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Bacteriophage MS2
[Institute for Molecular Virology] (JPEG, 141 KB) Computer model of the bacteriophage MS2.

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Bacteriophage P22
[Baylor College of Medicine] (JPEG, 11 KB) 3D structural model of bacteriophage P22.

[more info][11582]

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Bacteriophage Phi 6: Cystoviridae
[Australian National Univ.] EM of Cystoviridae.

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Bacteriophage Phi X 174
[Australian National Univ.] (JPEG, 164 KB) Computer model of the Bacteriophage Phi X 174.

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Bacteriophage PM2: Corticoviridae
[Australian National Univ.] EM of Corticoviridae.

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[Australian National Univ.] EM of Inoviridae.

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[American Society for Microbiology] (JPEG, 29.5 KB) An electron micrograph of the bacteriophage lambda showing its long tail fibers.

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[Australian National Univ.] EM of Leviviridae.

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[Australian National Univ.] EM of Lipothrixviridae.

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Mycobacteriophage L5
[American Society for Microbiology] (JPEG, 44.3 KB) An electron micrograph of the mycobacteriophage L5.

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Podoviridae – P22 dsDNA Bacteriophages
[American Society for Microbiology] (JPEG, 16.5 KB) An electron micrograph of a P22.

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SSV1-Type Phages: Fuselloviridae
[Australian National Univ.] EM of Fuselloviridae.

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T4 Bacteriophage
[Cells Alive] (Quicktime, 820 K) A movie showing an actual population of E. coli being eliminated by T4 bacteriophage.

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