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2nd Window BOD Magic
[Pharmaceuticalonline] Automoted hardware and software system capable of measuring dissolved oxygen, calculating BOD and reporting results.
[more info][11120]

2nd Window ChemWindow Online
[Bio-Rad Laboratories] (KnowItAll) KnowItAll offers the complete range of chemistry presentation tools that made ChemWindow one of the most relied upon tools in the chemistry community for years. It is ideal for the chemist who needs to publish professional reports, complete with chemical structures, chemical reactions, lab experiment setups, chemical engineering diagrams, and data tables.
[more info][11117]

2nd Window COLUMBUS
[Hans Lischka] A collection of programs for high-level molecular electronic calculations. It is flexible enough to perform calculation with selected reference configurations as well as standard wave functions, such as CAS or RAS.
[more info][11129]

2nd Window Dalton Chemistry Program
[Kjemisk Institutt] A powerful quantum chemistry program for the calculation of molecular properties.
[more info][11130]

2nd Window Mass Spectroscopy Calculator
[Computational Chemistry List] This is a simple, but effective calculator for determining mass spectroscopy.
[more info][11137]

2nd Window PhysProps
[Pharmaceuticalonline] Trial version of an advanced database and estimation application tool for chemical and physical properties of pure substances.
[more info][11142]


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