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2nd Window 3 Dimensional Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
3 Dimensional Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops technology for the combination of structure based drug design, combinatorial chemistry, and chemi-informatic systems.
[more info][12237]

2nd Window Abbott
Abbott Laboratories develops healthcare products for five areas: nutritional products, pharmaceutical products, diagnostic products, hospital products, and chemical and agricultural products.
[more info][11029]

2nd Window Abgenix
Abgenix develops human antibody products from its Xenomouse transgenic mouse technology for treating GVHD, psoriasis, arthritis, and cancer.
[more info][12091]

2nd Window Alcide Corp.
Alcide is dedicated to the research, development, and commercialization of antimicrobial products for animal health, human health, food safety, and industrial applications.
[more info][12194]

2nd Window Alliance Pharmaceutical
Alliance Pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical research and development company.
[more info][11021]

2nd Window Alpharma, Inc.
Alpharma is a pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures, and markets specialty, generic, and proprietary human pharmaceutical and animal health products.
[more info][12224]

2nd Window Amarillo Biosciences, Inc.
Amarillo Biosciences is a marketplace focused biopharmaceutical company developing low dose oral and topical interferon alpha.
[more info][12156]

2nd Window American Biogenetic Sciences, Inc.
American Biogenetic Sciences, Inc. is developing and marketing products for cardiovascular disease and neurobiology, focusing on the creation of highly specific monoclonal antibodies.
[more info][12189]

2nd Window American Cyanamid Company
American Cyanamid is involved in the discovery of new crop protection and pharmaceutical products through the design and development of mechanism-based screens in yeast.
[more info][11954]

2nd Window Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops therapeutics to treat diabetes and other metabolic disorders.
[more info][12920]

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2nd Window Antex Biologics
Antex Biologics is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of products to prevent and treat infections, diseases, and related disorders.
[more info][10308]

2nd Window Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Inc. designs and develops pharmaceuticals based on intracellular signaling technology.
[more info][10068]

2nd Window ArQule, Inc.
ArQule, Inc. unites innovative thinking with proprietary patented technologies to design and produce molecules that could become the medicines of the future.
[more info][11394]

2nd Window AstraZeneca
AstraZeneca is involved in research and production of products designed to fight seven areas of medical need: cancer, cardiovascular, central nervous system, gastrointestinal, infection, pain control and anesthesia, and respiratory.
[more info][11879]

2nd Window Atlantic Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Atlantic Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops pharmaceutical products for use in cancer, infection, opthalmic disorders, pain and inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, and dermatological conditions.
[more info][12706]

2nd Window Atrix Laboratories, Inc.
Atrix Laboratories is a drug delivery and medical device company with a technology that can be used for drug delivery, medical devices, and treatment of periodontal disease.
[more info][10380]

2nd Window AutoImmune, Inc.
AutoImmune is developing a new class of orally administered drugs to treat autoimmune and other cell-mediated inflammatory diseases.
[more info][10267]

2nd Window Avecia, Inc.
Avecia, Inc. provides research, development, and manufacturing solutions for pharmaceuticals.
[more info][13077]

2nd Window Barr Laboratories
Barr Laboratories manufactures and distributes a wide range of prescription drug products.
[more info][12062]

2nd Window Baxter Healthcare Corp.
Baxter delivers critical therapies for life-threatening conditions related to the blood and circulatory systems, and has market-leading positions in four businesses: Blood Therapies, Cardiovascular, I.V. Systems/Medical Producst, and Renal.
[more info][12001]

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2nd Window Berlex
Berlex researches to develop pharmaceuticals in the areas of diagnostic imaging, female healthcare, and diseases.
[more info][12270]

2nd Window Biogen
Biogen develops genetically-engineered human pharmaceuticals.
[more info][11121]

2nd Window Bio-Logic Research and Development Corp.
Bio-Logic develops new treatments for cancer including Metastatin, which stops tumors from blocking immune attacks, resulting in remission of the tumor.
[more info][12304]

2nd Window Biomoda, Inc.
Biomoda, Inc. focuses on early detection and treatment of lung cancer.
[more info][12287]

2nd Window BioStratum
A leader in basal lamina research.
[more info][13876]

2nd Window Biotest
Biotest develops and manufactures therapeutic and diagnostic products.
[more info][13270]

2nd Window Biotherapies, Inc.
Biotherapies, Inc. develops new proteins that may be able to stop breast cancer growth.
[more info][13271]

2nd Window BioWhittaker
BioWhittaker supplies biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries while manufacturing products sold worldwide.
[more info][13275]

2nd Window Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Bristol-Myers Squibb is a health and personal care company whose principal businesses are medicines, beauty care, nutritionals, and medical devices.
[more info][12262]

2nd Window Celgene Corp.
Celgene is a pharmaceutical company with a major focus on the discovery, development, and commercialization of small molecules for cancer and immunological diseases.
[more info][13286]

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2nd Window Cell Genesys
Cell Genesys develops and commercializes gene therapies to treat diseases such as cancer and AIDS.
[more info][13287]

2nd Window Cell Pathways, Inc.
Cell Pathways, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of products to prevent and treat cancer.
[more info][13288]

2nd Window Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
CTI is a specialty pharmaceutical company that focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of small-molecule drugs for the treatment of cancer and immune diseases.
[more info][13289]

2nd Window CellPath, Inc.
CellPath discovers and develops new drugs using a bioassay that utilizes the original living cells afflicted with a disease.
[more info][13291]

2nd Window Cell-Sci Corporation
Cel-Sci Corporation is developing therapeutics for life threatening diseases like AIDS and cancer.
[more info][13292]

2nd Window Celsion Corp.
Celson develops medical treatment systems primarily to treat cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) using minimally invasive focused heat technology.
[more info][13309]

2nd Window Cephalon, Inc.
Cephalon develops and markets products to treat neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, narcolepsy, and Alzheimer's disease.
[more info][13321]

2nd Window Cerep, Inc.
Cerep uses screening technologies with combinatorial chemistry and drug design techniques to create biologically-active molecules in the drug discovery process.
[more info][13323]

2nd Window ChemSyn Laboratories
ChemSyn provides custom syntheses and bulk active manufacturing services, specializing in the production of anti-cancer bulk actives and other highly potent compounds.
[more info][13330]

2nd Window Chesapeake Biological Laboratories, Inc.
CBL is an established provider of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical product development and production services.
[more info][13331]

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2nd Window Cor Therapeutics, Inc.
COR Therapeutics, Inc. is dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel pharmaceutical products to establish a new standard of care for the treatment and prevention of severe cardiovascular diseases.
[more info][13348]

2nd Window Corixa Corporation
Corixa is a research-based biotechnology company committed to saving lives and preventing disease by understanding and directing the immune system.
[more info][13350]

2nd Window Cortex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Cortex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a neuroscience company working on pharmaceuticals to treat Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, and other diseases.
[more info][13353]

2nd Window Coulter Pharmaceutical
Coulter Pharmaceutical develops drugs and therapies for the treatment of cancer. A family of cancer therapeutics based on two drug discovery platforms, therapeutic antibodies and targeted oncologics, is currently under development.
[more info][13355]

2nd Window Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is engaged in the discovery and development of orally available small molecule drugs to treat bacterial and fungal infections.
[more info][13362]

2nd Window CV Therapeutics, Inc.
CV Therapeutics is focused on the application of molecular cardiology to the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel small molecule drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
[more info][13365]

2nd Window Cytogen Corporation
Cytogen Corporation develops pharmaceutical products for cancer and other diseases.
[more info][13373]

2nd Window CytoTherapeutics, Inc.
CytoTherapeutics, Inc. develops cell based therapeutics for CNS diseases and disorders.
[more info][13375]

2nd Window Dendreon Corporation
Dendreon develops cell-based therapies based on the use of dendritic cells.
[more info][13388]

2nd Window Diatide, Inc.
Diatide is a speciatly pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and commerzializing propietary disease-specific pharmaceuticals for the treatment and diagnosis of life-threatening conditions.
[more info][13398]

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2nd Window Eli Lilly and Company
Eli Lilly and Company is a global research-based pharmaceutical corporation dedicated to creating and delivering innovative pharmaceutical-based health care solutions.
[more info][13447]

2nd Window Emisphere Technologies, Inc.
Emisphere Technologies, Inc. develops oral drug delivery for pharmaceutical compounds currently requiring administration by injection.
[more info][13451]

2nd Window Endorex Corp.
Endorex Corp. develops drug delivery focusing on oral/mucosal delivery of drugs and vaccines, disposable microinfusion pumps for delivery of selected drugs for life-threatening diseases, and improved delivery of cancer therapy.
[more info][13454]

2nd Window Enterix, Inc.
Enterix is a healthcare company dedicated to improving life through the early detection and prevention of life threatening diseases.
[more info][13455]

2nd Window Enzo Biochem, Inc.
Enzo engages in the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative health care products.
[more info][13461]

2nd Window Enzon, Inc.
Enzon develops, manufactures, and markets enhanced therapeutics for life-threatening diseases through the application of its proprietary technologies.
[more info][13462]

2nd Window Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc.
Fujisawa is a pharmaceutical company producing a variety of life science drugs.
[more info][13483]

2nd Window GelTex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
GelTex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is developing polymer based pharmaceuticals to bind to and eliminate target substances from the intestinal tract.
[more info][13494]

2nd Window Genaissance Pharmaceuticals
Genaissance Pharmaceuticals provides customized drugs to battle breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
[more info][13495]

2nd Window Genentech
Genentech uses human genetics to develop, manufacture, and market pharmaceuticals for treatments.
[more info][13509]

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2nd Window Genetics Institute
Genetics Institute is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery, development, and commercialization of human pharmaceuticals through recombinant DNA and other technologies.
[more info][12036]

2nd Window Genome Therapeutics Corporation
Genome Therapeutics Corporation is trying to develop pharmaceuticals dependent on the identity and characterization of human genes as well as bacterial and fungal genes.
[more info][12188]

2nd Window Genzyme Corporation
Genzyme Corporation does a variety of research in the development of pharmaceuticals, genetic diagnostic services, and products for tissue repair.
[more info][12882]

2nd Window Genzyme Transgenics Corporation
Genzyme Transgenics is a leader in the production of therapeutic proteins in the milk of transgenic animals. The company has also developed substantial expertise and increasing focus on monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic use in chronic diseases
[more info][13956]

2nd Window Gilead Sciences
Gilead Sciences discovers, develops, and commercializes treatments for viral diseases, vascular diseases, and cancer.
[more info][12815]

2nd Window Glaxo Wellcome, Inc.
Glaxo Wellcome, Inc. develops pharmaceuticals to combat diseases.
[more info][12117]

2nd Window Gryphon Sciences
Gryphon Sciences uses chemical synthesis technology to make proteins for use in drug discovery and as potential protein therapeutics.
[more info][13038]

2nd Window Guidant
Guidant designs and develops cardiovascular medical products as well as providing physicians with leading-edge technologies for improvement in patient management and clinical outcomes.
[more info][12723]

2nd Window Guilford Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Guilford Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the development of novel products in targeted and controlled drug delivery systems, and treatment and prevention of neurological disorders.
[more info][13090]

2nd Window Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc.
Hemispherx Biopharma is a biomedical research and drug developer, and maker of specially configured RNA to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, HIV associated disorders, chronic hepatitis B infection, and some cancers.
[more info][13234]

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2nd Window Heska
Heska is doing research on developing vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics for companion animals.
[more info][13237]

2nd Window Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc.
Hoechst Marion Roussel is a leading pharmaceutical company committed to discovering and developing a wide range of innovative pharmaceuticals.
[more info][13238]

2nd Window Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Hollis-Eden, a development stage pharmaceutical company, develops and commercializes products for the treatment of infectious diseases and immune system disorders.
[more info][13241]

2nd Window Hybridon
Hybridon develops genetic medicines based mainly on antisense technology for use against AIDS, viral diseases, metabolic disorders, and cancer.
[more info][13294]

2nd Window Hyseq, Inc.
Hyseq developes biopharmaceuticals using its proprietary rare genes as a foundation. The company believes it has greater potential commercial value, as rare genes may regulate normal and disease physiology.
[more info][13296]

2nd Window ICAgen, Inc.
ICAgen is engaged in the discovery and development of small molecule drugs that target ion channels in the cardiovascular, central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, and other systems.
[more info][13297]

2nd Window ICN Pharmaceuticals
ICN Pharmaceuticals discovers and develops medicines for virology, cancer, and metabolic disease.
[more info][13298]

2nd Window ICOS Corp.
ICOS develops new pharmaceuticals by seeking points of intervention in the inflammatory process that may lead to more specific and potent drugs.
[more info][13299]

2nd Window Immunex
Immunex develops immune system science to battle inflammatory and infectious diseases, as well as cancer.
[more info][13305]

2nd Window Inhale Therapeutic Systems
Inhale Therapeutic Systems develops pulmonary delivery systems for proteins, peptides, and other molecules.
[more info][13324]

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2nd Window Interferon Sciences
Interferon Sciences is engaged in the study, manufacture, and sale of pharmaceuticals based on alpha interferon.
[more info][13360]

2nd Window ISIS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ISIS Pharmaceuticals is developing therapeutic antisense drugs.
[more info][13369]

2nd Window Janssen Pharmaceutica, Inc.
Janssen is involved in drug discovery, with it's U.S. branch providing medications for the treatment of psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia; chronic pain; seasonal allergic rhinitis, or hay fever; fungal infections; and nighttime heartburn.
[more info][13379]

2nd Window KOSAN Biosciences, Inc.
KOSAN Bioscience developes new pharmaceuticals through the application of "Combinatorial Biosythesis" - the generation of novel analogs of natural products by genetic engineering of biosynthetic pathways.
[more info][13412]

2nd Window LeukoSite, Inc.
LeukoSite discovers and develops therapeutics based upon the biology of leukocytes, with potential applications in cancer and inflammatory, autoimmune, and viral diseases.
[more info][13422]

2nd Window LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.
LifeSpan's mission is to help customers find the most important genes involved in the major human diseases, to furnish a comprehensive array of services to companies, and to be the innovator of molecular pathology.
[more info][13424]

2nd Window Ligand Pharmaceuticals
Ligand Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company committed to the discovery, development, marketing, and distribution of novel small molecule pharmaceutical produsts, with novel patterns of receptor-specific selectivity.
[more info][13425]

2nd Window Lorus Therapeutics, Inc.
A Canadian biopharmaceutical company specialising in the research, development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products and technologies for the management of cancer.
[more info][13885]

2nd Window The Lovelace Institutes
The Lovelace Institutes researches the cause, treatment, and cure of respiratory diseases.
[more info][13652]

2nd Window LRX Pharmaceuticals
LRX Pharmaceuticals is developing therapies for pulmonary and respiratory diseases.
[more info][13434]

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2nd Window LXR Biotechnology Inc.
LXR Biotechnology is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the research and development of innovative therapeutics designed to treat disease through the control of apoptosis, or programmed cell death.
[more info][13480]

2nd Window Magainin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Magainin is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development of medicines for serious diseases; focusing on ani-infectives, oncology, and pulmonary and allergic disorders.
[more info][13485]

2nd Window Matrix Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Matrix Pharmaceutical is dedicated to developing products that improve, extend, and save the lives of cancer patients.
[more info][13502]

2nd Window Maxim Pharmaceuticals
Maxim Pharmaceuticals develops novel therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and infectious disease.
[more info][13506]

2nd Window Medarx, Inc.
Medarex is a biopharmaceutical company developing monoclonal antibody based therapeutics to fight life threatening and debilitating diseases.
[more info][13514]

2nd Window Medco Research, Inc.
Medco Research, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company developing cardiovascular medicines and adenosine-based products.
[more info][13515]

2nd Window MedImmune, Inc.
MedImmune is a biotechnology company developing and marketing products for infectious disease and transplantation medicine.
[more info][13521]

2nd Window Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Millennium Pharmaceuticals discovers and develops drugs; incorporating large-scale genetics, genomics, high-throughput screening ,and informatics in an integrated science and technology platform.
[more info][13092]

2nd Window Miravant
Miravant develops drugs and medical devices for photodynamic therapy.
[more info][12597]

2nd Window Mitotix Inc.
Mitotix, Inc. focuses on the discovery and development of therapeutic products for treating diseases resulting from inappropriate cell proliferation.
[more info][13231]

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2nd Window Molecular Isotope Technologies
Molecular Isotope Technologies specializes in the use of stable isotopes and analytical organic chemistry to address problems of the pharmaceutical, food, and environmental industries.
[more info][13247]

2nd Window Molecumetics
Molecumetics is a drug design and synthesis company that discovers and optimizes orally active lead compounds for license to pharmaceutical and biotechnology company partners for commercial development.
[more info][13253]

2nd Window Myelos Corp.
Myelos Corporation discovers and develops therapeutics for neuropathic pain, peripheral neuropathy, and neurodegenerative central nervous system disorders.
[more info][13319]

2nd Window Nabi
Nabi develops and commercializes products to prevent and treat infectious diseases and immune disorders worldwide by simultaneously developing a steady stream of therapeutic and diagnostic products while optimizing its plasma business.
[more info][13334]

2nd Window National Institutes of Health
National Institutes of Health researches in the detection, diagnosing, and prevention of disease and disability.
[more info][13450]

2nd Window Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc.
Products and services in the form of software, software support, contract research, collaborations, and combinatorial libraries targeted to assist drug discovery efforts of pharmaceutical companies.
[more info][10214]

2nd Window NexMed
NexMed is an international pharmaceutical and medical device company that develops proprietary pharmaceutical products, and manufactures and distributes off-patent drug products in selected international markets.
[more info][13525]

2nd Window NitroMed, Inc.
NitroMed is a platform technology company that relies on the straight-forward and relatively low -risk principles of medicinal chemistry for NitRx medicines.
[more info][13527]

2nd Window NOVA FACTORx
NOVA FACTORx develops drug therapies for those with rare disorders.
[more info][13531]

2nd Window Novo Nordisk of North America, Inc.
Novo Nordisk of North America researches in insulin and diabetes care, and also manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products and enzymes.
[more info][13535]

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2nd Window NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
NPS Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the discovery and development of novel small molecule drugs that address a variety of important diseases.
[more info][13536]

2nd Window Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Onyx Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the discovery and development of novel therapeutics based on the genetics of human disease, with an initial focus on cancer.
[more info][13545]

2nd Window OSI Pharmaceuticals
OSI Pharmaceuticals' research programs are focused on cancer therapeutics and diagnostics, cosmeceuticals, and anti-infectives.
[more info][13554]

2nd Window Oxigene, Inc.
Oxigene is an international biopharmaceutical company developing a diverse portfolio of innovative products to combat cancer and other major diseases.
[more info][13560]

2nd Window OXIS International, Inc.
OXIS International, Inc. focuses on developing therapeutics and manufacturing diagnostics for diseases caused by oxidative stress.
[more info][13562]

2nd Window Paddock Laboratories, Inc.
Paddock Laboratories, Inc. develops pharmaceuticals.
[more info][13567]

2nd Window Pathogenesis
Pathogenesis develops drugs to treat serious chronic human infectious diseases.
[more info][13573]

2nd Window Pfizer
Pfizer researches different areas, such as animal health, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and healthcare.
[more info][13582]

2nd Window Phage Therapeutica,Inc.
PhageTx develops, manufactures, and achieves regulatory approval of bacteriophage pharmaceutical products for the treatment of antibiotic-resistant and other bacterial infections.
[more info][13583]

2nd Window Pharmacia
Pharmacia develops and manufactures pharmaceutical products.
[more info][13585]

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2nd Window Pharmacyclics, Inc.
Pharmacyclics is developing pharmacuetical products designed to improve radiation and chemotherapy of cancer, and enable or improve the photodynamic therapy of certain cancers, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and diseases of the retina.
[more info][13587]

2nd Window Pharmocyclics, Inc.
Pharmacyclics, Inc. develops pharmaceutical products to facilitate and improve existing treatments for cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and other disorders, as well as improving on current diagnostic imaging procedures.
[more info][13731]

2nd Window Phase Forward, Inc.
Phase Forward Incorporated is the pioneer in proven eProcess solutions for accelerating global pharmaceutical development. Phase Forward uses Internet technologies to conduct and manage clinical trials efficiently, delivering quality data, faster database lock, and faster time-to peak sales for approved products.
[more info][11768]

2nd Window Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Progenics is a biopharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes innovative treatments for cancerous and viral diseases.
[more info][13747]

2nd Window PsychoGenics, Inc.
PsychoGenics is dedicated to improving treatments for behavioral and neurological disorders, focusing on pre-clinical model development and functional genomics of BNS disorders.
[more info][10434]

2nd Window Quinton Instruments Company
Quinton is focused on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, management, and rehabilitation of cardiac disease.
[more info][11000]

2nd Window Raven Biotechnologies, Inc.
Raven directly uses biology to simultaneously discover cell surface drug targets and the antibodies that can regulate them, initially for cancer therapeutics.
[more info][13789]

2nd Window Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Regeneron searches for novel human therapeutics using the application of molecular and cell biology.
[more info][11008]

2nd Window Schering-Plough Corporation
Schering-Plough Corporation focuses research on therapeutic areas such as allergic diseases, oncology, and central nervous system diseases.
[more info][10686]

2nd Window Scios
Scios is discovering and developing human therapeutics.
[more info][13595]

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2nd Window Seattle Genetics, Inc.
Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company focused on enhancing the survival of cancer patients through monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics.
[more info][13598]

2nd Window Sepracor, Inc.
Sepracor is a specialty pharmaceutical company with a unique strategy to develop and commercialize potentially improved versions of widely-prescribed drugs, referred to as Improved Chemical Entities.
[more info][13600]

2nd Window Sequus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Sequus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceuticals to treat cancer and infectious disease using liposome and lipid-based technologies.
[more info][10188]

2nd Window Shaman Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Shaman is a fully integrated pharmaceutical corporation that identifies and develops novel pharmaceutical products to treat human diseases by isolating pure active compounds found in tropical plant.
[more info][13602]

2nd Window SIBIA Neurosciences, Inc.
SIBIA Neurosciences, Inc. discovers and develops innovative small-molecule drugs for disorders of the Central Nervous System.
[more info][13605]

2nd Window Sicor, Inc.
Sicore, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company focusing on the development, manufacture, and marketing of pharmaceutical products.
[more info][13606]

2nd Window Small Molecule Therapeutics, Inc.
Small Molecule Therapeutics, Inc. is a drug discovery company that uses proprietary whole-cell high-throughput screening systems to discover novel compounds of therapeutic value for a broad range of disorders, including cancer and metabolic diseases.
[more info][13615]

2nd Window SmithKline Beecham
SmithKline Beecham develops and markets pharmaceuticals, vaccines, consumer products, and provides services for disease management, clinical lab testing, and pharmacy benefit management.
[more info][12325]

2nd Window Soloman Park Research Laboratories
Solomon Park Research studies and conducts scientific research on diseased and healthy nervous systems.
[more info][13617]

2nd Window Sugen, Inc.
Sugen is a biopharmaceutical company developing new drugs to target signal transduction pathways inside the body's cells.
[more info][13630]

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2nd Window SuperGen, Inc.
SuperGen is a pharmaceutical company whose mission is to prolong, improve the quality of, and ultimately save the lives of people afflicted with life-threatening diseases, especially cancer.
[more info][13631]

2nd Window Tanox Biosystems, Inc.
Tanox Biosystems, Inc. is engaged in the development of biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of diseases and disorders involving or affecting the human immune system.
[more info][13635]

2nd Window Targeted Genetics Corporation
Targeted Genetics Corporation is involved in gene therapy, and develops products for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, cancer, and infectious diseases.
[more info][13636]

2nd Window Taro Pharmaceuticals
Taro Pharmaceuticals researches and develops new drugs and delivery systems.
[more info][13637]

2nd Window Telik, Inc.
Telik is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of small-molecular pharmaceuticals.
[more info][13646]

2nd Window Texas Biotechnology Corporation
Texas Biotechnology Corporation is focusing on designing and developing pharmaceutical agents to treat cardiovascular diseases.
[more info][13647]

2nd Window Theragenics Corp.
Theragenics produces and sells implantable radiation devices used in the treatment of cancer and TheraSeed®, a FDA - licensed device for use in solid localized tumors.
[more info][13654]

2nd Window Third Wave Technologies, Incorporated
Third Wave Technologies develops technologies with applications in genetic and infectious disease discovery and diagnosis.
[more info][13657]

2nd Window Transkaryotic Therapies, Inc.
Transkaryotic Therapies, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development and commercialization of products based on its three proprietary development platforms: Gene Activated proteins, Niche Protein products, and Gene Therapy.
[more info][13662]

2nd Window Trega Biosciences, Inc.
Trega's goal is to benefit human health through the development of novel drug therapies.
[more info][13663]

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2nd Window Triangle Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Triangle Pharmaceutical develops new drug candidates primarily in the antiviral area, with a particular focus on therapies for HIV, AIDS, and HBV.
[more info][13665]

2nd Window Trimeris
Trimeris is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of novel therapeutic agents that block viral infection by inhibiting viral fusion with host cells.
[more info][13666]

2nd Window US Bioscience, Inc.
US Bioscience is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of therapies for patients with cancer and allied diseases, such as AIDS.
[more info][13676]

2nd Window Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is developing small molecule pharmaceuticals for treatments of diseases such as cancer, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, and neurodiagnostic diseases.
[more info][13685]

2nd Window VION Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
VION Pharmaceuticals develops therapies to treat cancer and viral disease.
[more info][13688]

2nd Window Vysis, Inc.
Vysis, Inc. develops and markets products for early detection, prognosis, and treatment of genetic and infectious diseases.
[more info][13694]

2nd Window Warner-Lambert
Warner-Larbert is a pharmaceutical company devoted to discovering, developing, manufacturing, and marketing quality pharmaceuticals products.
[more info][13695]

2nd Window Zonagen, Inc.
Zonagen is engaged in the development of pharmaceutical products for the reproductive system including sexual dysfunction, urology, contraception, and infertility.
[more info][13712]


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