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2nd Window ABE 2062 Biology for Engineers
[University of Florida] This course covers the principles and engineering applications of biology, bbiochemistry, genetics, microbial systems, animal systems, ecological systems, and global systems.
[more info][13940]

2nd Window Ag Biosafety
[Agriculture & Biotechnology Strategies Inc. and Univ. of Nebraska] Web site featuring lesson plans for teachers; basic biotechnology information for consumers; summaries of various biotechnology issues, such as allergenicity, safety, monarch butterflies, and etc.; a frequently asked questions section; and a comprehensive database of research and safety information on all genetically engineered crops currently on the market in North America.
[more info][13946]

2nd Window Agricultural Biotechnology Across the Curriculum
[Texas A&M Univ.] A web site to assist secondary Agriscience teachers with the incorporation of Agricultural Biotechnology into their curriculum.
[more info][10199]

2nd Window Algorithms for Microbiology
[Tel Aviv Univ.] This online graduate course contains links to the lecture notes, course outline, and assignments.
[more info][10057]

2nd Window Algorithms in Molecular Biology
[Univ. of Washington] A course covering the statistical models used in sequence comparison, phylogeny determination and structure prediction.
[more info][10058]

2nd Window Applied Microbial Biotechnology/Advanced/Applied Microbial Biotechnology
[University of Florida] (ABE 4660/6663) Principles of microbial biotechnology with emphasis on the application of microorganisms for industrial processes
[more info][13941]

2nd Window Basic Human Anatomy
[Indiana U.] A compilation of lecture notes taken from an anatomy class that includes information on bones, tissues, organ systems, and more.
[more info][10059]

2nd Window BE561 - Protein and DNA Sequence Analysis
[Boston Univ.] A site with slides and text for an introductory bioinformatics course.
[more info][10060]

2nd Window BIO 181
[Michael Farabee] (Estrella Mountain Community College) An entire online course dealing with introductory biology.
[more info][10028]

2nd Window Bio I Virtual Lab Book
[Sidwell Friends School] A lab book compiled on the web by students in a first year Biology course.
[more info][10175]

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2nd Window Biochem 508
[Univ. of Virginia] An online course covering the topics of computer analysis of DNA and protein sequences, and the algorithms used in the analysis.
[more info][10062]

2nd Window Biochem and Molecular Modeling Tutorials
[University of Southern Maine] (Gale Rhodes) Tutorials for molecular modeling techniques and resources for readers of "Crystallography Made Crystal Clear." The site also contains materials for chemistry and biochemistry courses.
[more info][11910]

2nd Window BioComputing Hypertext Coursebook
[Virtual School of Natural Sciences] A textbook designed for teaching biologists, computer scientists, students, and researchers the computational aspects of biotechnology.
[more info][10030]

2nd Window BioComputing Hypertext Coursebook
[University of Bielefeld] Set of tutorials developed for biocomputing courses for biologists, computer scientists, students, and teachers.
[more info][10200]

2nd Window Bioinformatics
[The Southwest Biotechnology and Informatics Center] Many detailed PowerPoint presentations suitable for introductory upper division or graduate courses in bioinformatics. The presentations are organized for lecture or reference, with an index describing their use. The course materials emphasize bioinformatics applied to DNA and protein sequences and protein structures.
[more info][13975]

2nd Window Biological Database Analysis
[Boston Univ.] A site with slides and text covering the basic concepts of Biological Database construction and analysis.
[more info][10070]

2nd Window Biology Hypertextbook
[MIT] An online textbook for use in learning and teaching biology and basic molecular biology.
[more info][11920]

2nd Window Biology Links
[Harvard University] An extensive list of Biology related resource sites. Categories include biological databases, software, Biotechnology, and Biology disciplines.
[more info][10211]

2nd Window The Biology of Infection and Immunity
[Univ. of Western Ontario] A complete course on the biology of selected pathogens and the diseases they cause.
[more info][10072]

2nd Window The Biology Project
[Univ. of Arizona] This site is "an online interactive resource for learning biology". In addition to a guided tour, it covers the following categories: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Chemicals and Human Health, Developmental Biology, Human Biology, Immunology, Mendelian Genetics, and Molecular Biology.
[more info][10031]

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2nd Window BioPharmaceutical Tecnology Center Institute
[Promega Corporation and Ophidian Pharmaceuticals, Inc.] (BTCI) A non-profit organization which facilitates science, technology, nature discovery, and arts programs for children and young adults. BTCI also offers training in biotechnology and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, promotes the exchange of information between industry, educators, and the general public.
[more info][13927]

2nd Window Biophysics Textbook On-Line
[Univ. Minnesota] A free online resource covering the various subspecialities of biophysics written by experts in each subspeciality. New information is added on a regular basis.
[more info][10074]

2nd Window Cell Biology Laboratory Manual
[Gustavus Adolphus College] An assortment of cell biology laboratory techniques and procedures for the undergraduate level.
[more info][10305]

2nd Window Chem 381
[Univ. of Missouri] This site covers the basics of polymer science with a hyper-textbook consisting of 35 different chapters.
[more info][10077]

2nd Window Chemmybear
A site with a list of chemistry related resources and links for students and educators. Information includes tutorials, experiments, study guides, and information on the periodic elements of your choice.
[more info][10002]

2nd Window Computational Biology
[Univ. of Washington] A course that covers strategies and algorithms used to analyze genetic sequences, phylogeny, and structure prediction.
[more info][10079]

2nd Window Computational Molecular Biology
[Stanford Univ.] A practical, hands on class for molecular biologists and computer scientists covering the major issues concerning representation and analysis of biological sequences and structure. Some topics covered are: accessing molecular databases, pattern search, classification of sequence and structure, alignment of sequences, rapid similarity searching, phylogenies, automated pattern learning, representing protein structure, modeling protein structure by homology, protein-protein docking and protein-ligand docking.
[more info][10083]

2nd Window Computational Molecular Biology
[Washington Univ. at St. Louis] Topics covered include sequence alignment algorithms, multiple sequence alignment, RNA structure prediction, motif and pattern searches, and phylogenetic inference.
[more info][10084]

2nd Window Course BS335: Virology
[Leicester University] This page is designed to be an on-line addition to the university's virology course.
[more info][10081]

2nd Window Courses in Biological Sciences
[Carnegie Mellon Univ.] A current list of biology courses offered and links to their web sites.
[more info][10082]

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2nd Window Crystallography 101
[Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory] This is an on-line introductory course by Bernhard Rupp (very rich in content).
[more info][11915]

2nd Window CSI 739 Topics in Bioinformatics: Multidimensional Genome Analysis
[George Mason Univ.] This course will focus on the analysis of gene expression data. Particular topics include: cluster analysis and visualization of expression data, inference of genetic regulatory networks, and theoretical models of genetic networks.
[more info][10109]

2nd Window Developmental Biology Online
[Univ. of Guelph] Online supplemental learning material for Developmental Biology.
[more info][10086]

2nd Window An Electronic Introduction to Molecular Virology
[Univ. of Cape Town] This tutorial covers the history, classifications, definitions, and current events of viruses.
[more info][10087]

2nd Window Explore Science
[Oak Ridge Natl. Lab] A variety of online Science related simulations, including a mouse genetics simulator.
[more info][10254]

2nd Window Fast Plants
[Univ.of Wisconsin-Madison] Information about Fast Plants for laboratory and classroom use. Fast Plants are a rapid-cycling form of the species Brassica rapa. Characteristics of Fast Plants include rapid growth (seed to seed in 35-40 days), uniform flowering size, no seed dormancy period, and rapid response to environmental conditions.
[more info][10141]

2nd Window Genetics Education Center
[Univ. of Kansas Medical Center] A site with links for educators focusing on human genetics.
[more info][10244]

2nd Window Genetics Protocols
[Genome Sequencing Center] A large list of protocols relating to genetics are found in the table of contents.
[more info][10091]

2nd Window Genome Analyis: A Laboratory Manual, Chapter 7
[NCBI] A primer on genome analysis using internet based tools. This chapter is titled "Computational Analysis of DNA and Protein Sequences."
[more info][10092]

2nd Window Human Genome Mapping Project Course Notes
[UK HGMP Resource Centre] Online notes associated with some of the training courses provided at the center.
[more info][11988]

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2nd Window Introduction to Bioinformatics
[The San Diego Supercomputer Center] This the home page for the BIMM 140 (lecture) and BIMM 141 (computer laboratory) basic bioinformatics courses.
[more info][10080]

2nd Window Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology
[MIT] Home page for this course, including lectures and handouts, all in postscript.
[more info][10098]

2nd Window Introduction to the Study of Cell Biology
[Wiley Publishing] An online textbook divided into 18 chapters focusing on the study of cell biology. Chapters are divided by subject and contain internet links.
[more info][11913]

2nd Window LabWork
[Univ. of Leicester] Nine virtual experiments including study guides, lecture notes, and lesson plans to supplement each lab.
[more info][10171]

2nd Window Medical Biochemistry
[University of Kansas Medical Center] This site contains most of the information from two medical biochemistry courses at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Very detailed with high level information.
[more info][10101]

2nd Window Medical Textbooks
[Univ. of Iowa] This sub-site of the Virtual Hospital has online textbooks covering a number of medical topics.
[more info][10102]

2nd Window MendelWeb
[Netspace] According to the web site, MendelWeb is an educational resource for teachers and students interested in the origins of classical genetics, introductory data analysis, elementary plant science, and the history and literature of science.
[more info][10145]

2nd Window Molecular Cell Biology
[Whitman College] An online course in molecular cell biology with topics including protein processing and transport, cell-cell communication and signalling, and the extracellular matrix.
[more info][10106]

2nd Window Molecular Virology Distance Learning
[Institute for Molecular Virology, Univ. of Wisconsin] Online courses in virology.
[more info][10108]

2nd Window Multiple Alignment and Multiple Sequence Based Searches
[Washington University - St. Louis] This is a guide by Sean Eddy on the use of multiple alignment and profile search software to detect informative remote homologies.
[more info][11986]

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2nd Window National Centre for Biotechnology Education
[Univ. of Reading, UK] A site providing independent and authoritative information, training and resources for schools and colleges, industry, professional organizations and the general public.
[more info][10010]

2nd Window On-Line Biology Book
[Estrella Mountain Community College] (M.J. Farabee) An online Biology textbook written for freshman level Biology classes.
[more info][10311]

2nd Window Pathobiology
[Univ. Minn.] The primary focus of this course is DNA and protein sequence databases as well as protein sequence analysis.
[more info][10110]

2nd Window Pedestrian Guide to Analysing Sequence Databases
[Columbia University] Burkhard Rost and Reinhard Schneider's guide to a variety of tools, an overview of the state-of-the art in sequence analysis, and descriptions of the principles of the methods.
[more info][11975]

2nd Window Pharmacology 207
[Univ. of California, San Diego] An online course that utilizes internet resources to research properties of selected proteins.
[more info][10111]

2nd Window Practical Protocols
[NCBE] This is a list of biotechnology-related activities, such as various DNA extractions and a biotechnology guide for schools, as well as their instructions.
[more info][10039]

2nd Window Presentations in Protein Explorer
[University of Massachusetts] Two tutorials on protein and virus structure and function using Protein Explorer.
[more info][12339]

2nd Window Principles of Genetics
[Univ. of Maryland] An online course covering the basic concepts of genetics.
[more info][10118]

2nd Window Principles of Protein Structure Using the Internet
[Birkbeck College] A large set of course materials for this class in protein structure.
[more info][10203]

2nd Window Protein Sidechain Webpage
[Fox Chase Cancer Center] This site links together several sites with information about protein sidechains. These sites contain information on sidechain conformational analysis, sidechain rotamer libraries, and sidechain conformation prediction.
[more info][12122]

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2nd Window Quality of Macromolecular Models
[University of Southern Maine] "A Glossary of Terms from Crystallography, NMR, and Homology Modeling."
[more info][12360]

2nd Window Representations and Algorithms for Computational Molecular Biology
[Stanford University] The home page for this course; including assignments, projects, lecture notes, suggested reading, and links.
[more info][10122]

2nd Window Secondary Structure Prediction Methods and Links
[Imperial Cancer Research Fund] A guide on this subject, including descriptions of automaticd methods, manual intervention, strategies, references, and links.
[more info][12283]

2nd Window Sequence Database Searching and Sequence Scoring Methods Tutorial
[Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center] A tutorial on Searching Sequence Databases and Sequence Scoring Methods.
[more info][11972]

2nd Window Statistics of Sequence Similarity Scores
[NCBI] An excellent primer from NCBI on this topic. Also linked from this page are primers on "The Statistics of PSI-BLAST Scores" and "Iterated profile searches with PSI-BLAST."
[more info][11984]

2nd Window Survey of Biochemistry
[UW-Madison] This is an introductory level course that provides a broad survey of fundamental concepts in biochemistry with more detailed looks at modern topics
[more info][13947]

2nd Window Tables for Learning Biochemistry
[NetBiochem] A set of tables designed to review key points of a typical Biochemistry course by summarizing, comparing, and contrasting important processes found during the course.
[more info][10125]

2nd Window Topics in Bioinformatics
[Purdue Univ.] A computer science course, covering basic topics in Bioinformatics, including pattern matching algorithms and sequence alignment.
[more info][10126]

2nd Window Virtual Lectures in Microbiology and Immunology
[Univ. of Rochester] This is a list of lectures in the aforementioned topics that can be browsed or downloaded.
[more info][10129]

2nd Window VSNS Biocomputing Division
[University of Bielefeld] Home page for links to various courses and tutorials.
[more info][11977]

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2nd Window Web Site for Molecular Biology
[WCB McGraw-Hill] (Robert Weaver) Figures from this Molecular Biology textbook. The site also provides instructor and student resources.
[more info][13973]

2nd Window The World Lecture Hall
[The University of Texas] This site contains a database of links to online courses, texts, lecture notes, syllabi, and other course materials created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver class materials. Topics include biochemistry, biotechnology, technology and chemistry.
[more info][10041]

2nd Window The WWW Cell Biology Course
[U. of Minnesota] A short online course/text for learning cell biology. The information covers the basics of cell biology and has great art and graphics. The site does not contain review questions or any other knowledge testing tools.
[more info][10042]


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