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2nd Window Acorn NMR, Inc.
Acorn NMR, Inc. offers high resolution NMR spectroscopy services.
[more info][12124]

2nd Window ADAC Laboratory
ADAC Laboratories supplies nuclear medicine, diagnostic imaging equipment, and radiology and laboratory information systems.
[more info][12146]

2nd Window Applied Analytical Industries, Inc.
Applied Analytical Industries offers pharmaceutical companies a breadth of drug development services with significant depth in capabilities.
[more info][10692]

2nd Window Applied Precision, Inc.
Applied Precision is focused on producing innovative value-adding product solutions that enable our customers to achieve their research, development, and production goals.
[more info][10694]

2nd Window Berkeley Antibody Company
Berkeley Antibody Company provides custom antibody production, applied immunology, custom animal research, and preclinical evaluations.
[more info][12272]

2nd Window BioInsights
[BioInsights, LLC] This company offers education, training and staffing solutions to the global bioscience industry. Their learning products are designed specifically for the corporate training, workforce development and teacher professional development market segments. Their "source, train & place" business model enables students, trainees and life long learners to find high value jobs in the bioscience industry.
[more info][13597]

2nd Window Charles River Laboratories
Charles River Laboratories principally supplies laboratory rodents, but also offers custom services and reagents for molecular biology research.
[more info][13325]

2nd Window Cimarron Software, Inc.
Cimarron helps transform existing molecular biology laboratories into highly available and productive facilities necessary to compete in today's dynamic genetic research, discovery, and diagnostic domains.
[more info][13336]

2nd Window Cross Road Recruit
A global recruitment firm that provides professional retained and contingent recruitment and consulting services for the bio-tech and pharmaceutical industries.
[more info][11765]

2nd Window Davos Chemical Corporation
Davos is focused on developing outsourcing solutions to deliver custom intermediates and APIs for ethical and Biotech pharmaceutical companies as well as similar products for the agricultural industry.
[more info][13384]

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2nd Window Discovery Partners International
Discovery Partners International is focused on providing platforms, services, and information available to augment the internal drug discovery efforts of pharmacuetical and biopharmaceutical companies.
[more info][13400]

2nd Window Display Systems Biotechnology, Inc.
Display Systems Biotechnology, Inc. supplies products and custom services for molecular biology research.
[more info][13401]

2nd Window Harlan Bioproducts for Science, Inc.
Harlan contributes reliability and cost efficiency to domestic and international research programs by being a single source of research related products.
[more info][13232]

2nd Window ID Vaccine Corp.
ID Biomedical's business is focused on two rapidly emerging healthcare markets: gene-based testing and subunit vaccines.
[more info][13300]

2nd Window Immunochemistry Technologies
Immunochemistry Technologies provides immunochemistry services for research and industrial sectors.
[more info][13310]

2nd Window Institute for Science Training and Research, Inc.
ISTR provides in-depth and understandable biotechnology training to individuals and companies worldwide
[more info][13347]

2nd Window LabVelocity, Inc.
LabVelocity, Inc. is an online service to find, compare, select, and procure information and resources for the biotechnology and life science industries.
[more info][13416]

2nd Window Livingston Healthcare Services, Inc.
Livingston Healthcare Services develops logistics solutions and provides essential logistics related services to companies in the healthcare industry.
[more info][13428]

2nd Window Molecular Devices Corp.
Molecular Devices provides innovative solutions to accelerate the leading edge of life science research.
[more info][13244]

2nd Window Monsanto
Monsanto is involved in different sectors, with development and marketing of pharmaceuticals being one of them.
[more info][13255]

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2nd Window MR Resources Inc.
MR Resources, Inc. provides parts, services, accessories, and systems for the NMR and MRI industries.
[more info][13266]

2nd Window Primm Labs, Inc.
Primm Labs, Inc. offers kits and custom services.
[more info][13744]

2nd Window Proctor and Gamble
Proctor and Gamble develops and markets consumer products and supports basic life science research.
[more info][13745]

2nd Window Protein Design Labs, Inc.
Protein Design Labs, Inc. is designing humanized and human monoclonal antibodies to prevent or treat transplant rejection and inflammatory diseases.
[more info][13751]

2nd Window Repligen Corporation
Repligen helps companies identify drug candidates for new targets by having rapid chemical library synthesis, drug screening methodologies, and newly developed drug screens.
[more info][11032]

2nd Window Research Genetics
Research Genetics offers a variety of molecular biology reagents and supplies, as well as custom synthesis services.
[more info][12749]

2nd Window Riese Enterprises, Inc.
Riese provides products and expert technical assistance to research, industry, clinical laboratories, hospitals, and medical/dental facilities worldwide.
[more info][12473]

2nd Window Seradyn
Seradyn is a manufacturer and marketer of 3 business areas: clinical diagnostics, particle technology, and photovolt instruments.
[more info][10143]

2nd Window SkeleTech, Inc.
SkeleTech, Inc. provides pre-clinical biology services to support studies in osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and orthopaedics.
[more info][13613]

2nd Window Sperling Sampson West
SSW is a full market and communications company specializing in biotechnology and emerging-technology products and companies.
[more info][13624]

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2nd Window Sybron Chemicals, Inc.
Sybron Chemicals, Inc. has two areas of business: Environmental Products and Services, and Textile Chemical Specialties.
[more info][13633]

2nd Window Validation Systems, Inc.
Validation Systems provides services to biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, GLP laboratories, engineering and construction companies in areas such as validation, technical support, and laboratory testing.
[more info][13678]


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