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[CambridgeSoft] ChemDraw includes stereochemistry recognition and display, multi-page documents, ChemNMR with spectral display, and Name=Struct for instant structure generation. AutoNom creates IUPAC names from structures. ChemDraw for Excel brings chemistry to Excel. The Online menu links to ChemACX.Com for easy chemical sourcing and ordering. The ChemDraw Plugin adds chemical intelligence to your browser for querying databases and displaying data from web sites.

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[Advanced Chemistry Development] An all purpose chemical drawing and graphics software providing automatic calculations of molecular weights and formulas.

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[Bio-Rad Laboratories] This is a program for drawing chemical structures.

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ChemWindow Online
[Bio-Rad Laboratories] (KnowItAll) KnowItAll offers the complete range of chemistry presentation tools that made ChemWindow one of the most relied upon
tools in the chemistry community for years. It is ideal for the chemist who needs to publish professional reports,
complete with chemical structures, chemical reactions, lab experiment setups, chemical engineering diagrams, and data

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[OpenMol development group] A graphics interface for the OpenMol set of programs that can be used to display molecular dynamics trajectories, molecular orbitals, and electron densities.

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[ChemAxon] A java applet that is chemically intelligent and useful for editing and visualizing chemical structures on a web page.

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[Keith Refson] A general purpose molecular dynamic simulation program. It is flexible enough for the simulation calculation of atomic, ionic, and molecular systems.

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[FUNET] This program plots wave functions in 3-D, from semi-empirical sets.

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Swiss Pdb-Viewer
[ExPASy] This program can display several molecules simultaneously. Each molecule is loaded into a individual layer and grouped according to its atomic composition and respective coordinates.

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[FUNET] Winvibes displays normal modes of vibrations of molecules.

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