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Bio Research Laboratories
BRL provides laboratory services for a wide variety of industries: pharmaceutical research and development, food and cosmetic safety testing, toxicity bioassays, environmental testing, microbiology, fermentation, and water/wastewater testing.

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BioReliance Corp.
BioReliance develops and delivers healthcare products through testing, developing, and manufacturing services in partnership with clients worldwide.

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BioScreen Testing Services Incorporated
BioScreen is a testing facility for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, environmental, and toxicology.

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Celsis Laboratory Group
Celsis Laboratory Group provides contract testing in analytical chemistry, microbiology, and biology/toxicology for a broad range of industries.

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Celsus Laboratories, Inc
Celsus Laboratories, Inc. manufactures and tests GAGs used in injectable drugs, blood collection, blood gas analysis devices, and thromboresistant coatings for blood-interacting biomaterials.

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Montana Medical Research, LLC
Montana Medical Research performs clinical trial research in a broad spectrum of therapeutic specialties.

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Northwest Kinetics, LLC
Northwest Kinetics is a research facility which specializes in Phase I and II clinical pharmaceutical studies.

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Pharmatech manages pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, and pharmaeconomic clinical trials.

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PPD Pharmaco, Inc.
Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc. is a contract clinical research organization providing drug and device testing through clinical research, analytical, and consulting services.

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Repligen Corporation
Repligen helps companies identify drug candidates for new targets by having rapid chemical library synthesis, drug screening methodologies, and newly developed drug screens.

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Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, LTD
Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, LTD provides medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries with accredited facilities to test and evaluate products under development.

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Small Molecule Therapeutics, Inc.
Small Molecule Therapeutics, Inc. is a drug discovery company that uses proprietary whole-cell high-throughput screening systems to discover novel compounds of therapeutic value for a broad range of disorders, including cancer and metabolic diseases.

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SmithKline Beecham
SmithKline Beecham develops and markets pharmaceuticals, vaccines, consumer products, and provides services for disease management, clinical lab testing, and pharmacy benefit management.

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Validation Systems, Inc.
Validation Systems provides services to biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, GLP laboratories, engineering and construction companies in areas such as validation, technical support, and laboratory testing.

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Versaggi Biocommunications
Versaggi Biocommunications servea health care technology-based companies in every stage of development: formation and venture capital funding, research and development, public offerings, clinical trials, and worldwide product marketing.

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Washington Biotechnology, Inc.
Washington Biotechnology, Inc. is an FDA-registered CRO providing custom antibody production, in vivo research and preclinicals, quality control, and regulatory support for FDA submissions.

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