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2nd Window Army Research Laboratory (ARL)
[US Army] The ARL is the main research laboratory that conducts research in the areas of human research, sensors and electron devices, lethality analysis, materials research, and vehicle technology.
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2nd Window Parameters: U.S. Army War College Quarterly
[The United States Army War College] This site contains a large array of on-line journals that address a wide range of issues in biotechnology. A search engine is also provided.
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2nd Window U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
[US Army] The purpose of this network is to provide information on recreation, research and development, flood control planning, and regulation of the nation's water.
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2nd Window U.S. Army Research Office
[US Army] (ARO) The mission of this research facility is to develop scientific and technology advances for the purpose of maintaining the Army's needs in close combat, air defense, soldier support, and communications.
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2nd Window U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center
[US Army] This site contains information in the areas of biotechnology and biomechanics, such as the analysis and control of polymer interphase, electrospinning, new material development, biomechanical research, and integrated sizing system.
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2nd Window WRAIR/NMRC Biosafety HomePage
[US Army] (Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) and Navy Medical Research Center (NMRC)) The mission for this research center is to observe the safety of recombinant nucleic acid research and biological agents and toxins.
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