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2nd Window Opens resource in a 2nd browser window.

2nd Window Gassoc
[Mayo Foundation for Medical Education & Research] This software makes disease and genetic marker associations using cases and their parents.
[more info][11160]

2nd Window Genesis
[Caltech] This program runs simulation programs of different neural systems.
[more info][11109]

2nd Window Gideon
[C.Y Informatics] The purpose of this interactive computer program is to diagnose and reference various medical situations.
[more info][11110]

2nd Window LigBuilder v1.0 Software
[Institute of Physical Chemistry, Peking University] LigBuilder is a multi-purpose program written for structure-based drug design. Based on the 3D structure of the target protein, it can automatically build ligand molecules within the binding pocket and subsequently screen them.
[more info][12169]

2nd Window OSIRIS
[UIN] This software package is for general medical image manipulation and analysis.
[more info][11111]

2nd Window Peakmatcher Download Site
[University of Minnesota] Peakmatcher is an Excel macro that automates the creation of a binary (1/0) table from semi-automated fluorescence-based AFLP. It can utilize text output from ABI PRISM Genotyper software.
[more info][13768]

2nd Window XCOSM
[Washington Univ. - Biomedical Computer Laboratory] This program implements two algorithms in computational optical sectioning microscopy, improving overall lighting quality.
[more info][11112]


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