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2nd Window Amplify
[Univ. of Wisconsin, Genetics] This program designs primers and simulates PCR.
[more info][11176]

2nd Window GPRIME
[Bioinformatics Group, Research School of Biological Sciences] This program helps with the design of PCR primers for an aligned group of related nucleotide sequences.
[more info][11177]

2nd Window PC-Rare
[Weizmann Institute of Science] This tool chooses specific PCR primers based on the OFD Method.
[more info][11178]

2nd Window Primer3
[Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research] This program is for designing primers.
[more info][11180]

2nd Window PrimerGen
[Weizmann Institute of Science] This program searches sequences of amino acids, and reverse translates them into oligonucleotide primers.
[more info][11179]


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