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Molecular Biology

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Aronex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Aronex Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes proprietary innovative medicines to treat cancer and infectious diseases.

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Avax Technologies, Inc.
Avax Technologies specializes in the development and commercialization of novel technologies for the treatment of cancer and other life threatening diseases.

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Biacore, Inc.
Biacore develops, manufactures, and markets innovative and unique products to detect and monitor biomolecular binding.

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BioGuard Technologies, Inc.
BioGuard Technologies develops, licenses, and manufactures safe, environmentally friendly, and sustained-release delivery systems for agrochemicals and biological control agents.

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Broadley Technologies
A catalog of over 80 pages of products used in fermentation and cell culutre applications.

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Caliper Technologies Corp.
Caliper Technologies designs and manufactures labchip devices and systems that enable high-throughput screening for faster drug discovery, improved medical treatment, and more accurate and cost-effective biological and genetic research.

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The Collaborative Group, Ltd.
The Collaborative Group provides innovative products and services to the cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.

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Cypress Bioscience, Inc.
Cypress Bioscience develops, manufactures, and markets medical devices and therapeutics for the treatment of certain types of immune disorders, and is engaged in the development of therapeutic agents for the treatment of blood platelet disorders.

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Deerland Corporation
Deerland markets a broad range of enzyme products. The corporation has both an east and a west coast office.

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Emerald BioStructures, Inc.
Emerald BioStructures offers products and services in protein X-ray crystallography, specializing in protein crystallization.

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GeneMachines produces creative cutting-edge automation and instrumentation solutions for biotechnology research.

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Heartstream, Inc.
Heartstream develops, manufacturers, and markets automatic external defibrillators for the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.

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Immune Response Corporation
Immune Response Corporation has proprietary technologies in HIV, autoimmune disease, gene therapy, and cancer.

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Ingen Laboratories, Inc.
Ingen Labs specializes in research and development of in-situ based molecular technology.

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Intergen Company
Intergen manufactures products in a wide variety of innovative biotechnology for commercial developers.

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Iomai Corporation
Iomai develops vaccine delivery systems specializing in transcutaneous immunization.

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J & J Engineering, Inc.
J.J. Engineering manufactures physiological monitoring and biofeedback systems.

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LumaCare is a scientific company developing instrumentation products in the field of biotechnology, specializing in non-coherent light sources for photodynamic therapy.

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Nanoscale Combinatorial Synthesis, Inc.
Nanosyn produces compound and combinatorial libraries for high-throughput screening in nanoscale format.

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Nature Technology Corp.
Nature Technology Corp. is devoted to designing, developing, and providing generic technology for human therapy.

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New Brunswick Scientific Co., Inc.
New Brunswick Scientific provides technology to the life sciences market, enabling the discovery, development, and production of pharmaceuticals and other biologicals.

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Noran Instruments, Inc.
Noran Instruments, Inc. manufactures microscopy applications and systems.

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RNAture, Inc.
RNAture, Inc. is dedicated to providing novel technology platforms and automated tools for gene expression and functional genomic analysis to the research, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic communities.

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Rosys Anthos, Inc.
Rosys Anthos provides robotic sample processors and microplate instrumentation, including a fully automated system for luminescence applications.

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Tecan U.S., Inc.
Tecan U.S., Inc specializes in the development, production, and marketing of instruments and systems designed to provide solutions for diagnostic and life science laboratories.

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Vivascience Group
Vivascience offers a wide range of cell culture and ultrafiltration products.

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