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2nd Window Chemistry Division: Code 6100
[US Navy] (Naval Research Laboratory) This division conducts research in all areas of chemistry with special emphasis on fire research for the safety and survivability for the Navy.
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2nd Window Environmental & Marine Biotechnology
[ONR] (Office of Naval Research) New approaches in meeting many of the navy's logistical and operational needs are developed through understanding the physiological adaptations of marine organisms that are a fertile source of materials, catalysts, and engineering principles.
[more info][13060]

2nd Window Laboratory for the Structure of Matter
[US Navy] (Naval Research Laboratory) Research activities for this laboratory include macromolecular structure, neuropeptide structure, structure of energetic materials, telerobotic control, and small molecule crystallography.
[more info][13023]

2nd Window Naval Health Research Center
[US Navy] (NHRC) The purpose of this research center is to maintain the readiness of the fleet through evaluations, testing, development, and research in the psychological and biomedical aspects of health and performance.
[more info][13030]

2nd Window Naval Medical Research Center
[US Navy] (NMRC) This center conducts research, development, and testing in the areas of infectious diseases, tissue transplantation, casualty care, and environmental medicine while maintaining aspects that relate to military importance.
[more info][13031]

2nd Window Naval Research Laboratory: Oceanography Division
[US Navy] This laboratory conducts research on microbiologically influenced corrosion which results from pitting, selective leaching, crevice corrosion, underdeposit corrosion, and enhanced erosion corrosion.
[more info][13058]

2nd Window Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory
[US Navy] (NSMRL) The purpose of this laboratory is to increase the quality of the research and development to the submarine force in the areas of health and physical standards, closed environment monitoring, auditory and visual performance, and hearing conservation in the air and sea.
[more info][13032]

2nd Window Office of Naval Research: Biosensors
[US Navy] New technologies for assessing analyses ranging from whole cells and metal ions to organic compounds are provided by this center.
[more info][13024]

2nd Window Science & Technology
[Office of Naval Research (ONR)] ONR's mission is to maintain a close relationship with the research and development community to support long-range research, foster future discovery of technologies, and nurture next generations of researchers for the future of the Navy and Marine Corps.
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