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2nd Window BioMedNet
A commercial site featuring biotechnology information in the form of a text library, links, journals, supplies, news, jobs, and career information.
[more info][12499]

2nd Window Biopartnering Conferences
[The US-Israel Biotech Council] These meetings are intended to foster partnering between Israeli and US biotech concerns to pool financial and technical resources for future research.
[more info][12873]

2nd Window Bioresearch Online
Bioresearch Online is a "professional community" that offers information about biotechnology products, careers and training, internet resources, and news.
[more info][12596]

2nd Window BioSpace
[Biospace.com] A broad site dealing with biotechnology, BioSpace has information on breaking biotech news, investing, companies, biotech communities, industry, and marketplace resources.
[more info][12506]

2nd Window DNA Unraveled
[Columbia U.] A collection of essays on current issues relevant to DNA and Biotechnology.
[more info][10281]

2nd Window SciWeb
[SciWeb, Inc.] A large comprehensive web site with biotechnology and biomedical information, research protocols, career and job resources, meeting announcements, and more.
[more info][12502]

2nd Window Structural Biology Industrial Platform
The platform is comprised of fifteen companies, including representatives of some of Europe's largest pharmaceutical industries, as well as the European Commission and Research Centres in Europe, in efforts to promote structural biology research, training, and development.
[more info][12514]


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