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2nd Window BioCatalog
[EMBL] The Biocatalog is a software directory of general interest in molecular biology and genetics. The full database is downloadable (text file).
[more info][12399]

2nd Window BioMed CAChe
[CAChe Group] BioMedCAChe is the new computer-aided chemistry software package designed specifically for bio- and medicinal chemists. The package aids researchers in discovering structure-activity relationships, optimizing leads by maximizing activity, and improving the prediction of bioavailability.
[more info][12733]

2nd Window Bioperl
[The Bioperl Project] Software package for computational molecular biology.
[more info][11150]

2nd Window BLOCK
[Aalborg University] This Blocking Gibbs Sampling for Pedigree (Linkage) Analysis in Very Large Pedigrees program is for linkage analysis of large complex pedigrees.
[more info][11151]

2nd Window CloneIt
[Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique] A program for use in plasmid cloning to quickly find in frame deletions, sub-cloning, and frameshift strategies.
[more info][11152]

2nd Window FramePlus
[Compugen] An algorithm for searching protein databases with DNA queries, based on Smith-Waterman. FramePlus independently and simultaneously models frame shifts and codon gaps.
[more info][12064]

2nd Window Genesis
[Caltech] This program runs simulation programs of different neural systems.
[more info][11109]

2nd Window JamBW 1.1: Java Based Molecular Biologist's Workbench
[EMBL] A collection of programs designed to exploit the most common bioinformatic operations that a molecular biologist currently has, including manipulation and analysis of DNA sequences.
[more info][11167]

2nd Window JaMBW: Java Based Molecular Biologist's Workbench
[EMBL-Heidelberg] A set of tools for free access to the the most common bioinformatic operations that a molecular biologist currently has.
[more info][11168]

2nd Window The Microbiology Network
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology File Archive. These files include standard shareware programs of interest to the microbiologist, programs designed by individual investigators, text files in specialized interest, and demonstration programs supplied by vendors.
[more info][11248]

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2nd Window pDRAW32 DNA analysis software
[AcaClone Software] A free, feature-rich, DNA software application. Capabilities include annotation, cloning, sequence editing, enzyme selection, graphical output, and more. According to the author, "Actually pDRAW32 is not freeware - rather it is "beerware." This means that if you like the program you are encouraged to buy me a beer if you should meet me at a scientific meeting. You are mostly at risk of that if you attend conferences on yeast genetics."
[more info][12076]

2nd Window Software Tools
[TIGR] A list of links to very useful molecular biology and bioinformatics-related freeware. The list includes programs for DNA sequencing and sequence analysis, genomic searches, and microarray image processing.
[more info][12051]


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