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2nd Window Alpharma, Inc.
Alpharma is a pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures, and markets specialty, generic, and proprietary human pharmaceutical and animal health products.
[more info][12224]

2nd Window Deprenyl Animal Health, Inc.
Deprenyl Animal Health is a veterinary pharmaceutical company.
[more info][13390]

2nd Window EDEN Bioscience Corp.
EDEN Bioscience Corporation is an agricultural biotechnology company engaged in the discovery, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of protein based plant vaccine and growth enhancement products for use in commercial agriculture.
[more info][13441]

2nd Window Elanco Animal Health
Elanco Animal Health develops pharmaceuticals to improve animal health and productivity.
[more info][13443]

2nd Window Jackson Laboratory
Jackson Laboratory is an independent, non-profit mammalian research laboratory with a focus on bioinformatics and computational biology as well.
[more info][13377]

2nd Window Marine Bioproducts Engineering Center
Marine Bioproducts Engineering Center conducts research on the discovery, separation, characterization, and production of marine bioproducts.
[more info][13496]

2nd Window Pfizer
Pfizer researches different areas, such as animal health, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and healthcare.
[more info][13582]


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