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2nd Window Opens resource in a 2nd browser window.

2nd Window AGR: Arabidopsis Genome Resource
[UK CropNet] An information resource aimed to integrate sequence data with physical genetic maps of Arabidopsis within the UK CropNet project and provide information for identifying gene function and crop plant orthologues of Arabidopsis genes.
[more info][10378]

2nd Window Agriculture Network Information Center
[AgNIC] Related databases, datasets, and information systems.
[more info][13080]

2nd Window The Arabidopsis Information Resource
[TAIR] Provides genomic and related data about Arabidopsis.
[more info][13083]

2nd Window Genomic Imprinting
A site designated to provide information to researchers, students and others about genomic imprinting.
[more info][13959]

2nd Window HotMolecBase
[Weizmann Institute of Science, Genome and Bioinformatics, Isreal] Contains many different types of information about proteins and other biologically active molecules (e.g. lipids, carbohydrates, and gases) that may be promising targets for medical applications.
[more info][12566]

2nd Window Integrated System for Information Services
[The National Agricultural Library (NAL)] (ISIS) "Accessing Journal Article Citation Databases," then enter the command/IND. Search commands can be found.
[more info][13091]

2nd Window PubMed
[National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)] (National Library of Medicine) MEDLINE citations.
[more info][13094]

2nd Window Science Libraries
[Indiana University Bloomington Libraries] An acronym database that allows searches using the acronym or various keywords.
[more info][13087]

2nd Window Sequence Analysis Bibliographic Reference Database
[Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB)] (Sequence Analysis References (SeqAnalRef)) A bibliographic reference data bank relative to papers dealing with sequence analysis.
[more info][13096]

2nd Window Welcome to CARL Corporation
[CARL Corporation] A database of almost 8 million citations from 17,000 journals. A limited number of abstracts and tables of content are available. Select CARL Web Databases at the home page.
[more info][13097]

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