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2nd Window Carolina
[Carolina Biological Supply Company] Teamed with teachers, Carolina provides classroom and laboratory supplies, equipment, kits, and lessons for math and science.
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2nd Window Educational Resources
[Fas Track Computer Products] Comprehensive educational software and accessories.
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2nd Window Edvotek
[Edvotek, Inc.] The Biotechnology Education Company .
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2nd Window Human Genome Research
[U.S. Department of Energy] The DOE web site for the Human Genome Project. It contains information on the HGP, funded projects, publications, molecular genetics primers, and links to other resources.
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2nd Window K-14 Programs and Resources
[Fralin Biotechnology Center] This outreach program is designed to lend all the required equipment needed for electrophoresis, transformation, and restriction enzyme cleavage experiments to qualified K-12 educators. Workshops are available and there is also a video library.
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2nd Window Microscopy Resources for K-12 Education
[MC Services] Resources involved with the goal of bringing microscopy and its applications into American classrooms.
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2nd Window Molecular Biology Gateway
[Horizon Scientific Press] A collection of links including journals, Internet for the molecular biologist, software sites, newsgroups, genomes and databases, institutes and organizations, and commercial sites.
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