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2nd Window Chemical and Biological Defense Information Analysis Center
[US Army] (CBIAC) CBIAC disseminates, analyzes, acquires and generates technology and science information that relates to chemistry and biology. The purpose is to meet the need of technology and implement high priority research and development initiatives.
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2nd Window Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
[US Army Corps of Engineers] (CERL) This laboratory conducts research to help the army develop products to help implement technologies. A search engine is in this site to locate biotechnology related issues and research.
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2nd Window Dugway Proving Ground
[US Army] The purpose of this facility is to test chemical and biological defenses and survivability, test smoke, obscurants, illunination systems, and test new technology for characterization and remediation.
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2nd Window U.S. Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command
[US Army] (SBCCOM Online) The purpose of this command is to create and maintain nuclear, biological, and chemical technology in order to maintain maximum protection for the U.S.
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