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2nd Window Art's Biotech Resource Gateway
[Albuquerque High Performance Computing Center] Link to a number of biotech sources. Software is categorized into Mac, PC, and Unix formatted programs.
[more info][11362]

2nd Window BioCatalog
[EMBL] A software catalog of general interest in molecular biology and genetics. Topics include DNA, proteins, alignments, genetics, mapping, molecular evolution, molecular graphics, and databases.
[more info][11363]

2nd Window Biology Software for Alpha NT
[Russell Malmberg] A nice selection of software emphasizing MS Windows NT on a DEC Alpha.
[more info][11364]

2nd Window Bioperl Project
A collection of Perl modules for analyzing and manipulating biological sequences and computational molecular biology.
[more info][11365]

2nd Window Biosoftware Resources
[George Mason Univ., Bioinformatics & Computational Biology] This resource contains sites for tools and packages for biology research.
[more info][11366]

2nd Window CIT: Center for Information Technology
[National Institutes of Health] CIT supports NIH's research and management programs, and provides links to a variety of molecular biology and bioinformatics sites.
[more info][11367]

2nd Window IUBio
[Indiana Univ.] A link to software for molecular biology and related areas.
[more info][11369]

2nd Window Molecular Biology Software
[Academic Computing Health Sciences, Univ. of Virginia] This page offers a small array of biotechnology related programs.
[more info][11370]

2nd Window MOLGEN 4.0
"MOLGEN is devoted to the computation of all structural formulae (=connectivity isomers) that correspond to a given molecular formula, with (optional) further conditions (e.g. substructures)."
[more info][11371]

2nd Window NIH-Repositories
[National Institutes of Health] This is a listing of sites containing DNA sequence analysis software.
[more info][11372]

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2nd Window NMR Software
[NMR Information Server] This page introduces a multitude of software for various NMR duties.
[more info][11373]

2nd Window Phylogeny Programs
[University of Washington] A list of over 100 phylogeny software packages.
[more info][11375]

2nd Window The Sanger Centre
[Sanger Centre] A collection of shareware and freeware sequence analysis programs.
[more info][11376]

2nd Window Software Library
[Genamics.com] A software library containing a comprehensive range of freely-distributable tools for use in molecular biology and biochemistry.
[more info][11377]

2nd Window TIGR Software Tool Collection
[The Institute for Genomic Research] This has a listing of free software tools.
[more info][11378]


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