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2nd Window Anaesthesia On-Line
[Priory Lodge Education] Contents of this journal include articles and reviews on statistics for anesthesia, emergency drugs, and advancements in anesthesia.
[more info][10911]

2nd Window Annals of Thoracic Surgery
[Society of Thoracic Surgeons] The official journals of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons and the Southern Thoracic Surgical Association.
[more info][10913]

2nd Window Biomedical Ethics
[Univ. of Tübingen, Germany] An online journal of biomedical ethics with a searchable archive of past articles.
[more info][11849]

2nd Window Blood Cells, Molecules, & Diseases
[Springer Verlag] Publications of this journal include information in the areas of diseases, molecules, and blood cells. Topics include Beta-Globin promoters, plasma chitotriosidase activity, clacium metabolism, and proteasome regulation.
[more info][10918]

2nd Window British Medical Journal
[BMJ Publishing Group] This journal publishes articles that are current with primary care research, and gives helpful information on how to practice better medicine.
[more info][10919]

2nd Window Cancer Control
[H. Lee Moffit Cancer Center & Research Institute] This journal publishes approaches that are taken to reduce human malignancy. Topics include breast cancer, oncology support, prostate cancer, cancer of the esophagus, ocular tumors, neuro-oncology, and radioguided surgery for cancer.
[more info][10920]

2nd Window Cancer Journal
[ADCC] This journal in dedicated to social, epidemiological, and experimental investigations; also observations or social studies in animal and human cancers.
[more info][10921]

2nd Window Chemicke Listy
[Association of Czech Chemical Societies] This journal publishes information in the fields of biochemistry, environmental science, information science, food science, pharmaceutics, education, and material science.
[more info][10922]

2nd Window Endocrine-Related Cancer
[Society of Endocrinology] This journal contains information on different forms and causes of breast cancer.
[more info][10932]

2nd Window European Journal of Endocrinology
[BioScientifica] This journal publishes papers, reviews, and case reports in the experimental and clinical endocrinology fields.
[more info][10933]

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2nd Window Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs
[BioMedNet] This journal contains information on recent developments in drug development and research. Topics include pulmonary allergies, dermatology, gastrointestinology, arthritis, anti-infectives, biology, immunology, and the central nervous system.
[more info][10934]

2nd Window General Practice On-Line
[Priory Lodge Education] Contents of this journal include articles and reviews on antidepressants, hypertension, pearls in cardiology, respiratory and sleep disorders.
[more info][10936]

2nd Window Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics Archives
[American Society for Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics] Contents of this journal include information about histocompatibility and immunogenetics. Topics include HLA sequencing, new alleles, bone marrow, disequilibrim, HLA typing, post-transplant flow, and reproductive failure.
[more info][10937]

2nd Window Internation Journal of Family Medical Practice & Primary Care
[Priory Lodge Education] Contents of this journal include research papers and article reviews about topics that relate to family medicine and primary care. Registration for extra services is possible for professionals.
[more info][10940]

2nd Window International Journal of Medicine
[Priory Lodge Education] Publications of this journal include information on problems with drug therapy, diseases, critical care medicine, side-effects of medicine, and disorders.
[more info][10941]

2nd Window Journal of Clinical Oncology
[American Society of Clinical Oncology] Topics of this journal include gastrointestinal oncology, gynecologic cancer, breast cancer, genitourinary cancer, melanoma, brain tumors, lung cancer, bone marrow transplantation, hematologic oncology, and pediatric oncology.
[more info][10945]

2nd Window Molecular Virology
[Stephan Spencer & Jean-Yves Sgro] This journal contains information on molecular biology, genetics of viral transcription and replication, virus structure and function, viral pathogenesis and oncogenesis, host response to virus infections, and antiviral therapy.
[more info][10956]

2nd Window New England Journal of Medicine
This journal focuses on medicinal aspects such as health policy and clinical medicine.
[more info][10958]

2nd Window Pharmacy On-Line
[Priory Lodge Education] Contents of this journal include abstracts about drugs, neonatal medicine, neonatal nutrition, advancements in patient care, pediatric cancer, and depression.
[more info][10959]

2nd Window Postgraduate Medicine
[Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association] This journal contains information on medical conditions for the use of physicians. The journal is made up of research papers and articles from around the U.S.
[more info][10961]

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