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2nd Window Alexis Corporation
Alexis Corporation sells life science reagents and chemical raw materials.
[more info][12205]

2nd Window Altman Scientific, Inc.
Altman Scientific, Inc. calibrates and repairs pipettes, and sells pipette parts to companies that also service pipettes.
[more info][10974]

2nd Window Analytical Instruments
We purchase and sell rebuilt/refurbished analytical laboratory equipment. Analytical Instruments supplies most equipment for the lab, including small electrics.
[more info][13978]

2nd Window Automation Products, Inc.
Automation Products, Inc. offers measurement and control instruments for oil clean up and recovery.
[more info][11430]

2nd Window Avecia, Inc.
Avecia, Inc. provides research, development, and manufacturing solutions for pharmaceuticals.
[more info][13077]

2nd Window Bellco Glass, Inc.
Bellco Glass manufactures biological equipment and glassware.
[more info][12296]

2nd Window Bioanalytical Systems, Inc.
Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. manufactures specialized instrumentation and accessories for liquid chromatography, in vivo sampling; and electrochemistry.
[more info][10598]

2nd Window BioChemInsight, Inc.
We offer databases on the chemistries and markets for pharmaceutical intermediates and actives.
[more info][10278]

2nd Window BioChrom Labs, Inc.
BioChrom Labs, Inc. develops and manufactures polymeric materials for HPLC columns and packing materials.
[more info][12609]

2nd Window BioWhittaker
BioWhittaker supplies biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries while manufacturing products sold worldwide.
[more info][13275]

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2nd Window BMG Lab Technologies
BMG Lab Technologies specializes in microplate reading instruments.
[more info][13276]

2nd Window Boston International Technology Group, Inc.
Boston International Technology Group provides refurbished and used laboratory and scientific equipment to facilities around the globe.
[more info][12598]

2nd Window BrandTech Scientific, Inc.
BrandTech Scientific, Inc. is distributing laboratory liquid handling products.
[more info][12190]

2nd Window Brinkmann Instruments, Inc.
Brinkmann Instruments, Inc. supplies lab instruments and liquid handling products.
[more info][12646]

2nd Window Buck Scientific, Inc.
Buck Scientific, Inc. specializes in spectrophotometers, microwave digestion workstations, elemental analyzers, and gas chromatography.
[more info][11269]

2nd Window C&L Instruments, Inc.
C&L Instruments, Inc. develops advanced light sources and spectrofluorometers.
[more info][12790]

2nd Window Cadus Pharmaceutical Corporation
"Cadus Pharmaceutical Corporation develops novel drug discovery technologies that exploit the similarities between the yeast and human genomes and utilize yeast cells as the platform of drug discovery."
[more info][12869]

2nd Window Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc.
Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. produces stable isotope labeled compounds and does stable isotope separations.
[more info][12276]

2nd Window Carolina Biological Supply Company
Carolina Biological Supply Company supplies innovative materials for science and math educators.
[more info][13279]

2nd Window Carr Separations, Inc.
Carr Separations introduced the Powerfuge Separations System, a major breakthrough in centrifuge technology.
[more info][13280]

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2nd Window Dow Chemical Company
The Dow Chemical Company is a global science and technology based company that develops and manufactures a portfolio of chemical, plastic, and agricultural products and services.
[more info][13435]

2nd Window DSM Fine Chemicals
DSM Fine Chemicals offers a broad range of fine chemical intermediates and active ingredients for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, nutraceutical, coating, plastic, textile, food, flavor, and fragrance industries.
[more info][13437]

2nd Window Egea Biosciences, Inc.
Egea is a fourth stage genomics company providing advanced gene and protein design and production capabilities to corporate partners and collaborators and is developing its own proprietary protein and metabolic engineering products.
[more info][11983]

2nd Window Eppendorf
Eppendorf develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of lab equipment and supplies.
[more info][13466]

2nd Window Fisher Scientific
Fisher Scientific is a laboratory equipment supplier serving customers engaged in pharmaceutical, life science, biomedical, chemical, and other fields of research and development, along with those working in the food and environmental testing markets.
[more info][13475]

2nd Window Flow Sciences, Inc.
Flow Sciences, Inc. develops and manufactures bench-top containment systems for laboratory use.
[more info][13477]

2nd Window Fonar Corporation
Fonar designs and manufactures MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanners.
[more info][13479]

2nd Window Fristam Pumps, Inc.
Fristam Pumps provides over 70 sanitary centrifugal and positive displacement pump models, and numerous special modifications.
[more info][13481]

2nd Window Ganes Chemicals
Ganes Chemicals manufactures chemicals for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
[more info][13490]

2nd Window GenScreen
GenScreen provides domain names specific to the biotechnology area.
[more info][12727]

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2nd Window Global-Controls, Inc.
Global-Controls offers an extensive line of building controls and mechanical peripheral products including temp, humidity and gas sensors, actuators for valves and dampers, VAV boxes and dampers, and dynamic air purification & germinicidal systems.
[more info][12671]

2nd Window Gordinier Electronics, Inc.
Gordinier Electronics, Inc. is a supplier of liquid nitrogen controllers.
[more info][12763]

2nd Window Halocarbon Products Corp.
Halocarbon Products Corp. produces 3 main products: fluourochemicals, inert lubricants, and inhalation anesthetics.
[more info][12812]

2nd Window InVitro International
InVitro International make test kits that detect and characterize irritating or corrosive substances.
[more info][13364]

2nd Window Labconco
Labconco manufactures 16 different product lines of laboratory equipment.
[more info][13414]

2nd Window Labnet International, Inc.
Labnet International is a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory equipment and supplies to the bioscience and bioresearch market.
[more info][14039]

2nd Window Laboratory Equipment Company
Laboratory Equipment Company specializes in capital equipment and instrumentation for laboratories of all types.
[more info][13415]

2nd Window Lee Industries
Lee Industries designs and manufactures the highest quality stainless steel processing vessels & systems for cosmetic, pharmaceutical/bio-tech, food/beverage, and chemical industries.
[more info][13419]

2nd Window LJL BioSystems
LJL Biosystems is dedicated to developing instrumentation and reagents to solve high-throughput screening issues.
[more info][13429]

2nd Window Mediatech, Inc.
Mediatech formulates liquid media with high quality raw materials and WFI quality water in lot sizes up to 6,000 liters with a "true pool" maximum lot size in excess of 4,000 liters.
[more info][13516]

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2nd Window Meridian Instrument Comp. Inc.
Meridian produces biological and industrial equipment.
[more info][12343]

2nd Window MicroCal, Inc.
MicroCal develops, manufactures and markets ultrasensitive calorimeters.
[more info][11487]

2nd Window Microvision, Inc.
Microvision develops and supplies electro-optics technologies that enable the development and manufacture of high performance visual displays, image scanners, and related products.
[more info][13115]

2nd Window Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc.
Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc. is a producer and supplier of specialty chemical products and services. Products include chemicals and intermediates, chemical solvents, specialty polymers and engineering plastics, functional materials, electronic materials, and adhesive resin.
[more info][12797]

2nd Window MJ Research, Inc.
MJ develops and manufactures innovative biotechnology devices, specializing in thermal cycling instrumentation.
[more info][13239]

2nd Window MTX Lab Systems, Inc.
MTX Lab Systems, Inc. specializes in microplate readers, washers, dispensers, and pipetters.
[more info][13269]

2nd Window NEN Life Science Products
NEN is a leading provider of fluorescent, chemiluminescent, and radioactive labeling and detection products for life science research and drug discovery.
[more info][13457]

2nd Window Novagen
Novagen sells products for life science research.
[more info][13533]

2nd Window NuAire, Inc.
NuAire, Inc. develops and manufactures general laboratory equipment.
[more info][13537]

2nd Window OxyChem
OxyChem produces basic chemicals, petrochemicals, polymers, plastics, and specialty products.
[more info][13563]

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2nd Window Perfector Scientific, Inc.
Perfector Scientific, Inc. manufactures disposable plasticware.
[more info][13577]

2nd Window Pope Scientific, Inc.
Pope designs and manufactures distillation and evaporation equipment, combined with the ability to work with a wide variety of custom applications.
[more info][13740]

2nd Window Protocol Analytical Supplies, Inc.
Protocol Analytical Supplies, Inc. manufactures analytical lab equipment.
[more info][12267]

2nd Window Receptor Biology, Inc.
Receptor Biology, Inc. manufactures and sells high quality products and services related to High Throughput Screening of GPCRs and other drug discovery targets.
[more info][10687]

2nd Window Robocon, Inc.
Robocon provides factory scale automation for pharmaceutical research in biotechnology and medical/veterinarian diagnostic applications.
[more info][10352]

2nd Window Sequitur
Sequitur develops sequence based compounds for research, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications.
[more info][13277]

2nd Window Spectrum Quality Products, Inc.
Spectrum Quality Products is a customer-focused manufacturer and distributor of high quality chemicals, safety products, and lab equipment for laboratory and manufacturing facilities.
[more info][13623]

2nd Window Starna Cells, Inc.
Starna Cells, Inc. manufactures spectrophotometer cells, UV reference materials, and hollow cathode lamps.
[more info][13625]

2nd Window Stragene
Stratagene invents, develops, manufactures, sells and supports innovative technologies for life science researchers.
[more info][14038]

2nd Window UVP, Inc.
UVP designs and produces UV products for scientific, industrial, and educational applications.
[more info][13677]

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2nd Window Varian, Inc.
Varian is a world leader in scientific instruments and vacuum technologies; serving life science, health care, chemical, environmental, and industrial customers.
[more info][13681]

2nd Window VWR Scientific Products
VWR services the industrial, government, life science, education, and pharmaceutical markets as a distributor of scientific equipment, supplies, chemicals, and furniture.
[more info][13692]

2nd Window VYDAC
VYDAC provides the highest quality HPLC columns and separation products to the scientific community.
[more info][13693]

2nd Window World Precision Instruments, Inc.
World Precision Instruments, Inc. produces bioscience lab equipment.
[more info][13699]

2nd Window Worthington Biochemical Corporation
Worthington Biochemical Corporation is a major producer/manufacturer of biochemicals with a historical focus on enzymes.
[more info][13700]

2nd Window Xoma
Xoma develops treatments for primary infections, infectious complications, and immunologic disorders.
[more info][13706]

2nd Window Zarix, Ltd.
Zarix, Ltd. was formed to identify opportunities for in-licensing and developing a novel portfolio of oncology compounds.
[more info][13708]

2nd Window Zefon International
Zefon International sells and distributes analytical accessories for the environmental industry, molded plastic products, and disposable products for the healthcare industry.
[more info][13710]

2nd Window Zymark Corp.
Zymark Corp. is the premier provider of products, technologies, and services for laboratory applications in the rapidly expanding life sciences marketplace.
[more info][13713]


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