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2nd Window College Scholarships and Financial Aid Page
[American Educational Guidance Center] An internet based service which assists students in identifying colleges which meet their individual needs and are likely to offer scholarships and/or attractive financial aid packages.
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2nd Window College Scholarships, Loans and Government Grants, Co.
Company that offers college and government loans, scholarships and grants in resources that are guaranteed to produce free money results.
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2nd Window FASTaid Scholarship Search
[Cassidy Endowment for Education] The world's largest free online scholarship database.
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2nd Window FastWeb
[FastWeb, Inc.] FastWeb matches each student's background, automatically, with eligibility requirements for scholarships from around the country and advises them about scholarship opportunities tailored to them.
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2nd Window FinAid
[FinAid Page, LLC.] FinAid was established in the fall of 1994 as a public service. This award-winning site has grown into the most comprehensive annotated collection of information about student financial aid on the web.
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2nd Window FreSch!
[FreSch! Information Services, LLC.] A free scholarship search service which is updated weekly. You'll also find lots of good advice on this page, and you can sign up for a free email scholarship newsletter.
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2nd Window Grant Programs
[Whitaker Foundation] Awards grants to universities for biomedical engineering research to improve hip replacements, develop medical instruments, refine diagnostic techniques, and to solve other research and clinical problems.
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2nd Window GrantsNet
A searchable database of biomedical funding opportunities for training in the biological and medical sciences.
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2nd Window HBCU/MI Special Programs & Partnerships
A useful site containing information on HBCU/MI definitions, lists and U. S. Department of Defense HBCU/MI scholarships, fellowships, and other educational enhancement programs.
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2nd Window HBCU/MI Student Fellowship
[INEEL-HBCU/MI Student Fellowship Program]
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2nd Window Mach25 Scholarship Search
[CollegeNET, Inc.] Free scholarship search which will also help you create letters to apply for scholarships.
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2nd Window Minority Financial Resources
[Hispanic Graduate Student Association] Provides a list of agencies which sponsor some form of graduate fellowship, scholarship, internship, etc., for minority students.
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2nd Window Minority Institutions Faculty Fellowship Program
[Office of the Secretary of Defense] The HBCU/MI Faculty Fellowship Program is a partnership between the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), and minority institutions that provides faculty with an opportunity for challenging experiences with OSD organizations. The program also provides OSD with a cadre of highly skilled professionals who can accomplish short-term projects in their field of expertise. The awarded positions are generally located in the Washington, D.C. area.
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2nd Window MOLIS Scholarship Search
Scholarship for minority students.
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2nd Window Office of Extramural Research
[National Institute of Health] A service for researchers, research administrators, research organizations, and others interested in NIH grant programs.
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2nd Window Online Internships for Horticulture
[Ohio State University, Virginia Tech] An interactive database of internship opportunities for students of horticultural science.
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2nd Window Sallie Mae's Online Scholarship Service
[Sallie Mae] This service gives students exclusive Internet access to CASHE® (College Aid Sources for Higher Education), one of the industry's most respected and comprehensive sources of financial aid resources for college.
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2nd Window Scholarship Page!
Free scholarship search.
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2nd Window Scholarship Search
[College Board Online] Here you can locate scholarships, loans, internships, and other financial aid programs from non-college sources that match your education level, talents, and background.
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2nd Window SRN Express
[Scholarship Resource Network] A free scholarship search database.
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2nd Window The United Negro College Fund
[UNCF] UNCF is the nation’s oldest and most successful African American higher education assistance organization. It is a consortium of 39 private, accredited four-year Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
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