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2nd Window 5 Prime-3 Prime, Inc.
5 Prime-3 Prime develops and manufactures molecular biology reagents and kits.
[more info][12679]

2nd Window A/G Technology Corporation
A/G Technology supplies and develops products for ultrafiltration, microfiltration, and gas separation in the membrane separation technology.
[more info][12562]

2nd Window Aldrich Chemical Company
Aldrich Chemical Company supplies chemicals, lab equipment, and books.
[more info][12677]

2nd Window Alexis Corporation
Alexis Corporation sells life science reagents and chemical raw materials.
[more info][12205]

2nd Window Alpha Diagnostic International, Inc.
Alpha Diagnostic International provides peptide synthesis and antibody services. It also distributes and manufactures ELISA kits.
[more info][11026]

2nd Window American Peptide Co., Inc.
American Peptide is a high purity source of peptides for research and clinical practices.
[more info][10418]

2nd Window American Qualex
American Qualex supplies immunological and molecular biology supplies.
[more info][12426]

2nd Window American Type Culture Collection
American Type Culture Collection is a biological culture repository containing organisms such as algae, bacteria, cell lines, fungi, yeast, recombinant DNA materials, viruses, and plant tissue cultures. ATCC also develops new pure cultures.
[more info][11952]

2nd Window Ana-Gen Technologies, Inc.
Ana-Gen Technologies, Inc. provides contract services in molecular biology, such as custom DNA synthesis, DNA sequencing, and other molecular biology research needs.
[more info][10241]

2nd Window Aptagen, Inc.
Aptagen provides engineering and expression services for gene contruction and synthesis, protein expression, and enzyme manipulation.
[more info][10814]

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2nd Window Argene, Inc.
Argene, Inc. supplies monoclonal antibodies, antigens, and molecular biology tools for research use.
[more info][10020]

2nd Window ATG Laboratories
ATG Laboratories provides custom molecular biology services and high level production of recombinant proteins in bacterial and insect cells.
[more info][12767]

2nd Window Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc.
Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc. supplies lipids to researchers and pharmaceutical companies.
[more info][12504]

2nd Window BACPAC Resources
BACPAC Resources offers BAC and PAC genomic DNA libraries, high density colony hybridization filters, and cloning vectors.
[more info][13081]

2nd Window Biomar
Biomar is a distributor of laboratory consumables and small apparatus intended for the life science and molecular biology research laboratories.
[more info][11250]

2nd Window Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
Bio-Rad specializes in electrophoresis and chromatography techniques, and develops and manufactures instruments and chemicals for analysis, separation, and production of biological molecules such as proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids.
[more info][13256]

2nd Window BioSynthesis
BioSynthesis provides DNA products and services for the research community.
[more info][13264]

2nd Window BioTime, Inc.
BioTime is engaged in the research and development of aqueous-based synthetic solutions that may be used as plasma expanders, organ preservation solutions, or solutions to replace blood volume during low temperature surgery.
[more info][13272]

2nd Window Boehringer Mannheim
Boehringer Mannheim supplies lab diagnostics, biochemicals, and therapeutics.
[more info][10950]

2nd Window Calzyme Laboratories, Inc.
Calzyme Laboratories, Inc. primarily manufactures enzymes, proteins, substrates, and related biochemicals.
[more info][10479]

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2nd Window CBS Scientific
CBS Scientific offers a range of products for molecular separations.
[more info][13283]

2nd Window Celox Laboratories, Inc.
Celox Laboratories, Inc. specializes in serum-free components for use in tissue culture and cryopreservation.
[more info][13306]

2nd Window Charles River Laboratories
Charles River Laboratories principally supplies laboratory rodents, but also offers custom services and reagents for molecular biology research.
[more info][13325]

2nd Window CPG, Inc.
CPG, Inc. manufactures products for chromatography, synthesis, and separation kits for molecular biology.
[more info][13359]

2nd Window Cytovia, Inc.
Cytovia is the developer of a high proprietary high-throughput fluorescent leads that modulate the activity of intracellular proteases - especially those involved in apoptosis, or programmed cell death.
[more info][13378]

2nd Window DAKO Corporation
DAKO Corporation develops products for immunohistochemistry, molecular biology, flow cytometry, and bioresearch.
[more info][13381]

2nd Window Demegen, Inc.
Demegen, Inc. is a research & development company which designs peptides and peptide-encoded genes to improve the health of humans, animals, and plants.
[more info][13387]

2nd Window Diagnostic Chemicals Limited
Diagnostic Chemicals Limited supplies advanced intermediates and enzymes for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing and other biochemicals for biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, and life science.
[more info][13396]

2nd Window Display Systems Biotechnology, Inc.
Display Systems Biotechnology, Inc. supplies products and custom services for molecular biology research.
[more info][13401]

2nd Window Diversa
Diversa is dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of new protein-based catalysts for chemical syntheses and industrial processes.
[more info][13403]

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2nd Window DNAgency
DNAgency produces synthetic oligonucleotides for research and diagnostic laboratories.
[more info][13410]

2nd Window DNX Transgenics
DNX Transgenics produces transgenic and gene target mice and rats.
[more info][13411]

2nd Window Dyadic Industries International, LTD., Incorporated
The Dyadic Group Companies develop and manufacture industrial enzymes, minerals, chemical formulations, and processing aids for the natural fiber and food processing industries.
[more info][13440]

2nd Window Enzyme Systems Products, Inc.
Enzyme Systems Products, Inc. offers various research products such as protease inhibitors and purified enzymes.
[more info][13463]

2nd Window Epicentre
Epicentre supplies molecular biology reagents and kits.
[more info][13464]

2nd Window EUREGENE Laboratories
EUREGENE Laboratories performs custom subtraction services using mirror orientation selection method to imporve subtractions.
[more info][13976]

2nd Window Gene Tools, LLC
Gene Tools is a source for Morpholino antisense oligos. Morpholinos provides specificity, predictable targeting, complete stability, and high efficacy by a true antisense mechanism. A delivery system of antisense oligos into the cytosol is also provided.
[more info][13503]

2nd Window Genencor International
Genencor develops, manufactures, and markets innovative enzymes and other biocatalysts.
[more info][13507]

2nd Window Genetronics, Inc.
Genetronics, Inc. develops electroporation equipment for research laboratories.
[more info][11337]

2nd Window Genome Systems, Inc.
Genome Systems, Inc. offers supplies and services for genetic research.
[more info][11340]

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2nd Window Genosys Biotechnologies
Genosys Biotechnologies supplies custom oligonucleotides, custom gene, peptide and peptide antisera synthesis, and a range of other services and products.
[more info][12369]

2nd Window GenSura Laboratories, Inc.
GenSura Laboratories develops products for gel electrophoresis technology.
[more info][11866]

2nd Window Glen Research
Glen Research provides products for routine oligonucleotide synthesis.
[more info][12551]

2nd Window Glyko, Inc.
Glyko develops carbohydrate analysis systems.
[more info][12634]

2nd Window Gold Biotechnology
Gold Biotechnology supplies molecular biology chemicals and some lab ware.
[more info][13193]

2nd Window The Great American Gene Company
The Great American Gene Company offers custom DNA synthesis.
[more info][13650]

2nd Window HyClone
HyClone is a supplier of sera, serum alternatives, media, sterile liquids, and bioprocess containment products for cell culture research and biopharmaceutical process applications.
[more info][13295]

2nd Window ImmunoDiagnostics, Inc.
ImmunoDiagnostics, Inc. produces genetically engineered gene products and diagnostic products for human healthcare.
[more info][13312]

2nd Window Invitrogen
Invitrogen supplies products for gene expression and analysis.
[more info][13366]

2nd Window Iobioninformatics
GeneTraffic microarray data analysis software includes the lobion system software, which installs in minutes on a Linus server to create a dedicated lobion informatics appliance.
[more info][14035]

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2nd Window Isotec, Inc.
Isotec, Inc. custom synthesizes stable isotopes.
[more info][13370]

2nd Window Kendrick Labs, Inc.
Kendrick Labs, Inc. offers custom 2D protein electrophoresis services.
[more info][13404]

2nd Window Keystone Laboratories, Inc.
Keystone provides custom oligo synthesis and offers a wide variety of custom DNA synthesis services.
[more info][13407]

2nd Window Kirkegaard & Perry Laboratories, Inc.
KPL is a supplier of biochemicals including kits and reagents for molecular biology, immunochemistry, cell biology, and diagnostic kits for animal health. Featured products include secondary antibody conjugates.
[more info][13409]

2nd Window Leinco Technologies
Leinco Technologies develops, manufactures, and markets biotechnical products and services for immunology, cell biology, neuroscience, and moleculary biology research.
[more info][13421]

2nd Window Maxim Biotech, Inc.
Maxim provides reagents from sample preparation, PCR primers, probes and product detection.
[more info][13504]

2nd Window MBI Fermentas, Inc.
MBI Fermentas, Inc. supplies molecular biology products in bulk.
[more info][13508]

2nd Window MitoKor
MitoKor has developed a system for the rapid identification of important disease genes and proteins, and uses this information to validate therapeutic and diagnostic targets.
[more info][12587]

2nd Window Molecular BioProducts, Inc.
Molecular BioProducts a manufacturer of laboratory products for PCR and molecular biology.
[more info][13243]

2nd Window Multiple Peptide Systems
Multiple Peptide Systems (MPS) is a privately held company specializing in custom peptides and peptide-related products.
[more info][13274]

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2nd Window National Biosciences, Inc.
National Biosciences, Inc. supplies synthesis services, contract research services, and kits for molecular biology research.
[more info][13385]

2nd Window National Diagnostics
National Diagnostics develops products for electrophoresis, liquid scintillation, and histology.
[more info][13395]

2nd Window Neose Technologies, Inc.
Neose Technologies is developing a broad proprietary technology platform for the enzymatic synthesis, manufacture, and commercialization of complex carbohydrates for nutritional, pharmaceutical, consumer, and industrial uses.
[more info][13474]

2nd Window The Nest Group
The Nest Group focuses on products for electrophoresis and chromatography, as well as the scale-up of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids.
[more info][13653]

2nd Window Omicron Biochemicals, Inc.
Omicron Biochemicals, Inc. specializes in synthesis of labeled carbohydrates, nucleotides, and their derivatives, as well as stable isotopes.
[more info][13541]

2nd Window Oncogene Research Products
Oncogene Research Products supplies molecular biology and immunology products for cellular research.
[more info][13542]

2nd Window Oncoimmunin, Inc.
Oncoimmunin produces cell permeable fluorogenic caspase-3 substrate, PhiPhiLux, urokinanse, cathepsin D, HIV and HCV NS3 protease substrates ,and MMP flurogenic substrates.
[more info][13543]

2nd Window Operon Technologies, Inc.
Operon Technologies supplies synthetic oligonucleotides and genes domestically and abroad.
[more info][13546]

2nd Window Peninsula Laboratories, Inc.
Peninsula Laboratories provides synthetic peptides to life scientists worldwide.
[more info][13575]

2nd Window Peptide Technologies
Peptide Technologies provides custom peptide synthesis.
[more info][13576]

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2nd Window Pfanstiehl Laboratories, Inc.
Pfanstiehl Laboratories, Inc. performs carbohydrate chemistry, supplyes biochemicals, and synthesizes pharmaceutical intermediates.
[more info][13581]

2nd Window Pierce Chemical Company
Pierce Chemical Company provides products and solutions for sample preparation, protein chemistry, affinity chromotography, immunology, signal transduction, gas chromatography, and other areas.
[more info][13735]

2nd Window Polymer Laboratories, Inc.
Polymer Laboratories manufactures GPC and HPLC chromatography columns, polymer calibrants, software and instrumentation, and oligonucleotide synthesis.
[more info][13738]

2nd Window PolyPeptide Laboratories, Inc.
The PolyPeptide group is one of the world's leading groups specializing in industrial scale manufacture of custom and generic peptides for therapeutic applications.
[more info][13739]

2nd Window Prolinx, Inc.
Prolinx, Inc. is developing and commercializing enabling chemistries for the immobilization, purification, and detection of biological molecules.
[more info][13748]

2nd Window ProteinX Lab
Proteinx Lab provides proteins to the research community, deals with tough protein production, and offers free trial and free protein in some cases.
[more info][12689]

2nd Window Qbiogen
Qbiogen supplies kits and reagents for molecular biology research.
[more info][11233]

2nd Window Research Biochemical International
Research Biochemicals International's main purpose is to provide neurochemicals.
[more info][10975]

2nd Window Research Genetics
Research Genetics offers a variety of molecular biology reagents and supplies, as well as custom synthesis services.
[more info][12749]

2nd Window Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals, Inc. uses ribozyme technology in human therapeutics, diagnostics, agriculture, and animal health.
[more info][12210]

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2nd Window RnD Systems
RnD Systems produces and markets molecular and cell biology reagents.
[more info][12516]

2nd Window Savant Instruments, Inc.
Savant Instruments, Inc. offers laboratory instruments and products for sample preparation, molecular biology, gel drying, and solvent recovery.
[more info][10688]

2nd Window Scientific Research Consortium, Inc.
Scientific Research Consortium provides amino acid analysis; as well as nitrogen, fatty acids, and lipid analysis; and some vitamin assays.
[more info][13594]

2nd Window Spectrocell
Spectrocell manufactures absorption cells for spectrophotometry, colorimetry, and fluorimetry.
[more info][13622]

2nd Window Steraloids, Inc.
Steraloids, Inc. supplies the research community with hormones and steroids.
[more info][13627]

2nd Window Synthegen
Specializing in custom modified oligonucleotides.
[more info][14107]

2nd Window Synthetic Genetics
Synthetic Genetics specializes in high quality custom DNA synthesis.
[more info][13634]

2nd Window Unisyn Technologies, Inc.
Unisyntech Technologies, Inc. supplies hollow fiber bioreactor instruments and accessories, biopurification products, contract research, and cGMP production services.
[more info][13672]

2nd Window United States Biological
US Biological is a manufacturer of high purity biochemicals, cell culture media, and antibodies for biotechnology and diagnostic companies worldwide.
[more info][13673]

2nd Window Vanson
Vanson is a chemical supply company producing chitin and chitosan technologies.
[more info][13680]

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2nd Window Vista Biologicals Corp.
Vista Biologicals specializes in providing contract production of animal cells, cell-derived products, and related contract research to the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.
[more info][13689]

2nd Window Zaxis International, Inc.
Zaxis, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets high performance products used to detect and separate various proteins and nucleic acids through a process called electrophoresis.
[more info][13709]

2nd Window Zymed Laboratories Incorporated
Zymed Laboratories develops and supplies immunochemical products for use in immunohistochemistry, cell biology, and immunodiagnostics.
[more info][13716]


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