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2nd Window Adis International
Adis Laboratories is a medical publisher and database provider of critical evaluation and support for diseases in global drug development and disease control.
[more info][12588]

2nd Window Advanced Clinical Software
Advanced Clinical Software has been providing high quality software and services to research sites, pharmaceutical sponsors, CRO's, and SMO's.
[more info][12077]

2nd Window Array Genetics, Inc.
Array Genetics specializes in bioinformatics software design.
[more info][11399]

2nd Window Bio-logic Systems Corp.
Bio-logic designs, manufactures, and distributes computerized electrodiagnostic systems.
[more info][12574]

2nd Window DataEdge, LLC
DataEdge provides data to support pharmaceutical drug development decision-making.
[more info][13383]

2nd Window Gene Logic
Gene Logic is involved in the development and application of genomics technologies and bioinformatics in the drug discovery process.
[more info][13498]

2nd Window Gene Network Sciences
Gene Network Sciences accelerates the drug discovery process by creating dynamic computer models of living cells and next generation data-mining tools for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. GNS combines the power of mathematics, computation, experimental molecular biology, and bioinformatics to bring genomics data to its most valuable end.
[more info][14105]

2nd Window Genomic Technologies, Inc.
Genomic Technologies develops hardware and software systems for the high-throughput and diagnostic nucleic acid synthesis facilities,and designs instrumentation and software for the synthesis of biopolymers.
[more info][11230]

2nd Window Geospiza, Inc.
Geospiza provides creative ways for biologists to use state-of-the-art software tools.
[more info][12842]

2nd Window Incellico
Incellico's mission is to use innovative software design approaches to help researchers in genomics reach insights of reater clarity. Our products are based on our proprietary Coded Electronic Life Library (CELL)T technology, which allows us and our users to link various databases and datatypes in novel and dynamic ways. To facilitate discovery and collaboration throughout the sciences, we support open standards like XML, CORBA, and JavaT.
[more info][13787]

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2nd Window Incyte Genomics, Inc.
Incyte Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops genomic databases, biological reagents, and microarrays.
[more info][13318]

2nd Window Inova Diagnostics Inc.
Inova Diagnostics, Inc. provides autoimmune disease diagnostics.
[more info][13329]

2nd Window Intelligen, Inc.
Intelligen, Inc. is a high technology company that develops and markets software tools for simulation, computer-aided process design, environmental impact assessment, and project economic evaluation.
[more info][13354]

2nd Window Molecular Applications Group
Molecular Applications Group specializes in the development of integrated data mining, data visualizations, and data analysis systems for use by researchers in the biotechnology and pharmacuetical industries.
[more info][13242]

2nd Window Molecular Simulations, Inc.
Molecular Simulations provides modeling and simulation software and services for both life and material science research.
[more info][13249]

2nd Window Molecular Tool, Inc.
Molecular Tool is a genetic analysis and information company focused on the development and commercialization of proprietary technologies high-volume, low-cost analysis of DNA sequence variation.
[more info][13252]

2nd Window NetGentics, Inc.
NetGenics provides software and services to manage pharmaceutical research data to accelerate the drug discovery process.
[more info][13486]

2nd Window Paracel, Inc.
Paracel develops and markets high-performance text and genomic data analysis systems for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and government markets.
[more info][13570]

2nd Window Polymer Laboratories, Inc.
Polymer Laboratories manufactures GPC and HPLC chromatography columns, polymer calibrants, software and instrumentation, and oligonucleotide synthesis.
[more info][13738]

2nd Window Rosetta Inpharmatics
Rosetta Inpharmatics provides informational genomics, the integration of bioinformatics with genomics tools, to accelerate and improve the drug discovery process.
[more info][13726]

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2nd Window Xenometrix
Xenometrix develops cell based assays that give specific information on a pharmaceutical compound and databases of gene response profiles.
[more info][13705]


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