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2nd Window AgraQuest, Inc.
AgraQuest, Inc. discovers and develops environmentally friendly and effective natural products for farm, home, and public health pest management.
[more info][12034]

2nd Window AgriBioTech, Inc.
AgriBioTech focuses on the growth potential in turf and forage.
[more info][12029]

2nd Window AllChem Industries, Inc.
AllChem Industries, Inc. supplies chemicals for pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture.
[more info][12252]

2nd Window American Cyanamid Company
American Cyanamid is involved in the discovery of new crop protection and pharmaceutical products through the design and development of mechanism-based screens in yeast.
[more info][11954]

2nd Window Dow AgroSciences
Dow AgroSciences researches, develops, manufactures, and markets agricultural and specialty products including weed and insect management products, plant disease management products, nitrogen stabilizers, plant growth regulators, and more.
[more info][13432]

2nd Window Mycogen Corp.
Mycogen Corp. creates environmentally compatible pesticides, ultimately reaching to increase food production.
[more info][13308]

2nd Window Origen Therapeutics, Inc.
Origen Therapeutics focuses on animal transgenesis, and genetic engineering in avian species, utilizing embryonic stem cell-based technologies. Origin is particularly interest is in animal transgenesis for the production of protein pharmaceuticals and food industry applications.
[more info][13551]


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