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2nd Window BioInsights
[BioInsights, LLC] This company offers education, training and staffing solutions to the global bioscience industry. Their learning products are designed specifically for the corporate training, workforce development and teacher professional development market segments. Their "source, train & place" business model enables students, trainees and life long learners to find high value jobs in the bioscience industry.
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2nd Window Center for Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
[The University of Texas at Dallas] The CB2 is a research and technology development center. The main objectives of the CB2 are: (1) To structure programs that will promote and nurture cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary activities related to biotechnology, (2) To fit product- and process-oriented biotechnology research and development activities into an academic research environment.
[more info][13021]

2nd Window Resources for Microbiology and Biology Educators
[Univ. of Connecticut] This site has a number of online Microbiology and general Biology courses.
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2nd Window Workshop Biology
[U. of Oregon] This page offers resources and support for curriculum development and assessment in college non-major Biology courses.
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