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B.J. Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper
A comprehensive list of links for kids. The Science section covers all areas of Science and has some Biological and Biotech-related links. There are also links to information on Computer Science and the Internet.

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Discovery School
[Discovery Channel] This web site is designed for teachers, students and parents. The site contains lesson plans for teachers, homework help for students, videos, and educational software for parents.

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[Berlin High School] Provides both students and educators with a portal to the internet. A variety of information from curriculum resources to lesson plans is provided.

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Evidence: The True Witness
[ThinkQuest] An interactive site exploring forensic science. The site allows users to become a detective and solve the crime through analysis of evidence found at the crime scene. Evidence: The True Witness requires Shockwave for Director plugin, Apple Quicktime 3, and Real Player 5.

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[Dorota] Information about frogs and toads, including classroom activities and JAVA supported interactive frog fun.

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Gene School
[ThinkQuest] A comprehensive, educational site exploring the fascinating innovations and discoveries of genetic science.

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[SWBIC] An interactive World Wide Web game intended to teach advanced high school students to use biology and molecular biology techniques to solve forensics mysteries.

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K-12 Science Ed. Resources
[William J. Beaty] ( Links to science sites and lists of other links. These links are arranged by subject area. Most of the sites contain general Science or education resources, but some are Biological and Biotech-related.

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Kids’ Zone
[Society for Industrial Microbiology] A list of links to games, images, and other science education web-sites.

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[American Society for Microbiology] A guide into the invisible world of microbes, including activities and games for school children.

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Origin: Unknown
[SWBIC] An interactive World Wide Web game intended to teach students and science educators how to utilize WWW-based Bioinformatics tools in the analysis of biological macro-molecular sequence data.

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[SWBIC] An interactive World Wide Web game intended to teach advanced high school and college students the clinical and diagnostic methodologies, and skills used in microbiology.

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The PCR Dash
[SWBIC] A game illustrating the Polymerase Chain Reactin (PCR) process for students.

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A site with Java applets covering a variety of topics including Chemistry and Science.

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Riverdeep – Science
[Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited] “Riverdeep offers an exciting world of award-winning online science
curriculum to middle and high school classrooms. Through our highly correlated simulations and multimedia activities students can master science concepts.” Access to the simulations requires a subscription.

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Sciences Explorer
Biology links and factoides, information on biology fields of study, a virtual tour of the cell and more.

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