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Ag Biosafety
[Agriculture & Biotechnology Strategies Inc. and Univ. of Nebraska] Web site featuring lesson plans for teachers; basic biotechnology information for consumers; summaries of various biotechnology issues, such as allergenicity, safety, monarch butterflies, and etc.; a frequently asked questions section; and a comprehensive database of research and safety information on all genetically engineered crops currently on the market in North America.

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Alphabetical List of Lessons
[University of Michigan] Links to Science lessons and experiments on the Net. This list can be accessed by subject or by age group. The lessons are from many different sources.

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Bioinformatics Web Practical
An interactive exercise that aims to provide a taste of bioinformatics resources around the world. The tutorial introduces a range of widely-used analysis tools and databases to give a flavor of sequence analysis.

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Biology Explorer
[Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited] A site with handouts and lesson plans exploring molecular biology; targeting DNA.

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Biology Lesson for Prospective and Practicing Teachers
[San Diego State Univ.] A site with lesson plans, teaching guides, and web-links for elementary school educators.

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Biology Lessons
[Univ. of Michigan] A database of Biology lessons on the web. The list is divided into early and late elementary, middle school, and high school.

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B.J. Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper
A comprehensive list of links for kids. The Science section covers all areas of Science and has some Biological and Biotech-related links. There are also links to information on Computer Science and the Internet.

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A site with a list of chemistry related resources and links for students and educators. Information includes tutorials, experiments, study guides, and information on the periodic elements of your choice.

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Discovery School
[Discovery Channel] This web site is designed for teachers, students and parents. The site contains lesson plans for teachers, homework help for students, videos, and educational software for parents.

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[Berlin High School] Provides both students and educators with a portal to the internet. A variety of information from curriculum resources to lesson plans is provided.

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Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education
This site contains links to lessons, activities, and classroom innovations.

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Explorer is a collection of educational resources for K-12 Mathematics and Science education. Many resources are available in the Adobe Acrobat format.

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Frank Potter’s Science Gems
A selected list of about 2000 science and mathematics sites arranged by subject category, subcategory, and grade level.

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Genetic Science Learning Center
[University of Utah] This site provides information, activities, experiments and low cost equipment ideas in genetic science. Some of the sections presented are: teaching activities, science projects, experiments to do at home, news, and workshops.

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The Global Schoolhouse
[The Global SchoolNet Foundation and Microsoft, Corp.] The Global Schoolhouse contains Microsoft’s teacher activity guides, Encarta Schoolhouse, and online software guides. Includes Global SchoolNet projects, listserves, and Internet training solutions.

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K-12 Science Ed. Resources
[William J. Beaty] (WWW.ANSCI.com) Links to science sites and lists of other links. These links are arranged by subject area. Most of the sites contain general Science or education resources, but some are Biological and Biotech-related.

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Math and Science Gateway
[The Cornell Theory Center] The Gateway provides links for high school students and educators, to resources in areas including astronomy, biology, chemistry, computing, the environment, health, mathematics, and physics. Educator information includes curriculums, lesson plans, classroom software, and school web server setup.

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Middle School Lessons
[Univ. of Michigan] Biology and Chemistry lessons and experiments for middle school students.

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The National Teachers Enhancement Network
[Montana State Univ.] This site contains teaching resources for K-12 science teachers as well as a listing of web-based courses for educators. The site covers Chemistry and Physics, but not Biology.

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NOVA Online: Teachers
Information on the TV show and ideas for using the information provided in class lessons. Teachers may also post their own ideas.

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An informational site on photosynthesis, including light and dark reactions and the stages of photosynthesis. Also included are learning objectives, terms, and review questions.

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Project Primary
[Ohio Weslyan University] Hands-on activities for teaching Science to K-3 students. The subject areas covered include Botany and Zoology.

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Riverdeep – Science
[Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited] “Riverdeep offers an exciting world of award-winning online science
curriculum to middle and high school classrooms. Through our highly correlated simulations and multimedia activities students can master science concepts.” Access to the simulations requires a subscription.

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An extensive, well organized database of science educational sites. Some of the categories included are biological sciences, K-12 science, and science in the news. It contains some of the same links as other databases, but is better organized and categorized, and very easy to navigate.

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Science Power 2000
Lesson plans and activities for K-8 science, including biology, chemistry, astronomy, physics, and earth science.

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Study Web
Study Web is an extensive database of educational sites on the web. The category “science” under “teaching resources” has links to sites that provide everything from information to tutorials and lesson plans.

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Teacher Pathfinder
An educational Internet village with resources on assessment, lesson plans in health, science, technology and many other subjects. There are also links for teacher parent building and home schooling.

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