics and disease, diagnosis and treatment of disease, and wellness.
[more info][13408]

2nd Window Dynal
Dynal Biotech is the supplier of Dynabeads. Superparamagnetic, monodisperse Dynabeads are key to the leading technology of magnetic isolation of cells, proteins and genetic material. Dynal Biotech offers magnetic separation solutions in the areas of immunology and molecular biology. In addition, we offer a wide range of non-magnetic particles and products for HLA tissue typing.
[more info][14033]

2nd Window Fischer Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Fischer Pharmaceutical Laboratories specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of ophthalmic and dermatological preparations.
[more info][13473]

2nd Window Gist-Brocades, Inc.
Gist-Brocades, Inc. specializes in production of raw materials, ingredients, and intermediates based on yeasts, bacteria, and fungi.
[more info][12595]

2nd Window Heartstream, Inc.
Heartstream develops, manufacturers, and markets automatic external defibrillators for the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.
[more info][13233]

2nd Window Immune Response Corporation
Immune Response Corporation has proprietary technologies in HIV, autoimmune disease, gene therapy, and cancer.
[more info][13304]

2nd Window Lancaster Synthesis, Inc.
Lancaster Synthesis, Inc. synthesizes chemicals for chemical and pharmaceutical companies.
[more info][13418]

2nd Window Life Technologies
Life Technologies develops, manufactures, and markets products for use in life science research and biomedical manufacturing.
[more info][13423]

2nd Window Lucent Medical Systems, Inc.
Lucent Medical Systems is committed to designing high quality, sophisticated, yet cost-effective location and navigation-related medical devices and systems.
[more info][13436]

2nd Window MacroChem Corporation
MacroChem is a pharmaceutical company focusing on drug delivery, targeting, and drug discovery.
[more info][13484]

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2nd Window Merck and Co., Inc.
Merck discovers, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of innovative products to improve human health.
[more info][11329]

2nd Window Nature Technology Corp.
Nature Technology Corp. is devoted to designing, developing, and providing generic technology for human therapy.
[more info][13456]

2nd Window Oculex Pharmaceuticals
Oculex Pharmaceuticals develops and manufactures drug delivery systems for problems associated with treating inflammation of the eye.
[more info][13540]

2nd Window Organogenesis, Inc.
Organogenesis designs, develops, and manufactures medical products containing living cells and/or natural connective tissue.
[more info][13550]

2nd Window PanVera
PanVera develops, manufactures, markets, and sells biological reagents, kits, and systems to scientists engaged in healthcare research, life sceince, and detection analysis.
[more info][13569]

2nd Window Perkin-Elmer Corporation
Perkin-Elmer develops, manufactures, and markets analytical instruments and life science systems used in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, environmental testing, food, agriculture, and chemical manufacturing.
[more info][13578]

2nd Window Pfizer
Pfizer researches different areas, such as animal health, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and healthcare.
[more info][13582]

2nd Window Pharmingen
Pharmingen develops products for biomedical research and in vitro diagnostics.
[more info][13730]

2nd Window ProRepCo, Inc.
ProRepCo specializes in medical product design and manufacturing, as well as standard and custom components for medical and high technology application.
[more info][13750]

2nd Window Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Questcor Pharmaceuticals focuses on the emerging needs of the hospital environment by supplying treatments for Sickle-cell, brain injury, and stroke.
[more info][11015]

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2nd Window Tropix, Inc.
Tropix, Inc. is the leader in the development of chemiluminescence technologies for use in biological research and clinical assays.
[more info][13668]


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