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2nd Window AGRICOLA
[National Agricultural Library (NAL)] (AGRICultural OnLine Access) A readable database of bibliographic records created by the National Agricultural Library and its cooperators.
[more info][13082]

2nd Window Agriculture Extensions Pulbications List
[University of Missouri] A listing of abstracts and completed journal articles and other publications. Some are available for fee while some are available for purchase.
[more info][13910]

2nd Window AIDS Virtual Library
This library page deals with the social, political, and medical aspects of AIDS, HIV, and related issues.
[more info][13075]

2nd Window BIBSYS
[Norwegian University of Science and Technology] (Trondheim, Norway) A shared library system database containing information about books, series, and journals.
[more info][13085]

2nd Window Biosafety Library
[USDA APHIS] A collection of biosafety/risk assessment documents and resources.
[more info][13066]

2nd Window Biotechnology
[James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA] (James Madison University Libraries) A guide to information resources. It includes hyperlinks to databases and Internet based resources as well as call numbers to important materials in JMU Libraries.
[more info][13067]

2nd Window Electronic Library
A subscription based service for searching books, newspapers, magazines, etc. ($10/month, $60/yr).
[more info][10273]

2nd Window Genetics
[Oak Ridge National Laboratory] ((Virtual Library: Biosciences)) This web site is a subject catalog covering genetics in the biosciences.
[more info][13076]

2nd Window IVI Online
[Information Ventures, Inc.] "IVI Online provides substantive information about health issues of critical concern to all of us. We cover the major health challenges, including electric and magnetic fields (EMF), herbicides and pesticides, chemicals and other hazards in the workplace, pharmaceuticals, and cancer."
[more info][13948]

2nd Window The Library of National Hellenic Research Foundation
[The National Hellenic Research Foundation] (NHRF) The major library of scientific journal in Greece.
[more info][13071]

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2nd Window The Life Sciences Knowledge Center
[Monsanto] A database of news items, technical reports, fact sheets, speeches, and other documents related to food biotechnology. Documents are available in many languages with information on certain countries and regions.
[more info][13086]

2nd Window The National Agricultural Library
[USDA Agricultural Research Service] (NAL) A major international source for agriculture and related information.
[more info][13070]

2nd Window National Library of Medicine
[NLM] Includes health and medical information, databases, electronic information, NLM publications, and grant information.
[more info][13072]

2nd Window PubMed
[National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)] (National Library of Medicine) MEDLINE citations.
[more info][13094]

2nd Window Search LITDB database using DBGET
[Protein Research Foundation] Search the literature of molecular aspects of proteins from about 1000 journals.
[more info][13093]

2nd Window Virtual Library
[Computational Biology Centers (CBC)] A virtual library containing information relating to research in all aspects of biology and medicine.
[more info][13074]

2nd Window WWW Virtual Library: Biotechnology
[CATO] Part of a vast WWW library, the biotechnology branch covers biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, genetic engineering, medical device development, and related fields.
[more info][10297]

2nd Window The WWW Virtual Library of Cell Biology
[The WWW Virtual Library] This section of the virtual library covering various cell biology topics while providing other sources in which to find related information.
[more info][13078]

2nd Window WWW Virtual Library: Yeast
[Virtual Library] Describes the yeast model organisms: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, and Candida albicans.
[more info][12624]


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