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2nd Window ABC Laboratories
ABC Laboratories is a contract research, development and manufacturing company that performs outsourced projects for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries.
[more info][11807]

2nd Window Accugenix
Accugenix is a contract services lab that specializes in providing microbial identification. Using both comparartive DNA sequencing and fatty acid analysis Accugenix can provide the most accurate and cost effective data available, while keeping turn around time to a minimum.
[more info][13725]

2nd Window Aerotek, Inc.
Aerotek is a provider of highly trained professionals in the technical and administrative fields.
[more info][12919]

2nd Window AgBiotechNet
AgBiotechNet provides a free agbiotech job site in addition to an exciting range of content on plant and animal biotechnology. It provides easy access to information on cloning, genomics, genetic engineering, in vitro culture, and biosafety.
[more info][12142]

2nd Window Albany Molecular Research, Inc.
Albany Molecular Research, Inc. provides services for pharmaceuticals and chemistry.
[more info][12033]

2nd Window Althea Technologies, Inc.
Althea provides highly specialized services that will accelerate the pharmaceutical discovery and development process.
[more info][12669]

2nd Window Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, Inc.
Amersham Pharmacia Biotech provides scientific services and tools which help researchers to discover and produce new drugs and therapies faster and more cost-effectively.
[more info][12899]

2nd Window Ana-Gen Technologies, Inc.
Ana-Gen Technologies, Inc. provides contract services in molecular biology, such as custom DNA synthesis, DNA sequencing, and other molecular biology research needs.
[more info][10241]

2nd Window Antibody Concepts
Antibody Concepts contracts services for immunoassay development and commercialization. It also distributes biotechnology, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical products.
[more info][10917]

2nd Window Bio Research Laboratories
BRL provides laboratory services for a wide variety of industries: pharmaceutical research and development, food and cosmetic safety testing, toxicity bioassays, environmental testing, microbiology, fermentation, and water/wastewater testing.
[more info][12288]

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2nd Window BioReliance Corp.
BioReliance develops and delivers healthcare products through testing, developing, and manufacturing services in partnership with clients worldwide.
[more info][13257]

2nd Window Biotech Research Laboratories
Biotech Research Laboratories supplies research services to the biotech industry with a focus on retrovirology.
[more info][13267]

2nd Window BioView
BioView is a biotechnology/pharmaceutical employment site with thousands of job listings in all disciplines including research, development, regulatory affairs, clinical research, quality assurance/quality control, validation, and manufacturing.
[more info][13273]

2nd Window Inalco Pharmaceuticals
Inalco is a primary manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Pharmaceutical Intermediates, high purity enzyme substrates and other fine biochemicals.
[more info][14032]

2nd Window Irvine Analytical Laboratories, Inc.
Irvine Analytical Laboratories, Inc. (IAL), is an independent c-GMP contract testing laboratory providing expert chemical and microbiological analyses to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device industries.
[more info][13977]

2nd Window Lab Support
Lab Support provides science professionals on short and long term assignments to companies throughout the nation.
[more info][13413]

2nd Window LOC Scientific,Inc.
LOC Scientific, Inc. focuses solely on the installation of lab furniture and fume hoods.
[more info][13430]

2nd Window Lofstrand Labs, Limited
Lofstrand Labs has been dedicated to providing the highest quality research support to scientists around the world, providing the broadest range of molecular biological services available.
[more info][13431]

2nd Window Lonza Biologics, Inc.
Lonza Biologics is a contract manufacturer of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins.
[more info][13433]

2nd Window Magellan Laboratories, Inc.
Magellan Laboratories, Inc. goal is to help pharmaceutical companies develop successful pharmaceutical products.
[more info][13487]

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2nd Window Maine Biotechnology Services, Inc.
Maine Biotechnology provides services and development of research immunochemicals for academia, pharmaceutical, and industrial purposes.
[more info][13488]

2nd Window Marathon Biopharmaceuticals
Marathon Biopharmaceuticals is a full service, dedicated, contract manufacturing company. Capabilities include process development, fermentation, purification, and small-scale fill finish.
[more info][13491]

2nd Window MDS Panlabs
MDS Panlabs provides expert services in discovering and characterizing drugs from natural or synthetic sources, accelerating the path to market, and improving production using classical and molecular approaches.
[more info][13511]

2nd Window Medical Products, Inc.
Medical Products' primary goal is to provide our customers with exceptional service combined with enhanced profits, as distribution will only sell to medical dealers and distributors.
[more info][13518]

2nd Window MediChem Research, Inc.
MediChem Research, Inc. is a global contract research and development company assisting customers in accelerating the drug discovery process through innovation and technology in organic synthesis.
[more info][13519]

2nd Window MEDTAP International
MEDTAP International works to offer high-quality research services wherever they are needed.
[more info][13522]

2nd Window Micro-Bac International Inc.
Micro-Bac International Inc. provides services for bioremediation of contaminated substances and reduction of organic wastes.
[more info][11350]

2nd Window National Biosciences, Inc.
National Biosciences, Inc. supplies synthesis services, contract research services, and kits for molecular biology research.
[more info][13385]

2nd Window Net Temps, Inc.
Net-Temps is a internet recuriting center for the staffing industry.
[more info][13499]

2nd Window Pharm-Eco Laboratories
Pharm-Eco Laboratories provides drug development and pharmaceutical services and products.
[more info][13589]

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2nd Window PHASE-1
PHASE-1 is a molecular and high- throughput toxicology contract laboratory that develops and applies advanced assays for prioritization of lead compounds and understanding mechanisms of toxicity. They also have software for gene expresssion analysis.
[more info][13732]

2nd Window Ricerca, Inc.
Ricerca, Inc. provides RnD and technical services on contract basis to clients mainly in the agrochemical, specialty chemicals, and pharmaceutical industries.
[more info][11900]

2nd Window SeaMED Corp
SeaMED Corp is a supplier of contract engineering and manufacturing in the medical device industry.
[more info][13596]

2nd Window Statprobe, Inc.,
Statprobe is a full service contract research organization specializing in the technical operations of clinical studies, including clinical monitoring, data management, statistical analysis, and medical writing.
[more info][13626]

2nd Window TGA Sciences, Inc.
TGA Sciences, Inc. is a contract research laboratory offering the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research communities a comprehensive range of services from antibody and immunoassay development to clinical monitoring and data management.
[more info][13648]

2nd Window Tripos, Inc.
Tripos, Inc. produces products and services in the form of software, software support, contract research, collaborations, and combinatorial libraries targeted to assist the drug discovery efforts of pharmaceutical companies.
[more info][13667]

2nd Window Validation Systems, Inc.
Validation Systems provides services to biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, GLP laboratories, engineering and construction companies in areas such as validation, technical support, and laboratory testing.
[more info][13678]

2nd Window Vista Biologicals Corp.
Vista Biologicals specializes in providing contract production of animal cells, cell-derived products, and related contract research to the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.
[more info][13689]


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