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2nd Window Actinomycete
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 95 K) This site contains an image of an Actinomycete stained with crystal violet.
[more info][10527]

2nd Window Anabaena
[Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology] (GIF, 25 K) This is an image of an Anabaena that produces nitrogen.
[more info][10528]

2nd Window Azoarcus tolulyticus
[DLC-ME] (GIF, 14 K) This is an image of an anaerobic toluene degrader.
[more info][10529]

2nd Window Bacillus cerus
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 86 KB) This image contains spores that are stained green and bacterial cells that are stained red.
[more info][10530]

2nd Window Bacillus cerus
[DCL-ME] (GIF, 30 K) This image is a cross section of B. cerus showing a central dark endospore.
[more info][10531]

2nd Window Bacillus magaterium
[DLC-ME] (GIF, 30 K) This image shows the spore structure that all Bacillus contains.
[more info][10532]

2nd Window Bacillus stearothermophilus
[DLC-ME] (GIF, 25 K) This is an image of Bacillus stearothermophilus growing in warm temperatures.
[more info][10533]

2nd Window Bacterial Slime Layer
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 87 KB) An image of bacterial cells isolated from a cooling tower with a red stain.
[more info][10534]

2nd Window Bruccella Bacterium
[Electron Microscopy Gallery] (JPEG, 22 K) An image of the Bruccella Bacterium.
[more info][10535]

2nd Window Caryophanon
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 81 K) An image of Caryophanon bacterium from a cooling water tower sample.
[more info][10536]

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2nd Window Cells alive!
[Quill Graphics] Quill Graphics represents over 20 years of experience capturing film and computer-enhanced images of living cells and organisms for education and medical research. Several volumes of quality stock clips are available that include immune cells, bacteria, parasites, and aquatic organisms.
[more info][12507]

2nd Window Cellulose Digester
[DLC-ME] (GIF, 22 K) This is an image of a microbe that lives in the stomachs of many plant-eating animals that break down cellulose.
[more info][10537]

2nd Window Clostridium
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 99 K) An image of a small spore bearing rod-shaped bacterium.
[more info][10538]

2nd Window Cochlea
[Molecular Probes] (GIF, 47 KB) Patterns of innervation in newborn mice cochlea.
[more info][11656]

2nd Window Cow Rumen Protist and Bacilli
[Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology] (GIF, 25 KB) Image of a rumen protist and bacilli.
[more info][11657]

2nd Window Cyanobacteria
[The Nanoworld Image Gallery] (GIF, 68 K) An image of Cyanobacteria.
[more info][10539]

2nd Window Cyanobacterial Image Gallery
[Purdue Univ.] Contains various JPEG images of Cyanobacteria.
[more info][10540]

2nd Window Desulfovibrio Desulfuricans
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 106 KB) This is an image of a spiral-shaped bacteria stained with crystal violet.
[more info][10541]

2nd Window E. coli Bacterium
[Electron Microscopy Gallery] (JPEG, 22 K) An image of the E. coli bacterium.
[more info][10542]

2nd Window Enterococcus Bacterium
[Electron Microscopy Gallery] (JPEG, 32 K) An image of the Enterococcus bacterium.
[more info][10545]

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2nd Window Escherichia coli.
[Cell Biology: Microscopy, Kent State Univ.] (JPEG, 161 K) An image of living and dead E. coli bacteria.
[more info][10544]

2nd Window Escherichia coli
[DLC-ME] (GIF, 33 K) An image of E. coli through a scanning electron microscope.
[more info][10543]

2nd Window Filamentous Blue-Green Algae
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 99 KB) A wet-mount image of the filamentous blue-green algae also known as cyanobacteria.
[more info][10546]

2nd Window Franciscella Bacterium
[Electron Microscopy Gallery] (JPEG, 16 K) An image of the Franciscella bacterium.
[more info][10547]

2nd Window G. furruginea, L. cholodnii, and L. descophora
[USGS] (GIF, 20 K) Images of braid-like, sausage-like, and doughnut-like bacterium in red floc from neutral water.
[more info][10551]

2nd Window Gallionella
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIf, 101 K) A bacteria with twisted iron oxide strands.
[more info][10548]

2nd Window Gallionella
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 89 K) An image of Gallionella stained with crystal violet.
[more info][10549]

2nd Window Gallionella
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 84 K) An image of Gallionella stained with crystal violet.
[more info][10550]

2nd Window Gram Negative Bacilli
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 108 KB) An image of gram negative bacilli stained with lactofuchsin, possibly a pseudomonas sp.
[more info][10552]

2nd Window Halomonas sp.
[DLC-ME] (GIF, 21 K) An image of a Halomonas bacteria.
[more info][10553]

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2nd Window Legionella Bacterium
[Electron Microscopy Gallery] (JPEG, 37 K) An image of the Legionella bacterium.
[more info][10554]

2nd Window Leptospira interrogans
[DLC-ME] (GIF, 9 K) A spiral-shaped bacterium and is a member of the order Spirocheatales.
[more info][10557]

2nd Window Micrococcus luteus
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 99 K) Micrococcus luteus stained with crystal violet.
[more info][10559]

2nd Window Proteobacterial symbionts
[Molecular Probes] (GIF, 41 KB) Two proteobacterial symbionts localized with phylotype-specific 16S rRNA-directed oligonucleotide probes.
[more info][11727]

2nd Window Pseudomonas aeruginosa
[Cells Alive!] (GIF, 25.7 KB) A scanning electron micrograph image of the soil bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
[more info][10560]

2nd Window Rhizobia
[DLC-ME] (GIF, 34 K) An image of Rhizobia inside the root of an aquatic plant.
[more info][10563]

2nd Window Rhizobium trifolii
[DLC-ME] (GIF, 25 K) Rhizobia with cellulose microfibrils on clover root hair.
[more info][10561]

2nd Window Rhizobium trifolii
[DLC-ME] (GIF, 17 K) Rhizobium are cylinder-shaped creatures on the surface of a root tip.
[more info][10562]

2nd Window Rhizobium trifolii
[DLC-ME] (GIF, 25K) This is Rhizobium in its free-living state in soil, surrounded by a capsule.
[more info][10564]

2nd Window Rumen symbionts
[Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology] (GIF, 25 KB) Image of a rumen protist with a fungal spore and bacteria.
[more info][11732]

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2nd Window Saccharomyces cerevisiae
[Molecular Probes] (Quicktime, 119 K) A Quicktime movie of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
[more info][11108]

2nd Window Salmonella typhimurium
[DLC-ME] (GIF, 27 K) Image of Salmonella with flagella.
[more info][10565]

2nd Window Slime Forming Bacteria
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 103 KB) Image of the slime bacteria with the capsular slime around the cell.
[more info][10566]

2nd Window Sphaerotilus natans
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 100K) An image of Sphaerotilus natans in its exponential growth phase.
[more info][10567]

2nd Window Sphaerotilus natans
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 98 K) An image of Sphaerotilus natans and fungi in its death phase.
[more info][10568]

2nd Window Spirochete
[DLC-ME] (GIF, 22 K) An image of a spiral-shaped bacteria in cow rumen.
[more info][10569]

2nd Window Spore-Forming Bacterium
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 103 K) A 48-hour old culture of a large spore forming bacterium.
[more info][10570]

2nd Window Staphylococcus
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 102 K) The round bacteria in a grape cluster arrangement.
[more info][10571]

2nd Window Staphylococcus
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 101 K) An image of a bacteria in a grapge cluster arrangement.
[more info][10572]

2nd Window Staphylococcus Bacterium
[Electron Microscopy Gallery] (JPEG, 34 K) An image of the Staphylococcus bacterium.
[more info][10574]

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2nd Window Staphylococcus aureus
[Molecular Probes] (GIF, 11 K) Alexa 488 wheat germ agglutinin and SYTO 59 red fluorescent nucleic acid stain.
[more info][10573]

2nd Window Staphylococcus aureus
[Recombinant Antibody Page] (Quicktime, 119 K) A Quicktime movie of Staphylococcus aureus.
[more info][11107]

2nd Window Streptococcus Bacterium
[Electron Microscopy Gallery] (JPEG, 19 K) An image of the Streptococcus bacterium.
[more info][10575]

2nd Window Streptococcus pneumoniae
[Univ. of Texas-Houston Medical School] (JPEG, 19.8 KB) An image of Streptococcus pneumoniae.
[more info][10576]

2nd Window Streptococcus pyogenes
[Rockefeller U] (GIF, 20 K) Ten images of Streptococcus pyogenes taken by a electron microscope.
[more info][10577]

2nd Window Streptococcus pyogenes
[Molecular Probes] (GIF, 17 K) An image of individual live and dead bacteria along a chain of Streptococcus pyogenes.
[more info][10578]

2nd Window Streptomyces Bacterium
[Electron Microscopy Gallery] (JPEG, 37 K) An image of the Streptomyces bacterium.
[more info][10579]

2nd Window Sulfur Bacteria
[Buckman Laboratories] (GIF, 94 KB) A sulfur bacteria community stained with crystal violet.
[more info][10580]

2nd Window Unicellular cyanobacteria
[University of Frankfurt] (JPEG, 19.6 KB) An image of a unicellular cyanobacteria from a phase contrast microscope.
[more info][10581]

2nd Window Welcome to the World of Microbes
A compilation of color photos of different microbes that can be used for classes.
[more info][10264]

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