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2nd Window Ag Biosafety
[Agriculture & Biotechnology Strategies Inc. and Univ. of Nebraska] Web site featuring lesson plans for teachers; basic biotechnology information for consumers; summaries of various biotechnology issues, such as allergenicity, safety, monarch butterflies, and etc.; a frequently asked questions section; and a comprehensive database of research and safety information on all genetically engineered crops currently on the market in North America.
[more info][13946]

2nd Window Agricultural Biotechnology Across the Curriculum
[Texas A&M Univ.] A web site to assist secondary Agriscience teachers with the incorporation of Agricultural Biotechnology into their curriculum.
[more info][10199]

2nd Window Agriculture & Biotechnology
[Union of Concerned Scientists] This site provides extensive information on the use of biotechnology and genetic engineering in agriculture. Included is an overview of biotechnology, genetic engineering, and genetic engineering techniques. The site also discusses the advantages and benefits of genetic engineering, and those agricultural products brought about through genetic engineering techniques.
[more info][10133]

2nd Window All the Virology on the WWW
[Tulane Univ.] A comprehensive site with virology information. Links include online courses, images, online books and more.
[more info][10015]

2nd Window Amino Acid Information
[Ronald C. Beavis and David Fenyo] (Eli Lilly & Co. and The Rockefeller University) A page dealing with general information: chemical, structural, and genetic properties of amino acids.
[more info][10134]

2nd Window Animal Agriculture Essential to Ensure Adequate Global Food Supply
[Council for Agricultural Science and Technology] (CAST) A CAST task force of 13 scientists discusses projected demand for human food and the importance of animal agriculture in meeting these needs.
[more info][13922]

2nd Window Animal Cloning
(Sean Patrick Ryan) An oral write up discussing the many controversies of cloning.
[more info][13935]

2nd Window Antibody Resource Page
A list of links to educational resource pages about antibodies.
[more info][10303]

2nd Window Aracnis
A detailed site on Aracnis, european spiders and their kin. The site includes: morphology, biology, mythology, a family key, and a photo gallery.
[more info][13928]

2nd Window Ask the Experts
[Scientific American] A resource providing answers to questions on various topics such as Biology, Chemistry, and other subjects.
[more info][10135]

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2nd Window Basic Human Anatomy
[Indiana U.] A compilation of lecture notes taken from an anatomy class that includes information on bones, tissues, organ systems, and more.
[more info][10059]

2nd Window Basic Mass Spectroscopy
[Organic Chemisty OnLine] Basic mass spectroscopy information including sample mass spectra and common ions and fragments.
[more info][13837]

2nd Window BE561 – Protein and DNA Sequence Analysis
[Boston Univ.] A site with slides and text for an introductory bioinformatics course.
[more info][10060]

2nd Window Beyond Bio 101
[Howard Hughes Medical Institute] An online book about the many changes taking place in undergraduate Biology education. It’s also available in a free printed version, which can be ordered online.
[more info][10304]

2nd Window BioEd: Biology Education Resources
A database of links to resources for educators. Specific subject areas include general Biology, Cellular/Molecular Biology, and Biotechnology.
[more info][10210]

2nd Window Bioinformatics (Genomics)
[Queen’s Univ., Canada] A large collection or bioinformatics articles and short essays.
[more info][10064]

2nd Window Bioinformatics Web Practical
An interactive exercise that aims to provide a taste of bioinformatics resources around the world. The tutorial introduces a range of widely-used analysis tools and databases to give a flavor of sequence analysis.
[more info][13964]

2nd Window Biology Hypertextbook
[MIT] An online textbook for use in learning and teaching biology and basic molecular biology.
[more info][11920]

2nd Window Biology Links
[Harvard University] An extensive list of Biology related resource sites. Categories include biological databases, software, Biotechnology, and Biology disciplines.
[more info][10211]

2nd Window The Biology Project
[Univ. of Arizona] This site is “an online interactive resource for learning biology”. In addition to a guided tour, it covers the following categories: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Chemicals and Human Health, Developmental Biology, Human Biology, Immunology, Mendelian Genetics, and Molecular Biology.
[more info][10031]

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2nd Window Biology Site of Sites
[Amos Blackman and Jeremy Reese] (Lakeridge High School) A site designed by two high-school students with many links to useful sites.
[more info][10229]

2nd Window BioPharmaceutical Tecnology Center Institute
[Promega Corporation and Ophidian Pharmaceuticals, Inc.] (BTCI) A non-profit organization which facilitates science, technology, nature discovery, and arts programs for children and young adults. BTCI also offers training in biotechnology and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, promotes the exchange of information between industry, educators, and the general public.
[more info][13927]

2nd Window Biophysics Textbook On-Line
[Univ. Minnesota] A free online resource covering the various subspecialities of biophysics written by experts in each subspeciality. New information is added on a regular basis.
[more info][10074]

2nd Window BiotechFind is a directory of international links covering the fields of biotechnologies and biofinances and including a keyword-based search engine.
[more info][14100]

2nd Window Biotechnology Educational Resources
[National Agriculture Library, USDA] A selected list of biotechnology related resource sites. Categories include general education materials, career information training opportunities, and resource documents. There is also a list of contacts in biotechnology, arranged by state, to be used by educators to assist in developing biotechnology curricula.
[more info][10213]

2nd Window Biotechnology Outreach Program
[Univ. of California, Berkeley] This is a grouping of information designed to increase public understanding of biotechnology.
[more info][10136]

2nd Window Bugs in the News!
[Univ. of Kansas] Provides reader-friendly information about microbes and microbiology.
[more info][12728]

2nd Window Cdc42 & Cell Cycle Control
[Jeff Robens] ( This page covers some of the basic aspects of Cdc42, including regulation, downstream effectors, and its biological role in cell cycle control.
[more info][10162]

2nd Window Cell & Molecular Biology Online
[Resources: Education] Links to general resources, online courses & labs, and images & videos.
[more info][10215]

2nd Window CELLS Alive!
[James A. Sullivan] (Quill Digital) A database of information on cell structure and physiology illustrated with graphics, photos, and movies.
[more info][10279]

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2nd Window The Center for Isotope Geoscience
[University of Florida] “An interdisciplinary center dedicated to the improvement of analytical techniques for measuring isotopic variations in natural and man-made materials.”
[more info][13852]

2nd Window Chem 381
[Univ. of Missouri] This site covers the basics of polymer science with a hyper-textbook consisting of 35 different chapters.
[more info][10077]

2nd Window Cotton Seedling Diseases
[North Carolina State University, Plant Pathology Extension.] Information about seedling diseases, usually caused by soilborne fungi.
[more info][13811]

2nd Window Courses on Bioinformatics
[Rockefeller Univ.] A site with a list of Bioinformatics courses that are available online.
[more info][10243]

2nd Window CSI 739 Topics in Bioinformatics: Multidimensional Genome Analysis
[George Mason Univ.] This course will focus on the analysis of gene expression data. Particular topics include: cluster analysis and visualization of expression data, inference of genetic regulatory networks, and theoretical models of genetic networks.
[more info][10109]

2nd Window Discover Magazine
Includes selected articles from the current issue, the Editor’s choice of web resources, and a School Science Program to expand a science curriculum.
[more info][10251]

2nd Window DNA Unraveled
[Columbia U.] A collection of essays on current issues relevant to DNA and Biotechnology.
[more info][10281]

2nd Window Dog Genome Project
[Univ. of California, Berkeley] The Dog Genome Project provides extensive information about the collaboration efforts in process to produce a map of the dog genome, and the information that has thus far been obtained. ?
[more info][10139]

2nd Window Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology
[Wiley InterScience] Online content service delivering full text of over 300 leading scientific, technical, medical, and professional journals, major reference works, Current Protocols laboratory manuals, etc.
[more info][13752]

2nd Window E.S.P.
[Human Genome Project] The ESP site is an electronic publisher of scientific and other scholarly materials related to genetics and the Human Genome Project.
[more info][10163]

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2nd Window Evolution of Bacterial Genomes
A term paper covering the evolution of bacterial genomes.
[more info][13917]

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