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Mircobiology Software. is a science web directory, tutor, and research learning center.

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[Legend Microsystems, Inc.] This site for biochemists provides access to the AminoXpress software and the companion internet resources at The AminoXpress software is a 12 module multifunction package that allows users to perform analyses from calculation of molecular weight to prediction of mass distribution of a combinatorial library. is set up for user contributions of general information, job postings, resumes, and more.

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BioMed CAChe
[CAChe Group] BioMedCAChe is the new computer-aided chemistry software package designed specifically for bio- and medicinal chemists. The package aids researchers in discovering structure-activity relationships, optimizing leads by maximizing activity, and improving the prediction of bioavailability.

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[Protein Chemistry Laboratory, Univ. of Aarhus] Control and collection software for the BioStat B fermentor.

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[Daresbury Laboratory] The CCP4 Program Suite is an integrated set of programs for protein crystallography. It is distributed in source form (mostly Fortran), supported for VMS and various Unix platforms.

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[Bo Bergmann] Calculates an amino acid distribution by modelling the HPCL-chromatograms by using different density functions.

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LigBuilder v1.0 Software
[Institute of Physical Chemistry, Peking University] LigBuilder is a multi-purpose program written for structure-based drug design. Based on the 3D structure of the target protein, it can automatically build ligand molecules within the binding pocket and subsequently screen them.

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Linux for Chemists
A virtual library of Linux software links in the areas of chemistry, biochemistry, computational biology and bioinformatics.

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[Univ. of York] MacStripe will explore potential alpha-helical coiled coils in the sequence of a protein.

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[S. Hubbard & J. Thornton, UMIST] A stand alone program that calculates the accessible area of a molecule from a PDB format file. It can calculate the atomic and residual accessiblities for both proteins and nucleic acids.

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Peakmatcher Download Site
[University of Minnesota] Peakmatcher is an Excel macro that automates the creation
of a binary (1/0) table from semi-automated
fluorescence-based AFLP. It can utilize text output from ABI
PRISM Genotyper software.

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[Universit�t T�bingen] A LaTeX package for shading membrane protein topology plots.

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[ACRM] Torsion is a program for calculating phi, psi, omega, and C-alpha pseudo-torsions.

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World Index of Molecular Visualization Resources
This is a visitor-maintained website. Visitors may submit website URL’s with descriptions and cross-indexing terms. Categories include Biochemistry and inorganic chemistry tutorials, how to create Chime tutorials, resources for structural data files, and sources for visualization and modeling software.

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