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Center for Biotechnology
[Oak Ridge National Laboratory] Information contained at this site focuses specifically on biomedical, bioprocessing, and environmental technology to pursue applications of biotechnology resources that have been developed over the past 50 years.

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Environmental Sciences Division
[Department of Energy] The Environmental Sciences Division supports basic research in two general areas: Environmental Processes and Environmental Remediation Research.

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Human Genome Research
[U.S. Department of Energy] The DOE web site for the Human Genome Project. It contains information on the HGP, funded projects, publications, molecular genetics primers, and links to other resources.

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Medical Sciences Research Division
[Department of Energy] The Medical Sciences Division (MSD) supports research in several distinct areas of science and technology that adress a broad range of fundamental
and applied research application in the medicine and biophysics.

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[US Department of Commerce] A government site that provides the scientist, engineer, and technologist with easy, one-stop access to key U.S. Government resources.

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