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2nd Window Abaxis
Abaxis produces point-of-care blood analyzers which provide clinicians with rapid blood-constituent measurements for both humans and animals.
[more info][12041]

2nd Window Advanced Chemical Technology, Inc.
(ACT) "Advanced Chemical Technology, specializes in barrier technology."
[more info][13878]

2nd Window Advanced ChemTech, Inc.
Advanced ChemTech, Inc. supplies instruments, biochemicals, and production services for pharmaceutical research.
[more info][12013]

2nd Window Aldrich Chemical Company
Aldrich Chemical Company supplies chemicals, lab equipment, and books.
[more info][12677]

2nd Window American Radiolabeled Chemicals
American Radiolabeled Chemicals supplies radiolabeled chemicals for biomedical research.
[more info][12007]

2nd Window Amira Medical
Amira Medical is a technology-based company committed to improving the lives of people with diabetes through the development and commercialization of painless glucose monitoring products.
[more info][12905]

2nd Window Analytical Biological Services, Inc.
Analytical Biological Services, Inc. provides custom bioreagents and high capacity cell culture services to drug discovery and biomedical research laboratories throughout the world.
[more info][10290]

2nd Window Aseptico, Inc.
Aseptico designs and manufactures dental equipment.
[more info][11550]

2nd Window Aurora Biosciences
Aurora Biosciences designs and develops proprietary drug discovery systems, services, and technologies to help in the discovery of new medicines.
[more info][12003]

2nd Window Avecia, Inc.
Avecia, Inc. provides research, development, and manufacturing solutions for pharmaceuticals.
[more info][13077]

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2nd Window BCI International
BCI International manufactures and designs non-intrusive patient monitoring equipment used to track respiration, blood pressure, and temperature.
[more info][10451]

2nd Window Becton Dickinson and Company
Becton Dickinson is a global health company providing products and services throughout the world.
[more info][12293]

2nd Window Biomet, Inc.
Biomet designs, manufactures, and markets products used primarely by orthopedic medical specialists.
[more info][12250]

2nd Window BioReliance Corp.
BioReliance develops and delivers healthcare products through testing, developing, and manufacturing services in partnership with clients worldwide.
[more info][13257]

2nd Window Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc.
Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc. designs, develops, and markets biomedical and laboratory instruments.
[more info][13268]

2nd Window Cardinal Associates, Inc.
Cardinal Associates develops, manufacturers, and markets products to the biomedical research industry. The company focuses on the measure of cell functionality via chemiluminescent techniques and cell separation techniques.
[more info][13278]

2nd Window Cleveland Scientific, Ltd.
Cleveland Scientific supplies animal blood and serum products, and laboratory equipment and supplies for biotechnology and biomedical research.
[more info][13340]

2nd Window Conmed Corp.
Conmed is an orthopaedic products company specializing in arthroscopy and powered surgical instruments, as well as developing, manufacturing and supplying advanced surgical instruments and systems used in a wide range of surgical procedures.
[more info][13342]

2nd Window Fischer Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Fischer Pharmaceutical Laboratories specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of ophthalmic and dermatological preparations.
[more info][13473]

2nd Window Ganes Chemicals
Ganes Chemicals manufactures chemicals for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
[more info][13490]

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2nd Window Heartstream, Inc.
Heartstream develops, manufacturers, and markets automatic external defibrillators for the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.
[more info][13233]

2nd Window Innovative Research of America
Innovative Research of America supplies scientists with time release hormones and drug pellets for research.
[more info][13327]

2nd Window JRH Biosciences
JRH Biosciences provides cell culture products to the health care industry.
[more info][13402]

2nd Window Life Technologies
Life Technologies develops, manufactures, and markets products for use in life science research and biomedical manufacturing.
[more info][13423]

2nd Window Medi-Ject, Corp.
Medi-Ject Corp. produces needle-free injection systems for drug delivery.
[more info][13520]

2nd Window Medtronic, Inc.
Medtronis provides medical technology, and pioneering therapies that restore health, extend life, and alleviate pain.
[more info][13523]

2nd Window Merck and Co., Inc.
Merck discovers, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of innovative products to improve human health.
[more info][11329]

2nd Window Microsurgical Technology
Microsurgical supplies handpieces and tips for cataract surgery.
[more info][11523]

2nd Window Millipore
Millipore develops, manufactures, and sells a broad range of purification products for biopharmaceutical, research, and microelectronics.
[more info][12549]

2nd Window Mittler
Mittler supplies specialty and medical gases.
[more info][13235]

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2nd Window NEN Life Science Products
NEN is a leading provider of fluorescent, chemiluminescent, and radioactive labeling and detection products for life science research and drug discovery.
[more info][13457]

2nd Window Nutraceutix, Inc.
Nutraceutix provides nutraceuticals, probiotics, and other beneficial nutritional supplements, products, and services to the health supplement, animal health, cosmetics, and food industries.
[more info][13538]

2nd Window Organogenesis, Inc.
Organogenesis designs, develops, and manufactures medical products containing living cells and/or natural connective tissue.
[more info][13550]

2nd Window Pacific Research Laboratories, Inc.
Pacific Research Laboratories, Inc. provides models to further develop orthopedic surgical skills outside the operating room setting, as a supplement to didactic instruction.
[more info][13565]

2nd Window PanVera
PanVera develops, manufactures, markets, and sells biological reagents, kits, and systems to scientists engaged in healthcare research, life sceince, and detection analysis.
[more info][13569]

2nd Window Perkin-Elmer Corporation
Perkin-Elmer develops, manufactures, and markets analytical instruments and life science systems used in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, environmental testing, food, agriculture, and chemical manufacturing.
[more info][13578]

2nd Window Pfanstiehl Laboratories, Inc.
Pfanstiehl Laboratories, Inc. performs carbohydrate chemistry, supplyes biochemicals, and synthesizes pharmaceutical intermediates.
[more info][13581]

2nd Window Pharmacopeia
Pharmacopeia is involved in drug discovery using small molecule combinatorial chemistry.
[more info][13586]

2nd Window Physio-Control Corp.
Physio-Control manufactures and sells defibrillators and related medical equipment and accessories.
[more info][13734]

2nd Window ProRepCo, Inc.
ProRepCo specializes in medical product design and manufacturing, as well as standard and custom components for medical and high technology application.
[more info][13750]

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2nd Window Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Questcor Pharmaceuticals focuses on the emerging needs of the hospital environment by supplying treatments for Sickle-cell, brain injury, and stroke.
[more info][11015]

2nd Window Research Organics, Inc.
Research Organics, Inc. manufactures biochemicals for biomedical research, diagnostics, and biotechnology on a scale from milligrams to metric tons.
[more info][12819]

2nd Window SBI Skin Biology, Inc.
Skin Biology provides products in dermatology.
[more info][10689]

2nd Window Siemens Corp.
Siemens Corp. supplies medical systems and solutions to the health care industry.
[more info][13608]

2nd Window SIPSY Chemical Corporation
SIPSY Chemical Corporation synthesizes pharmaceutical substances and intermediates.
[more info][13612]

2nd Window Sofamor Danek Group, Inc.
Sofamor Danek supplies surgical products, surgical navigation systems, biological solutions, and physician services.
[more info][13616]

2nd Window StemCell Technologies
StemCell Technologies manufactures and distributes a variety of products, literature, and media in regards to stem cell technology.
[more info][13862]

2nd Window Superior Products, Inc.
Superior Products manufactures numerous medical fittings, Diameter 0 Index Safety System medical connections, and parts for specialized applications.
[more info][13632]

2nd Window United States Surgical Corp.
USSC produces products for general surgery and have played a supporting role in many other surgical specialties.
[more info][13674]

2nd Window Vectorpharma
Vectorpharma is involved with advanced drug delivery systems to increase and control drug absorption through the application of physical chemistry.
[more info][13683]

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2nd Window Zymed Incorporated
Zymed manufactures and supplies cardiac analysis products.
[more info][13715]


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