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700 Great Sites for Kids and Parents
[American Library Association] This site includes categories such as Artist and Entertainment, Literature and Language, Planet Earth and Beyond, Science and Technology, and People: Past and Present.

[more info][10270]

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Ask a Scientist of Engineer
[National Science and Technology Week Online] Use the search engine at this site to search for a topic in a specific subject area and find the answers to children’s Science questions.

[more info][10298]

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Ask the Experts
[Pitsco] A database of links to “Ask a _____ expert” pages and email addresses to get individual answers.

[more info][10275]

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Beginning Biochemistry
[Worthington Biochemical Corporation] Provides background material on enzymology and an email system for students to ask questions of Workthington Biochemists.

[more info][11245]

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BioTech Life Science Dictionary
[U of Texas] A searchable dictionary of over 6,700 terms mainly related to biotechnology, biochemistry, botany, cell biology, and genetics.

[more info][10277]

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Cow’s Eye Dissection
[Exploratorium] An audio-visual guide to use during the dissection of a cow’s eye. It may be used alone for information or also as a supplement.

[more info][10048]

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The Dictionary of Cell Biology
[Universities of Glasgow] A searchable dictionary of 5772 cross-refereneced Cell Biology terms. The site also has a graphical interface that helps users find terms in the dictionary by subject area.

[more info][10306]

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The Education and Career Center
[Peterson’s] A detailed database of information on schools, both K-12 and post-secondary. The site also contains career and job information.

[more info][10282]

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Electronic Library
A subscription based service for searching books, newspapers, magazines, etc. ($10/month, $60/yr).

[more info][10273]

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ELSI Project
[Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory] A pilot project designed to stimulate bioethics discussions in selected areas of scientific research. Designed for high school students.

[more info][11852]

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Browse or search 17,000 articles from The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Third Edition for free.

[more info][10274]

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Genetics Glossary
[ThinkQuest] A glossary of genetic terminology.

[more info][10301]

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Genome Glossary
[HGMIS, U.S. DOE] Just what it sounds like.

[more info][12067]

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Get Smarter
[Council on Competitiveness] is an animated and interactive testing and learning site with fun learning activities and self-assessments in Math and Science.

[more info][10366]

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Human Anatomy On-Line
[Intellimed International Corporation] An excellent online anatomy lesson and interactive tool. Powered by Java applets that allow the user to get more information about specific anatomic features, this site is aimed at a high-school audience.

[more info][10049]

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Human Genome Project Information
[U.S. DOE] Explore this site for information about the U.S. and worldwide Human Genome Project.

[more info][12066]

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A question-answering, help, and referral service to K-12 students on the Internet.

[more info][10271]

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MathMol Activity Center
[New York University] (structure models) Molecular modeling, with interactive multimedia activities and tutorials on molecules for the K-12 audience.

[more info][10238]

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Periodic Table
[Computational Chemistry List] This electronic periodic table serves as a supplement to learning the properties of the elements.

[more info][11140]

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Periodic Table
[WebElements] (Mark Winter) An interactive periodic table of the elements. Information on each element includes a description, history, compounds, uses, physical, chemical, and electrical properties.

[more info][10296]

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Periodic Table: Webelements
[University of Sheffield] Everything you ever wanted in an online periodic table.

[more info][12116]

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The Periodic Table
[Los Alamos National Lab] An interactive periodic chart of the elements. Information on each element includes history, sources, uses, properties, cost, and more.

[more info][10148]

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Science Friday Kids Connection
[National Public Radio] Listen to the “Science Friday Kids” radio show and explore science curricula developed for kids that goes along with the program.

[more info][10195]

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Straight Talk about Biotechnology
[DuPont Biotechnology] Straight Talk about Biotechnology provides science-based information about agricultural biotechnology in an environment that encourages open discussion. The site includes a newsroom that is updated each day. Although Straight Talk is sponsored by DuPont, the site is educational, not commercial.

[more info][13990]

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The Virtual Cell
[Univ. of Illinois] A web based dissection/tour of a plant cell.

[more info][10055]